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E.G.G 2099 Episode 3: Trapped

Updated on July 3, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G 2099...

*Editor's Note: I had a bit of an issue with the Episode 2 Q&A, sorry guys! I'll make the Episode 3 Q&A extra long!

Spider-Man 2099 and E.G.G came up with a plan to retrieve the Xtractor, a serum that would drain Eileen's mutant powers and prevent the Dark Day. Charlie's ally on the inside, a Public Eye officer named Ally White, gave them access to the lab, but things got complicated when Venture showed up. Attempting to defend her boyfriend, Ally held off Venture, and was killed as Charlie and Spider-Man 2099 escaped, empty handed. Now they must go back to base, and come up with a new plan to find and retrieve the Xtractor...

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Episode 3


Miguel O’Hara sat at the main terminal, intently observing the screens.

“Where could it be?” He asked, referring to the Xtractor. He browsed through secure Alchamax files, searching every storage facility across the city. Each result came up the same: No Match Found. He banged the table. “Where the shock could it be!” E.I.L.E.E.N walked into the room with a mug of coffee.

“Would you like a, what is the term, ‘pick me up’?” She asked.

“Yeah, thanks.” Miguel replied, grabbing the mug. “You know where Charlie went?”

“He is asleep.”

“What? He’s supposed to be helping me look!”

“He was. It is 4:00 am.”

“What?” Miguel looked at the clock. “Wow, guess it has been a while. I’m gonna call it a night. Tell Charlie I’ll be back after work.” Miguel grabbed his mask and pulled it on. “And make sure he doesn’t stop looking!”

“Affirmative.” E.I.L.E.E.N assured. Spider-Man 2099 got into the elevator and was gone.

* * *

James Collins walked into a room at a Public Eye Patrol Station labeled ‘Coroner’. He walked over to a table where a body was covered with a blanket. He looked to the nearest person.

“Show me the body.” He said. The coroner nodded and pulled the blanket away to reveal Ally White lying there, undressed and pale. James examined the wounds. “You said Spider-Man did this?” He asked.

“That’s what they tell me.” The coroner replied.

“That’s… hard to believe. Spider-Man doesn’t use blades or guns.”

“He has those sharp thingy’s on his arms.” The corner said. James looked at him and he went back to work. He looked back down at Ally.

“That’s a perfect shot…” He said to himself. He examined the stab wound. “Went straight through her… Do you have her file?” He asked.

“Sure.” The coroner said, handing him a chip. James put it in his gauntlet and a holographic screen with all of Ally’s information on it came up.

“Ally White, hm, she just joined the Public Eye a little less than a year ago. What was Spider-Man’s motivation?”

“Maybe she was just in his was way.”

“Then he would have webbed her to a wall. He wouldn’t have stabbed and shot her. He had to have a reason…” He scanned the file, then he stopped. “Wow.”


“She was only 21. Shocking shame.” He downloaded a copy of the file and tossed the chip back at the coroner, who failed to catch it. “I’m gonna look into this some more.” He said, covering Ally back up. “Don’t let anybody touch or move her until my investigation is complete.”

“Why do you even give a shock?” The coroner asked. James turned around.

“I give a shock because I don’t like menaces who run around and kill for fun.” The coroner snorted.

“What kind of bounty hunter are you?”

“A good one.” James left the room. He walked down the hall and to the door where he saw Walker Sloan waiting for him. “Mr. Sloan? What brings you here?”

“I was looking for you James.” Sloan replied. “Did you see what Spider-Man did to that poor girl?”

“Yes sir.”

“This is what happens when you don’t do your job.”

“I’m sorry sir, I wasn’t following… my own instinct. But I am from here on out. I’ve already set a plan in motion to trap and subdue Spider-Man.

“Good, but you’re not going alone.”

“Of course. I’ll take a squad of my best men.”

“No, you’ll be taking Venture.” Sloan moved aside to reveal Venture leaning against the wall, chewing a toothpick.

