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E.G.G 2099 Episode 2: Escalation

Updated on June 26, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

E.G.G was destroyed on the Dark Day in the year 2015 by Eileen's evil consciousness known as Darkstream. Acacia, disheartened and alone, decided to recreate it. Now, in the year 2099, a new E.G.G has formed. Charlie, clone of Josh and 'son' of Acacia Blanco. Fumiko and Acacia Wuthrich, the teenage daughters of Seth and Celeste. And E.I.L.E.E.N, the team's AI based on Eileen. Now Spider-Man 2099, who is actively being pursued by the bounty hunters known as Venture and James, has joined forces with the Extremely Gifted Guardians, and hopes to prevent the Dark Day from ever happening, giving Charlie and his friend a better life.

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Episode 2


A neon blue train soared through the skies of Nueva York. Citizens inside sat and stood, talking amongst each other. In the back of the train, Charlie Westbrook sat with Acacia and Fumiko Wuthrich. All three of them wore hoods so not to be recognized by the Public Eye Patrol soldiers stalking up and down the aisle. Charlie shifted in his seat and pulled his duffle bag close to him. He subtly activated his ear piece.

“O’Hara, you still there?” He whispered. A few yards behind the train, Spider-Man 2099 swung from building to building, following it closely.

“Yeah, I’m here,” He said. “I still don’t know why I can’t ride in the train!”

“Because we’re on the clock and don’t have time for you to change.”

“Whatever. We’re almost there. Get ready.”

“I’m always ready.” The train stopped. He, Acacia and Fumiko stood up and began to exit. Suddenly everyone stopped at the doors as two Public Eye Patrol men stepped up.

“Random security check.” One of them said. “Prepare to give us identification and open your bags.”

“Aw shock.” Charlie swore under his breath, looking down at his duffle bag. “Acacia, Fumiko, get in front of me, I’m gonna need a distraction.”

“You got it.” Fumiko said. Acacia rolled her eyes.

“I don’t even know why we’re on this stupid mission.” She said.

“Acacia, please, not today.” Charlie replied. She sighed and walked in front of him. Charlie got on his ear piece. “O’Hara, I need to swing under the docking platform, I’m gonna drop something your way. Make sure you catch it!”

“Okay, I will.” Spider-Man 2099 replied.

“I mean it O’Hara!”

“Come on Westbrook, have some faith.” Everyone slowly moved forward as the Public Eye soldiers checked their ID’s and inside of their bags. Acacia and Fumiko approached and provided their fake ID’s.

“Thank you, keep moving.” One soldier said. Charlie approached and produced his fake ID. “Thank you. Please open your bag sir.” Charlie abruptly cleared his throat and glanced at the girls. Fumiko nodded. She turned and pushed Acacia.

“What did you call me?” She shouted loudly, drawing the attention of the crowd and the two officers.

“I called you tramp!” Acacia replied, pushing her back. “Do something about it!”

“I’ll show you a tramp!” Fumiko said, tackling Acacia to the ground.

“Hey, HEY!” One of the Public Eye said as they both rushed over to break up the tussle. Charlie slowly backed to the edge and tossed his duffle bag over. In the nick of time, Spider-Man 2099 swung by and caught it. Charlie sighed with relief, then gave Fumiko a thumbs up. The girls submitted to the officers as they pulled them apart.

“Go about your business.” One of them said, walking back to the line. “Now your bag sir?”

“I don’t have a bag.” Charlie said, holding up his hands. “See?”

“But, I thought…”

“Good day to you too.” He quickly interrupted, rushing past them. He walked around the corner and met with Acacia and Fumiko. “Nice job ladies. Now then, if our fourth party would arrive…” Just then Spider-Man 2099 jumped onto the platform, the duffle bag on his shoulder. “Ah, excellent. Remember the plan.”

“Yeah, I got it.” He replied, handing the bag to Charlie. He jumped onto the wall of the building labeled “Alchamax Labs: Worthington Division” and began to scale it. He reached a ventilation shaft and tore the vent cover off. He looked down to see a long drop, with a giant fan in the middle spinning fast enough to shred a truck.

