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E.G.G 2099 Episode 5: Concluded

Updated on July 17, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G 2099...

Miguel O'Hara was having a nice evening with his fiance, Dana D'Angelo, when, in an instant, his entire life was destroyed. Dana was killed and his home came under attack by Venture, a reluctant James, and a new villain known as Renegade, who turned out to be none other than Acacia Wuthrich! O'Hara returned to E.G.G Base to tell Charlie the bad news, and it only got worse when E.I.L.E.E.N shut herself down, saddened by the loss of Fumiko. Outgunned and out manned, Charlie, Miguel, and his AI Lyla, set out to complete their mission, no matter what the cost.

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Episode 5


Walker Sloan sat at his desk on the top floor of Alchemax Tower, the main headquarters of Alchemax. He was typing into computer when a holographic butler appeared in front of him.

“Excuse me sir,” He said.

“Yes, what is it Joseph?” Sloan asked, not taking his eyes off of his work.

“There has been a security breach in the time research lab.” Sloan jumped up.

“What!” He shouted. “Lockdown the facility Joseph, activate the defense protocols, and make sure the intruder does not tamper with the time portal!” Sloan was rushing down the halls and pushing past Alchemax employees.

“Sir,” Joseph replied, “The defense protocols in the time research lab have been taken offline.”

“Shock it!” Sloan shouted. He got into an elevator. “Move!” He shouted, throwing some scientists out. He rapidly pressed the door close button then scanned his ID, which brought up a second holographic button pad. He hit a button tagged ‘sublevel’ and twisted a dial that increased the speed of the elevator. In seconds he was in the basement. He ran through the corridors up to a giant blast door. He typed in a code and it opened. He rushed in and looked around the room.

“Where is the intruder Joseph?” He asked. There was no response. “Joseph!” Suddenly Sloan was webbed in the mouth. “Mmmmhhhmmm!” He mumbled, pulling at it. Spider-Man 2099 dropped down from the roof.

“Hello Walker.” He said.

“Mmmmhhmm!” Sloan angrily replied. He began to charge at Spider-Man 2099 when Charlie rushed him front behind and slammed him against the wall. Spider-Man 2099 then spun a web net and stuck Sloan to the wall.

“Stick around.” Spider-Man 2099 said. Charlie looked at him. “The jokes aren’t what they used to be, alright!”

“Sure,” Charlie replied. “Now let’s get this thing going.” Charlie took the duffle bag off of his shoulder and dumped out the armor pieces, which formed together into Lyla. The three rushed over to a control panel in front of a giant metal ring in the center of the room. Spider-Man 2099 began to type.

“Alright, this thing is gonna take five minutes to power up,” he said. “Not factoring in the setup of course. I just have to configure the time space settings, set the date…”

“I’m afraid you’re too late bug,” They all turned to see Venture and Renegade standing on top of a ledge. “You’re all outta time.” The blast doors opened and Public Eye soldiers flooded in.

“Lyla, shield!” Charlie shouted.

“Blast ‘em!” Venture ordered. Every Public Eye Patrol opened fire as Lyla put up a shield over the three.

“Warning,” she said. “The shield’s integrity will not last long under this rate of fire.”

“O’Hara, how we coming?” Charlie asked, as Venture and Renegade jumped down and began moving towards them.

“Agh, Sloan’s doubled the encryption since last time!” Spider-Man 2099 said. “I need you hold off Venture and Acacia.”

“Right. Lyla, tap into E.G.G Base contingency plan files and access Operation Mother Egg.”

“Affirmative,” Lyla replied. “Accessing now.”

“Mother Egg?” Spider-Man 2099 asked.

“You’ve heard the term mother load right?” Charlie asked, taking out a blue laser sword.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, it’s the same principle.” He and Lyla charged out, leaving the shield over Spider-Man 2099. Lyla flew into Venture and slammed him against the wall. Charlie tackled Renegade and they fell to the floor.

“What the shock do you think you’re doing Acacia!” He shouted.

“I don’t want to fight you Charlie!” She yelled back. “I just want him.”

“He is trying to save us!”

“We don’t need saving Charlie! We were just fine before he showed up!” She kneed Charlie in the stomach and jumped up. Charlie spun his laser sword, and she took out a purple one of her own.