“Well howdy,” He said. “I was wonderin’ where you got off to.” James sighed angrily.

“Sir, I have to respectfully decline. This guy is the reason we don’t have Spider-Man yet!”

“Better watch your mouth boy.” Venture said, stepping up to him.

“Stop it, the both of you!” Sloan demanded. “You two will work together and you will bring me Spider-Man. Am I understood?”

“Yes sir.” They simultaneously replied.

“Good. Now, be on your way.” James angrily marched to his topless hovercraft and got in. Venture hopped in the passenger seat and put his feet up on the dash. James glared at him.

“Alchamax Sky 5.6.” Venture observed, nodding in approval. “I’ll give you new age bounty hunters credit for one thing: Ya’ll know how to accessorize.” James rolled his eyes and took off. As he was flying, he glanced down at Venture’s staff. He squinted suspiciously.

“Hey, I was examining that girl’s body.” He said to Venture. “You know the one Spider-Man killed?”

“Yeah, I know it. What about her?” Venture asked, not even attempting to make eye contact.

“Well, I’ve studied Spider-Man up and down, and his arsenal does not include any form of blade of firearm.”

“I coulda told you that.”

“Ally White was stabbed in the chest, then shot in the head.” Venture leaned in seat and faced James.

“What are you gettin’ at boy?”

“You were reported to be on the scene of the crime. In fact, you made the announcement that Spider-Man was on the premises. I’ve seen that sharp end that comes out of your staff.”

“Congratulations, you want a medal?” James’s eyes widened.

“So you did kill her?”

“Got in the mix when I was wraslin’ the bug. It was an accident.”

“And the shot to the head?”


“Between the eyes?”

“Accurate misfire.”

“How is a bounty hunter that’s as good as you claim to be shooting ‘accurate misfires’?” Venture laughed.

“Alright, you got me. What you gonna do, tell Sloan on me? Maybe turn me in to the Public Eye? Cause you know no matter what you do, it ain’t gonna stop me.” James inhaled deeply.

“She was 21 years old Venture. She had her entire life ahead of her.”

“Cry me a river. Girl got in the way, I got her out. Nothin’ gets between me and the job. Nothin’.” James glared angrily at him. Then he sighed.

“Stop killing innocent people.” He said.

“You worry about you and let me do me, hear?” Venture asked. “I’ll do whatever I gotta to get my cash. If a few extra people get hurt, so be it.”

“Wasn’t it you that said only give the client what they paid for?”

“Well yeah, but that don’t mean I can’t have a little fun in between.” James fiercely gripped the steering wheel.

“Fun.” He angrily whispered under his breath. “Right.” They flew off.

“Dana, how’s my beautiful fiancé today?”
“Dana, how’s my beautiful fiancé today?”

* * *

Miguel sat at his desk in the bioengineering division of Alchemax headquarters. He was typing in his computer when his wrist buzzed. He tapped it and a holo-screen opened with the face of a beautiful brown-haired woman.

“Hey Miguie.” She said.

“Dana, how’s my beautiful fiancé today?” He asked. “Everything going well down at Sythia East?”

“Yeah, great. I was just thinking that maybe we could get dinner tonight. That is if you’re done having me search through cryptic diary entries from some little girl.” Miguel laughed.

“Yeah, I’ve got what I need from that. Alright then, dinner tonight. I’ll bring something extra romantic home.” Dana frowned.

“Miguie, I wanted to go out.”

“Aw, Dana, I haven’t seen the house in days!”

“Why’s that, hm? Spending the night with your secret girlfriend? You’ve been awfully chummy with Xina lately…”


“Haha, kidding. Fine, bring home something delicious. And preferably already cooked.”

“You got it. Love you babe.”

“Love you too.” She cut out. Miguel began to finish typing when his wrist buzzed again. He activated the holo-screen.

“Forget to mention something hon?” Miguel asked.

“I… didn’t think it was like that between us.” He looked to see Charlie staring awkwardly at him.