“Some carefully placed web shots…” He said, shooting web blasts and clogging up the fan, bringing it to a halt. He then turned and spun a web line down to the ground.

“Okay, go, go.” Charlie said as Acacia and Fumiko ascended up the web. They got up to the vent and both tapped buttons on their boots, which began to hum and light up.

“Hover boots, nice.” Spider-Man 2099 said. “You girls sure you’re gonna be alright by yourselves?”

“No, we need a big strong man to carry us everywhere we need to go.” Acacia said sarcastically. “Sexist jerk.”

“What? No, I just…” She jumped down the vent and began to hover down.

“Don’t worry about her.” Fumiko said. “And yes, to answer your question, we’ll be fine.” She jumped down after her sister, and soon the two were out of sight. Spider-Man 2099 leapt to the ground.

“Oaky, they’re in.” He said to Charlie. “What about us?”

“We have another way in.” Charlie said, smiling. “Follow me.”

“Some carefully placed web shots…”
“Some carefully placed web shots…”

* * *

Charlie and Spider-Man 2099 moved along the side of the building, strategically avoiding Public Eye Patrol. Charlie then moved to a door that read ‘Employees Only’. He knocked two times, paused, then knocked three more times. In seconds a girl in a Public Eye uniform opened the door.

“Quick, get in!” She said, as Charlie and Spider-Man 2099 rushed in and she closed the door. “Charlie!” She exclaimed, as soon as they were clear. She rushed up and kissed him on the lips. Charlie laughed with joy.

“Hey Ally, good to see you!” He said, rubbing her hair. “I’ve got a new friend I want you to meet.” He moved out of the way and Spider-Man 2099 approached.

“Uh, hey…” He said uneasily.

“Holy shock!” She screamed, drawing her gun. “Is that Spider-Man?”

“Yes, babe, I need you to listen for a minute…” Charlie said, trying to calm her down.

“Charlie, I love you honey, and I’ll do almost anything for you, but when push comes to shove I’m still a member of the Public Eye!”

“Nobody’s shoving Ally,” He said. “Please, just put the gun down.”

“Charlie…” She said. “He is the most wanted on Alchemax’s list of criminals! He is a threat to society! Walker Sloan himself wants Spider-Man put out of commission!”

“Come on Ally, I’m an outlaw too,” Charlie said.

“Honey, this is different and you know it is…”

“Please Ally. I just need you to trust me right now.” She looked at him.

“Charlie, this guy is dangerous…”

“If I may ma’am…” Spider-Man 2099 stated, as he began to walk forward. Ally quickly aimed her gun.

“Back up freaker!” She shouted. He stopped.

“Sorry, but… Ah, listen. I’m not what Sloan says I am. I want to take down Alchemax because they’re corrupt…”


“Okay, agree to disagree. But what I’m doing now has nothing to with them. I’m trying to change the future, for the better. If I can get back in time, I think I have a way to prevent the Dark Day from happening.” She looked at him.

“You’re insane.” She said. “Even if you do manage to somehow travel back in time there’s no way you’re gonna stop Darkstream. She was an Omega Class mutant with Extremis 1.0 in her blood, you can’t hope to…”

“Ally,” Charlie said. “He knows what he’s doing. You just gotta go with me on this one. Please, just this once, and I swear, I’ll never make you do anything like this again.” Ally thought for a minute. Then she bit her lip, sighed and lowered her gun.

“You owe me dinner.” She said.

“I know.”

“Expensive dinner.” Charlie laughed.

“I know.”

“Okay, what do you need?”

“We just need your Alchemax access card. O’Hara doesn’t clearance for this wing…”


“Uh, friend of mine. Anyways, since you work for the PEP, you can get anywhere at any time.”

“This is true. Don’t you love having a girlfriend with unlimited access?”

“I do!” He said, kissing her. Spider-Man 2099 cleared his throat. “Oh, right. Let’s get to it then.”

“Where do you need to go?” Ally asked.

“I’m… not sure yet. Hold on.” He walked to the corner and activated his ear piece. Spider-Man 2099 looked to see Ally staring at him.

“Hey, I…” He started.

