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EBook Fling - Where To Get FREE eBook Rentals and Downloads Onto Nook, Kindle, iPads, and PCs!

Updated on May 13, 2012

Well I suppose I have been on a reading kick lately or something, and honestly I didn’t know what to file this under so I figure frugal living is just as good as any. I recently downgraded my iPad (GASP! I know) and actually opted for a Barnes & Noble Nook Touch. I love this little device! I have been reading the Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins and find I just can’t put it down. I was wondering though, about when I’m done with the series what i’ll start reading as eBooks can still be expensive. I know I have also posted about checking out some classics for free with google books, but what about current editions and the latest authors? I found something that will certainly help lower the costs!

Enter the world of! I know, it sounds like something naughty, but don’t worry, it’s an OK site. Basically this site connects readers with lenders. Lets say for example, I download and read “Mocking Jay” by Suzanne Collins. I would have paid around $8 for the book from the Barnes and Noble store. When I’m done reading it, I then log into my free account with and list to the world that I have a copy available for lending. When someone else wants to borrow the book, they then connect me with the potential borrower, so I can “fling” it to them. I then earn a credit. Now I can go to the sight and search for another book I want to read. Lets say I then find I’m a John Grisham fan and want to read “The Firm”. I can search for available lendable copies and I use that credit I earned by lending out my other book to pretty much rent the next book I want to read.It’s a pretty simple process, and honestly I wish I would have thought of it myself. Now this site does actually sell credits, so if you don’t have an extensive library you can purchase credits at a very reasonable amount. It can actually be cheaper than purchasing the book. You are in essence renting it from someone for 14 days. Now as a lender, you can only lend a book once, so it’s somewhat fair to the publishers.. Now lets say you get half way through a Stephen King novel and you realize that you’ll never finish the book by tomorrow, the 14th day. You can actually request to borrow the same book from another person. If you do that though, you might as well have just bought the thing from the store, so you can earn a credit for lending it..An interesting side note though, is that you don’t necessarily need to have an eBook reader to participate in this program! Both Nook and Kindle offer free apps for reading on everything from your computer, to your iPhone, or tablet like an iPad. It makes no difference, so you can start reading at discounted prices anytime you want! Pretty cool huh? I know! Let the reading begin!


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