“Just fine? Is that what you’d call us?” He and Renegade clashed a few times, moving through the Public Eye soldiers, who were focused on Spider-Man 2099’s shield. “We were hiding! We were outlaws! We never left the base and when we did it was for a smash and grab mission that got us one step closer to nowhere!” Renegade kicked him and swung her sword. Charlie blocked it and pushed her off.

“At least we were alive! Then he shows up and my sister dies!”

“He didn’t kill Fumiko! She died trying to help…”

“Trying to help with his stupid plan!” She kicked Charlie, who tumbled backwards and blocked her sword. “Trying to change the past? Defeat Darkstream? It makes no sense! It won’t work! Fumiko will still be dead, my parents will still be missing, and my life will still be a living nightmare!” Charlie swung his sword up and knocked her off.

“It doesn’t have to be Acacia.” He said. “Just have a little faith!” Renegade spun her sword.

“Faith is for fools.” She said, charging at Charlie. Spider-Man 2099 rapidly typed into the control panel.

“Come on!” He said. He looked to see the shield beginning to fade. “Shock it, come on! Man, whatever that Mother Egg plan is, it’d better happen fast!” Suddenly he heard a noise outside. He looked up. “What the…”

Venture had his hands interlocked with Lyla’s and they were pushing against each other.

“You… ain’t… gonna… win!” Venture said. He pushed Lyla to the ground, spun his staff and jammed it through her armor, causing sparks. Lyla’s hologram began to go fuzzy. Venture smiled. “You lose, machine.”

“Actually… brzzzt… czzt… you lose… zzzzzt.” Lyla’s hologram disappeared and the armor fell into pieces. Venture raised his eyebrow.

“What’s that supposed to…” Suddenly he heard the noise. “What in tarnation?” He, Spider-Man 2099, and Renegade all looked up.

“What is that?” Renegade asked. Charlie smiled.

“Backup.” He said. Suddenly the windows all around the lab began to shatter. All of a sudden the room began to fill up with hundreds of Lyla’s. They all flew in and stopped in the air, hovering over the battle.

“Holy shock…” Spider-Man 2099 said.

“Lyla!” Charlie shouted. “Eliminate all hostiles!”

“Affirmative!” They all replied at once. Then they all took off. Shooting lasers, launching rockets, firing concussion blasts. The Public Eye soldiers began firing at them but there were too many. The Public Eye was slowly being overrun.

“That’s shocking awesome!” Spider-Man 2099 said. Suddenly his shield disappeared. “Uh oh, Lyla! Form a perimeter around the time portal!”

“As you wish Miguel.” One of them replied. “You four, to my side!” The five Lyla’s landed in a circle around the portal.

“Dag nab it!” Venture shouted. He began to make his way to Spider-Man 2099, but was surrounded by Lyla’s.

“We told you, you lose.” They all said.

“Bring it then!” Venture shouted, taking out his guns and opening fire. Renegade looked angrily at Charlie.

“Mother Egg? Really!” She punched him and he slid back. “You just can’t leave well enough alone, can you Charlie?”

“No, I can’t.” He said. “I don’t give up. Never have, never will. Which is why I still have hope for you Acacia!” He put his sword away. “Please, I love you like a daughter. I’ve known you your entire life! I swore to Seth and Celeste I’d take care of you and your sister. I’ve already failed on Fumiko’s account, but I won’t fail you!”

“You’re full of lies Charlie! You don’t know anything about caring, about love! You’re a clone. You don’t have a heart!” Charlie was taken aback.

“I do too have a heart! I know… because you’re breaking it. Look at yourself!” Charlie lunged forward and ripped the bandana and goggles from Acacia’s face. “This? This isn’t you!” He threw them to the ground. “Look at what you’ve become!” Acacia looked down at her hands.

“I… I’m doing the right thing!”

“No, you’re not! How would Celeste feel right now? What would she say if she saw what you’d become!”


“What would mom say.”

“Stop it Charlie!”

“When Celeste gave birth to you, my mother held you in her arms. She said you were destined for great things!”

“I don’t want to hear this!” Acacia screamed, crying uncontrollably.

“And when Celeste told her that she named you Acacia? The tears of joy my mother cried that day, I will never forget. To her deathbed, Acacia Blanco believed in you. And so do I.”