“Don’t talk.” She demanded.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Acacia, come in.” Charlie said. “Did you guys achieve your objective?”

“Achieve our objective? Really?” Acacia replied. Charlie sighed.

“Fumiko, did you get the information we need?”

* * *

In another room, Fumiko knocked the last of ten Public Eye soldiers unconscious.

“Accessing now,” She said, typing in the computer. “Alright, you’re gonna wanna go fifth floor… lab… 162.”

* * *

“Thanks Fumiko. Get out of there.” He replied, cutting communication. “Alright, fifth floor Spider-Man.”

“Got it.” He said.

“I’ll call the elevator.” Ally said.

“Oh, we’re not calling the elevator,” Charlie replied. “But we are taking it.”

“What?” She asked as Charlie planted a device on the elevator control panel. It lit up and the doors opened into the elevator shaft. Spider-Man 2099 spun a web upward and as Charlie grabbed onto him. He wrapped his arm around Ally’s waist.

“Hey! Don’t you touch meeeeeeeeeee!” Ally screamed as they soared five floors in an instant. Once he reached the doors, Charlie tossed a device onto them and they opened. Spider-Man 2099 swung through and dropped Charlie and Ally. Ally stepped up to Spider-Man 2099 and pointed in his face.

“If you ever do anything like that again…”

“Babe,” Charlie said. “Lab 162.” She shook the hair out of her face.

“Right, come on.” The three began walking down the when another Public Eye soldier rounded the corner and saw Ally.

“White?” He asked.

“Crap! Johnson, I can…” She turned to see that Charlie and Spider-Man 2099 weren’t there. “Explain…”

“What are you doing off post?” Johnson asked.

“I wanted some coffee. That a crime?” Ally replied.

“Break room’s on the fourth floor.”

“Oh, ha, silly me.”

“Tsh, you’re losing it White.” He said as he walked past her and pinched her butt.

“Ow, hey!”

“You may be goin’ crazy, but you’re still smoking hot!”

“Get out of here Johnson!” He laughed as he got in the elevator and was gone.

“What was that?” She looked up to see Spider-Man 2099 on the ceiling holding Charlie with a free arm. “What exactly do you do when I’m not around?” Charlie asked as they dropped down.

“Okay, not to blow my own whistle or anything, but I’m the hottest girl on the force.”

“Shocking right you are.” Charlie said as they began to kiss. Spider-Man 2099 cleared his throat again.

“Dude, can you give us a minute?” Ally asked. He sighed.

“Fine, no pressure, just trying to save the world here!”

“He’s right Ally, we gotta save the world.” Charlie said. She smiled.

“You’re my hero.” She said. They walked down the hall to Lab 162. Ally took out a key card and scanned it. The door opened, and Spider-Man 2099 and Charlie walked in. The room was filled with cabinets and mist was everywhere.

“Ooh, cold,” Charlie said, able to see his breath.

“Hurry up guys.” Ally whispered.

“Alright, look around for it.” Spider-Man 2099 said. “It’s labeled Xtractor. With an X.”

“Clever.” Charlie said. They searched for a while, then Charlie looked up at a drawer with Xtractor written across it. “Got it!” He said as he pulled it open to find it was… empty. “What? No!” He banged the cabinet. “Shock it all, it’s gone!”

“They must have moved their supply.” Spider-Mann 2099 inferred. “Alright, let’s regroup. I don’t want to be here any longer than we have to.”

“Got it.” Charlie said. He activated his earpiece. “Fumiko, mission scrubbed, we’re leaving.”

“What, you couldn’t find it?” she asked.

“It’s not here. We gotta get back to E.G.G Base. Pull the Lightstream around, now.”

“You got it.” She replied. Meanwhile, Ally was keeping watch in the hallway when she heard footsteps. She gasped, and turned to see Spider-Man 2099 and Charlie heading for the door. She quickly slammed it shut and locked it.

“What the shock?” Spider-Man 2099 asked. “She locked us in!”

“She’s protecting us, she probably heard someone,” Charlie replied. “Stay low.” They both got down and looked through the window on the door. Ally watched as a shadow emerged on the wall. And then she saw Venture round the corner, looking at his tracking device.