“Gah! Sorry, I thought you were someone else. What’s up Charlie?”

“I’ve found something you’ve got to see. Get to E.G.G Base now.”

“I can’t, I’m in the middle of work!”

“I’ve located the Xtractor!” Miguel stopped.

“Alright, I’ll be there in ten.” He got up and rushed out of the building.

* * *

Spider-Man 2099 swung into the Chrysler Building and took the elevator to E.G.G Base. He rushed out to see Acacia leaning against the wall filing her nails.

“Hey, look, it’s everyone’s favorite moron. How we gonna change the past today? Almost get killed at another Alchemax lab?” Miguel took off his mask.

“Anybody ever tell you you’re a real charmer?” He replied. “Because if they did, they lied.” Acacia sneered and left the room.

“Miguel!” Fumiko called. “We’re in here.” Charlie walked up to the main terminal, where Charlie was typing.

“Ah, glad you’re here.” He said. “Look at this.” He pulled up a video file. “This is Alchemax security footage from the Worthington branch. Take a look, this is in lab 162 mere minutes before we got there!” Miguel watched as James walked into the room, looked around, opened the cabinet and took the Xtractor.

“Excellent!” Miguel exclaimed. “Now who the shock is that?”

“Already got it.” Charlie replied. “Fumiko?”

“We had E.I.L.E.E.N do a face trace.” Fumiko said. “She searched every database in the country and finally came up with this guy.” Charlie pulled up James’s file on the main terminal.

“James Collins.” He said. “Professional bounty hunter. No record, he’s squeaky clean. Get this, he hasn’t killed anyone, yet he’s never failed a job.”

“Guess he’s just got a heart of gold.” Miguel said sarcastically. “What I want to know is how he knew we needed the Xtractor.”

“That’s what I wanted to ask you,” Charlie said. “Did anyone else read the diary entries you found from Celeste?”

“My fiancé, Dana,” He said. “No one else I know of, unless…”


“Venture and some new guy were waiting for me back at the archives. That must’ve been James Collins. They probably pocketed the entries and figured out how I was planning to stop the Dark Day!”

“How’d they know you were trying to stop the Dark Day in the first place?” Fumiko asked.

“I… I kind of told them…” Miguel admitted. Acacia laughed from the doorway.

“You really are a moron.” She said. Fumiko shook her head.

“That aside, E.I.L.E.E.N should be able to find him again by accessing all of the security cams in the city. E.I.L.E.E.N?”

“The pleasure is mine.” E.I.L.E.E.N said. Her eyes turned yellow as she began her search.

“If they took this to get to you it’s probably a trap.” Charlie said.

“We need the Xtractor. It’s the only way.” Miguel replied.

“Located.” E.I.L.E.E.N said. “He is at an Alchamax energy reactor, upper east side.”

“Alright,” Charlie said. “Fumiko, prep the Lightstream. Time to get that Xtractor!”

* * *

James sat the Xtractor down on a table. Venture looked at him.

“Don’t you think you should hold that?” He asked.

“We tried it your way, it’s my turn now.” James snapped. Venture shrugged.

“Whatever.” He looked up. “So… We’re just gonna wait for him? Because his beacon just jumped back online.”

“If he’s as intelligent and resourceful as I think he is, he’ll figure out I took the Xtractor and he’ll come for us. He’s heading our way, isn’t he?” Venture looked down at his device.

“Yeah, looks like it.” He said.

“You see? That’s the mistake you made. You went to him, found him on his turf. Weather he was expecting you or not he already knew the layout of where he was, what he was doing there, and how he’d get out if anything went wrong. Now he’s coming to us, and we have the home field advantage.”

“You talk a good game kid.” Venture said, taking out his staff. “Let’s see if you can back it up. He’s here.” James took the sword off of his back.

“Come on then.” He said. Suddenly the glass ceiling shattered. Spider-Man 2099 landed in front of James and Venture. He pointed to James.