“Aaaaaahhhhh!” Acacia screamed through tears. She looked up sadly at Charlie. “I’m so sorry.” She sobbed. She twisted her sword around and stabbed herself through the chest.

“NO!” Charlie shouted, as he caught her in his arms. He pulled the sword out and lifted her head up. “Acacia, why?”

“I could never… live with myself…” She coughed. “Knowing that I’ve… betrayed… everyone I care about…”

“Stay with me!”

“Charlie.” She rubbed his cheek. “I know… I said terrible things… but I’ve always loved you… like… a… father…” Acacia Wuthrich closed her eyes and died. Charlie, clenched his fist.

“Grah!” Venture screamed. Charlie looked over to see him slam his staff in the ground and blast the Lyla’s surrounding him with electricity, shutting them down. He stood and began making his way to Spider-Man 2099. Charlie kissed Acacia on the forehead and laid her down. Then he stood up, took out his laser sword, and charged.

“Venture!” He screamed. Venture turned and blocked him with his staff.

“You people don’t quit do you!” He said. He looked to see Acacia on the ground. “Oh shock, Renegade!” Charlie aggressively kicked Venture to the floor.

“Her name was Acacia.” He growled. Venture wiped his mouth.

“Alright boy, you wanna fight, then let’s go!” Venture began to assault Charlie with his staff, Charlie defending with his sword. Spider-Man 2099 typed a few more things into the control panel.

“Bingo!” He said, slamming a button and activating it. A blue portal began to form inside of the metal ring. “In five minutes, this will all finally be…” Suddenly Spider-Man 2099 was swooped off of the ground from above. “What the shock!”

“Miss me?” He looked up to see James holding him. Spider-Man 2099 back head-butted him. “Agh!” He shouted, dropping him. Spider-Man 2099 caught himself on the wall. James flew up to him and took off his helmet.

“Don’t do this Collins.” Spider-Man 2099 said. “Not when I’m so close.”

“Come quietly or die.” James said, taking out his sword. Spider-Man 2099 sighed.

“Fine.” He spun a web but James cut through it and rammed into him, knocking him off the wall. Spider-Man 2099 spun a web and swung back up, kicking James out of the air. James hit the ground hard and his jet pack sparked.

“Ah!” He said, throwing it off. He took out his laser blaster and fired on Spider-Man 2099, as he flipping this was and that to avoid it.

Venture, on the other hand, was blocking Charlie’s attack. Charlie swung his sword again and again. Venture then chinned him with the staff and kicked his sword out of his hand. Charlie quickly pulled a gun from his jacket and began shooting lighting blasts at Venture. One of them hit him in the mechanic eye, causing it to malfunction.

“Grah!” He shouted. He spun and kicked Charlie against the wall. Charlie tapped his wrist and began to spew fire from it. Venture jumped back only to realize his jacket was on fire. Venture quickly shook it off and looked angrily at Charlie. “I’m gonna kill you!” He shouted.

“I think you’ve killed enough.” Charlie said. He tapped his heel on the ground and a blade came out of the front of his boot. Then he kicked Venture in his mechanic leg.

“Aaahhh!” Venture screamed as he began to electrocute, and fell to the ground. Charlie walked up to him and aimed his blaster.

“It’s over.” He said.

“Guess… you’re right.” Venture said, slyly popping the sharp end out of his staff. “You win.”

“Ah!” Spider-Man 2099 screamed. Charlie quickly looked over.

“O’Hara?” He asked. In that split moment Venture sprung up and stabbed Charlie through the back with his staff. “Aaaaahhhhh!” Charlie screamed, falling to the ground. Venture pulled his staff out.

“Never turn your back on an opponent.” He said. Spider-Man 2099 looked over and saw Charlie on the ground.

“Charlie, NO!” He elbowed James in the face and began to rush over. Venture stood up and started limping towards Spider-Man 2099.

“I’m gonna get you today bug…” He said. “If it’s the last thing I do… I’m gonna get you.” He took out two blasters. Spider-Man 2099 stopped.

“Stand down Venture.” He demanded.

“No shockin’ chance.” Venture growled. He looked to see James running up. “No! This is my kill!” He shot James in the chest.

“Ah!” James shouted, falling to the ground.