“Venture!” Spider-Man 2099 said. “What the shock is he doing here?” Venture approached Ally. She uneasily cleared her throat.

“Is there something I can help you with?” She asked.

“Yeah, there is.” Venture replied. “I need to get in that lab.”

“Oh, sorry, you can’t. Restricted area.” She replied.

“I don’t give a flyin’ shock, let me in.”

“I’m sorry sir, but I’m guarding this room. Please leave, or I’ll use force.” Venture laughed.

“Yeah, sure. Look, I’ve been trying to solve this bug problem for a long time, and I ain’t gonna let you stand in my way girl. Now move.”

“I’m a member of the Public Eye Patrol. So number one, I don’t have to do a shocking thing you say, and number two, if Spider-Man was in there, I’d have already taken him down.” Venture raised his eyebrow.

“I never said nothin’ about Spider-Man.” He said. Ally froze. Then she quickly drew her gun and began to fire on Venture. He spun out his staff and began blocking the shots.

“She’s buying us time, we need to go!” Spider-Man 2099 said. He webbed a vent cover and pulled it off.

“Wait, we can’t just leave her!” Charlie objected.

“We don’t have a choice Charlie. We can’t let Venture find us.”


“Let’s go Charlie!” Charlie looked out the window. Ally fired rapidly at Venture as he blocked or dodged each shot.

“Come on babe, you can do it…” Charlie said, slowly making his to the vent.

“Charlie, come on!” Spider-Man 2099 growled. Ally fired and fired, and soon was out of ammo. She threw her gun down and took out a baton laced with electricity. She swung at Venture, but he blocked every attempt with his staff. Ally then kicked him in the leg and smacked him across his cybernetic eye with the baton.

“Agh!” He shouted, as his eye began to glitch.

“Cease and desist, now!” Ally commanded. Venture looked up angrily.

“No.” He hissed. Ally raised her baton, but Venture popped the blade on his staff and jabbed it into her chest.

“ALLY!” Charlie screamed. Thinking quickly, Spider-Man 2099 webbed his mouth. He grabbed Charlie and backed into the vent, Charlie struggling the entire way. Venture stood up and pulled the blade out Ally.

“Unhg…” She groaned as she fell to the floor.

“Amateur.” Venture said, retracting the blade. He walked up to the door and pulled on the handle to find it was locked. He then pulled a wire out of his arm and plugged it into the control panel, hacking it and opening the door. He looked in to see the vent cover on the ground. “Prefect.” He sighed. He exited the room and began to walk down the hall.

“Hey…” Ally weakly called. He stopped and turned to her. “When my boyfriend wins… I hope he kicks the living shock out of you.” Venture took out a gun and shot Ally in the head, killing her. He pressed a button on his arm.

“Hack PA system.” He said. The next second Venture had access to the building’s PA control. “Attention everyone.” He said, his voice echoing throughout the building. “Spider-Man has broken into the facility and killed a member of the Public Eye Patrol. He’s armed and dangerous. You see him, stop him. Shoot to kill.” He cut the transmission and left the hallway.

* * *

Meanwhile, Spider-Man 2099 kicked off a vent cover and threw Charlie out. Charlie’s cries were muffled through the web on his mouth, as he lashed out against the walls, tables, anything nearby. Spider-Man 2099 firmly grasped his shoulders.

“Hey, HEY!” She said. “Charlie, listen to me, you need to calm down. There’s nothing you could have done. Venture is a professional, he’d have killed you too and where would that leave us? Also, if we can pull this off, if I can change the future, then this will never have happened and Ally will be just fine!” Charlie had stopped struggling and was now breathing aggressively through his nose. “Now, I’m gonna get the web off, please don’t make any noise.” Spider-Man 2099 ripped the web away. Charlie inhaled deeply.

“Okay,” he said. “Okay. We’re gonna change things. We’re gonna fix it, and she’ll be okay, right?”

“I guarantee it.” Spider-Man 2099 replied. Charlie wiped a tear away.

“Okay, we need to get out of here. What floor are we on?”

“Eighth,” Spider-Man 2099 replied. “And it doesn’t help that Venture’s alerted the entire building that we’re here.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.” He activated his earpiece. “Fumiko, you there?”