“Give me the Xtractor.” He ordered. The next second, Charlie, Fumiko, Acacia, and E.I.L.E.E.N dropped in on ropes and surrounded the two bounty hunters. “Now.”

“I don’t think so.” James said. Suddenly hundreds of Public Eye soldiers burst from the walls, behind furniture, under desks, from the vents. The room was filled with Public Eye Patrol, guns locked on Spider-Man 2099 and E.G.G.

“On the ground, now!” One shouted. They all slowly put their hands behind their heads. James smirked at Venture.

“Easy,” he said, taking out a pair of electric handcuffs. Spider-Man 2099 looked at Charlie. Charlie nodded.

“E.I.L.E.E.N,” he said. “Sonic disrupter, now!”

“Affirmative.” E.I.L.E.E.N said, holding out her hands and emitting an earsplitting sonic blast. The Public Eye soldiers covered their ears and screamed in pain. James dropped the handcuffs and fell to his knees. Venture screamed.

“Match… frequency…” He grunted. The mechanic side of his face adjusted its audio frequency intake so that Venture could stand the noise. He stood up and extended his staff. Spider-Man 2099 flipped over him and grabbed the Xtractor.

“Let’s go!” He shouted. James slowly lifted his arm and shot a small device out of his wrist into E.I.L.E.E.N’s shoulder, causing her to electrocute and power down.

“Take them down!” He ordered to his recovering soldiers as he put his helmet on. “Shoot to stun.” All of the Public Eye in the room began to shoot stun rays at the team.

“Watch out!” Charlie shouted, as he grabbed E.I.L.E.E.N and the rest of E.G.G dodged for their lives. “I’m getting the jet, don’t drop that canister!” Charlie jumped out of the window. James took out a small throwing star and hurled it at Spider-Man 2099, knocking the Xtractor out of his hand.

“Shock!” He shouted, turning around. Venture looked up.

“We ain’t gonna get him with no stun ray!” He grabbed the commander. “Shoot to kill!”

“But our orders are…”

“You got new ones. Order your men, now!” Spider-Man 2099 slid in front of the Xtractor and almost had it when suddenly he was corralled by a barrage of laser fire.

“Holy…” He shouted, narrowly dodging. “Watch it guys, they’ve switched to kill!”

“Really?” Acacia said. “I didn’t notice!” She, Fumiko and Spider-Man 2099 hit the wall.

“We’ve gotta get that Xtractor!” He said. Fumiko peeked out.

“Okay, their primary target is you. Acacia, head for the exit…”

“What? No way!” She argued.

“Acacia, please, for once in your life, can you do as I say?” Acacia reluctantly sighed.

“Fine, I’ll go.”

“Thank you. Now, you get out there and draw their fire, I’ll get the Xtractor.”

“Good plan.” Spider-Man 2099 said. He jumped out and waved his arms. “Hey fellas! Blast Spidey and win a prize!” Everyone began to shoot at him. James was about to get after him when he noticed the lasers coming out of everyone’s guns.

“What the…” He said. He saw Venture, firing at Spider-Man 2099. He grabbed him by the collar.

“What the shock!” Venture shouted. “Get off me boy, you’re throwin’ my shot!”

“I said shoot to stun!” James growled.

“Well ain’t that too shockin’ bad!” He pushed James to the ground and continued to fire. Fumiko slipped by unnoticed and grabbed the Xtractor, then rushed for the window, where Acacia was waiting. Spider-Man 2099 looked over.

“And, cue exit stage left!” He said, swinging towards the window. In moments the jet pulled up and the cockpit opened.

“In, now!” Charlie ordered. Acacia jumped in. Spider-Man 2099 landed as Fumiko approached.

“Here,” She said, handing him the Xtractor. “Now let’s got out of- GAH!” She screamed as a stray bullet pierced her chest.

“Fumiko!” Acacia screamed. Fumiko’s lifeless body fell to the ground.

“No!” Spider-Man 2099 shouted. He began to grab her but was fired at from all ends. With nowhere else to go, he leapt into the Lightstream.