“I’ve been after you since day one bug, and I deserve to win!” He unloaded both guns on Spider-Man 2099, who just stood there and took it. “What the…” Suddenly Spider-Man 2099 went fuzzy and disappeared. “Holographic decoy!” Venture turned just as Spider-Man 2099 punched him in the face. Venture slid back and took out his staff. He laced it with electricity and slammed it into Spider-Man 2099’s gut. Spider-Man 2099 grabbed it and his suit began absorbing the electricity.

“You always loose Venture.” He said, pushing back on the staff as Venture pushed the other way with all his might. “This time… you lose… forever!” Spider-Man 2099 pushed back and back. Venture’s mechanic leg gave in and he fell to one knee.

“Im…pos…sible…” Venture grunted as Spider-Man 2099 pushed the end of the staff onto Venture’s chest.

“Good riddance Venture.” Spider-Man 2099 said. He pressed the button on the staff and unleashed the blade through Venture’s chest.

“Gah!” Venture choked. Spider-Man 2099 pulled it out and threw it to the side. Venture fell to ground. He looked up at Spider-Man 2099. “Looks like… you won… after all.” His mechanic eye went out and Venture fell lifeless. Spider-Man 2099 rushed over Charlie.

“Charlie, talk to me!” He said. Charlie shook his head.

“It’s too late for me.” He said. He grabbed Spider-Man 2099’s shoulder. “Go back and fix this. We’ll see each other again. I promise.”


“Go!” Spider-Man 2099 nodded. He laid Charlie down and rushed for the portal. Charlie laid on the ground, watching the Lyla’s fight the Public Eye. He looked over at Venture. He looked over at Acacia. Then he looked and saw Walker Sloan, with a gun, aiming at Spider-Man 2099. His eyes widened.

“Sorry Miguel,” Sloan said. “But men like us don’t get to go home.” Suddenly Charlie tackled him. “Ah! I thought you were dead!”

“One last act of heroism…” Charlie moaned. “Then I’ll die, I promise.” He held Sloan pinned to the ground.

“Get off me you fool!” Sloan shouted.

“Sure thing… as soon as O’Hara… saves the world.” Charlie managed, with a smile. Spider-Man 2099 rushed up to the portal, which was full and ready.

“Almost there!” He said. Then James slid in front of him. “You’ve gotta be shocking kidding me!”

“You wanna get through that portal?” James said. “Then you gotta get through me.”

“Can’t catch me if you can’t move fast enough!” Spider-Man 2099 said. James quickly tapped a device on his wrist as Spider-Man 2099 used his Accelerated Vision and slowed down everything around him… except for James, who was shielded inside of an energy bubble. “What the… a time paradox?”

“The only way to negate that stupid time slowing trick of yours.” James replied. “I studied you inside and out. I accounted for it all.”

“Alright, fine, but I am getting through that portal.”

“Come and try!” Spider-Man 2099 flipped over James and spun a web at him. James cut it with his sword and shot Spider-Man 2099 with a laser blast.

“Ah!” He shouted, hitting the ground. James rushed up with his sword but Spider-Man 2099 caught it between his arm blades and snapped it in half. James threw down the handle and launched a rocket from his wrist. Spider-Man 2099 barley dodged it… only for it to hit the time portal instead.

“No!” He shouted. It began fluctuating. “It’s too unstable! It’ll close any second!” Spider-Man 2099 went full speed ahead for the portal.

“You won’t get away from me!” James shouted. He jumped up and was in hot pursuit. Spider-Man 2099 spun a web at his feet. James jumped over it and tackled Spider-Man 2099. They hit the ground, tumbled, and they both fell through the portal just as it closed.

The End

They hit the ground, tumbled, and they both fell through the portal just as it closed.
They hit the ground, tumbled, and they both fell through the portal just as it closed.

It's over!

Well guys, E.G.G 2099 is over! I'll see you on Thursday for the E.G.G 2099 Season Review, and then, get ready... You thought it'd never come, but ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that next Friday is the beginning of E.G.G Season 3! Haha, and you thought it was over. So stick around, because there's plenty more to come!

Remember, Marvel's Ant-Man hits theaters today!

So, how'd you like the final chapter of the 5-part limited series, E.G.G 2099?

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