“Yeah I’m here. How the shock did you guys get caught? And you killed a PEP agent?”

“I’ll explain everything later, right now I need you guys to pull the Lightstream around to the eighth floor.”

“Which side of the building?” She asked.

“The side that has all the shooting.” Charlie replied, cutting transmission.

“Wait, your plan involves getting shot at?” Spider-Man 2099 asked.

“You got a better one?”

“I’ve got a million better ones.”

“Well too bad, you’re gonna have to roll with me on this one.” Charlie took off and ran past a group of Public Eye troops.

“Intruder!” One of them shouted. “And he’s got Spider-Man with him!” Spider-Man 2099 shook his head.

“Into battle headfirst.” He said to himself. “Like father, like son.” He leapt up and spun a web as the troops opened fire. He and Charlie fled and were adamantly pursued.

“We’ve got to find a window!” He called back.

“Just keep moving!” Spider-Man 2099 replied, swinging a short distance behind him. They ran into a large reception room, where they were surrounded by Public Eye from all ends. Spider-Man 2099 looked behind them to see a giant window.

“There’s the door, but no escape car.” He whispered to Charlie as the soldiers loaded their guns. “Now what?”

“Duffle bag.” Charlie said.

“Open fire!” The commander shouted, as his agents followed orders. Spider-Man 2099 leapt in front of Charlie and made a shield of webs. Charlie unzipped the duffle bag and dumped out two metal arms, two legs, a torso, a waist, and a helmet.

“E.I.L.E.E.N, online!” He shouted. The pieces shook and formed together as the E.I.L.E.E.N hologram appeared inside.

“How may I be of service?” She asked.

“Neutralize all hostiles!” Charlie ordered.

“Understood.” E.I.L.E.E.N replied. Fire launched from her boots and she flew into the air. Her hands lit up and she began shooting green blasts of energy around the room.

“Holy shock!” A soldier shouted as they shifted their fire. E.I.L.E.E.N formed a hard light shield on her arm and blocked incoming fire, continuing the assault.

“Dang, she’s good.” Spider-Man 2099 observed.

“Mom made her, so yeah.” Charlie said. E.I.L.E.E.N fist slammed in the center of the room, held out both hands, then began to rapidly spin her torso, shooting out lasers and blasting Public Eye. Suddenly a sleek blue futuristic jet flew up outside of the window. “There’s our ride. E.I.L.E.E.N, we need an exit!”

“Acknowledged.” She said, as two rockets emerged from her shoulders and blasted the window open.

“Go, go, go!” Spider-Man 2099 shouted, as he and Charlie ran for the window.

“E.I.L.E.E.N, cease and return!”

“Understood.” She said, ceasing fire and running after Charlie. The three jumped out the window, and all landed safely in the Lightstream. The cockpit closed, and Public Eye soldiers attempted to blast it out of the sky, but in vain, as it took off at light speed. Charlie fell back into his seat.

“That was too close.” He said.

“You’re telling me!” Fumiko exclaimed. “Now what do we do?”

“We need to regroup and make a new plan.” Spider-Man 2099 stated. “But first we’ve got to find out where they took that Xtractor!”

“Ugh, this is such a waste of time.” Acacia complained. “You’re plan is stupid. Go back and just stop Darkstream? Yeah, good luck with that. Now you have us coming out of hiding and risking our lives on some off chance that…”

“Acacia,” Charlie interrupted. “If Miguel can pull this off, we’ll all have better lives. You’ll see your parents again…”

“My parents are gone.” She snapped. “And they’re not coming back. No matter what he does.” She got out of her seat and stormed to the back of the jet. Charlie sighed and looked at Spider-Man 2099.

“You still think this could work?” He asked.

“I’m positive.” Spider-Man 2099 replied. Charlie nodded.

“Alright then. Let’s get started on a new plan.”

To Be Continued…

See you next week!

Alright, remember guys to leave your questions and comments so that I can answer them on July 2, and then tune in the next day, July 3, for E.G.G 2099 Episode 3: Trapped!

Oh man, the first casualty has transpired! Will they stop Venture?

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