“We can’t leave her!” Acacia screamed.

“I’m sorry.” Charlie said as he closed the cockpit and flew off, Public Eye firing to the finish.

“No!” Acacia cried, as she began sobbing. She angrily looked up at Spider-Man 2099. “You…” She growled. “This is your fault!”

“Acacia…” He began.

“We were fine!” She screamed through her tears, standing up. “We were hidden, and we were okay! But then you show up with your stupid, stupid, stupid plan to somehow change history! And now my sister is dead! She was all I had left! My parents are gone! She was the ONLY thing in my life! And she’s dead because of YOU!”

“Acacia,” Charlie said, putting the jet on auto pilot. “When Miguel goes back in time he’ll fix it! Fumiko will be okay.” Acacia shook her head.

“I’ve heard enough of your crap Charlie.” She growled. “You’re actually defending him? Fumiko is dead!”

“He’s going to fix it!” Charlie yelled back. “Please Acacia, I know you’re hurting, but I promise, everything will be okay.” Acacia shook her head and grabbed a jet pack off of the wall.

“Screw you Charlie, you never cared about me!” She slammed a button on the wall, opening the ramp. “You’ve only ever looked after yourself.”

“Acacia, don’t leave!” Spider-Man 2099 pleaded. “Just come back to base with us and hear me out. I can personally guarantee that Fumiko will be okay. Please, just give me a chance.”

“Go to hell.” She hissed. She powered up the jet pack and jumped out of the back. Spider-Man 2099 buried his face in his hands as Charlie closed the ramp.

“She just needs time.” He said. “She’ll come around, she always does.”

“I’m starting to think this isn’t worth it Charlie.” Miguel replied, taking off his mask. “We’ve got the Xtractor, but at what cost?”

“Hey, you’re gonna fix everything. It’s fine. Trust me.” Miguel sighed.

“I guess you’re right. I should try and relax.”

“Yeah. So long as we make it to the time machine without anyone else getting hurt we’re golden… You know where to find a time machine, right?”

“Time portal, and yes, I do.”

“Good.” Charlie sat down. “Just come back to base tomorrow and we’ll take it from there. Acacia should be right as rain by then.”

“I’m starting to think this isn’t worth it Charlie. We’ve got the Xtractor, but at what cost?”
“I’m starting to think this isn’t worth it Charlie. We’ve got the Xtractor, but at what cost?”


James knelt down by Fumiko’s body. He looked angrily at Venture.

“Do you see what your thoughtlessness causes?” He yelled. “Another innocent life because you were careless!”

“She was helpin’ the bug, she ain’t innocent.” Venture replied. “’sides, I got some good news. Scanned her, turns out she’s one of them E.G.G fellas. Looks like we hit a payday after all!”

“I don’t believe you.” James said, standing up. “This girl is dead. Even if she was wanted by the law, no one deserves to…” Suddenly Acacia flew into the window and landed. All of the Public Eye aimed their guns. Venture smiled.

“Double pay.” He whispered to James. Acacia bent down and picked up Fumiko.

“I’m here to get my sister’s body.” She stated.

“I’m afraid we can’t just let you-”

“Take her.” James interrupted. He looked at Venture. “We won’t stop you.” Venture stared menacingly at James, but James didn’t even flinch.

“That’s not the only reason I’m here.” She said. Venture looked and raised his eyebrow.

“Oh? And what else, pray tell, could you be here for?”

“Ever since Spider-Man showed up he’s shocked up everything. His quest to change the past has only put us in danger and now it’s cost my sister her life.”

“So you wanna help us stop him?” Venture asked.

“I can do you one better.” Acacia said, smiling. “I can tell you who he is.”

To Be Continued…

See you next week!

Alright, remember guys to leave your questions and comments so that I can answer them on July 9 (along with the Episode 2 Q&A as well!), and then tune in the next day, July 10, for E.G.G 2099 Episode 4: Betrayed!

Is Acacia really going to reveal Miguel's identity to Venture and James!

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