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E.G.G 2099 Q&A: Episode 3

Updated on July 9, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G 2099 Episode 3: Trapped, and a lot happened in this one! If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


While Spider-Man 2099 and E.G.G 2099 attempt to locate the Xtractor, Walker Sloan puts Venture and James back together in hopes of stopping them. But the two only drive the wedge deeper as James figures out it was Venture that killed Ally, and doesn't react well. Meanwhile, Team 2099 discover that James stole the Xtractor and is using it to lead them into a trap. They take the bait, but not without E.I.L.E.E.N as backup! A battle breaks out, and E.G.G 2099 nearly makes it out unscathed when suddenly Fumiko is shot and killed! With no other options, E.G.G 2099 retreats, driving Acacia away and into the hands of Venture and James, with a vital secret to their cause: Spider-Man 2099's secret identity.

James Collins: 2099's Greatest Detective

“Show me the body.” He said. The coroner nodded and pulled the blanket away to reveal Ally White lying there, undressed and pale. James examined the wounds. “You said Spider-Man did this?” He asked.

“That’s what they tell me.” The coroner replied.

“That’s… hard to believe. Spider-Man doesn’t use blades or guns.”

“He has those sharp thingy’s on his arms.” The corner said. James looked at him and he went back to work. He looked back down at Ally.

“That’s a perfect shot…” He said to himself. He examined the stab wound. “Went straight through her… Do you have her file?” He asked.

“Sure.” The coroner said, handing him a chip. James put it in his gauntlet and a holographic screen with all of Ally’s information on it came up.

“Ally White, hm, she just joined the Public Eye a little less than a year ago. What was Spider-Man’s motivation?”

“Maybe she was just in his was way.”

“Then he would have webbed her to a wall. He wouldn’t have stabbed and shot her. He had to have a reason…”

* * *

Is this guy good or what! Not only is he an awesome bounty hunter, but he can investigate a crime scene and he's never killed! How about that! There must be a reason, but until we know for sure, we'll just say he has a heart of gold. I wanted to use James as a counter balance to Venture. Venture is the shoot first ask questions later bounty hunter that takes joy in killing people. James doesn't like to kill, he thinks about situations before he acts and ultimately approaches situations in a more level headed manner than Venture ever could. This was as much James's episode as the last one was Venture's. With both of their bounty hunting styles now fully fleshed out, you can see how they work together (or against each other as the circumstances would have it) to stop Team 2099!


He was typing in his computer when his wrist buzzed. He tapped it and a holo-screen opened with the face of a beautiful brown-haired woman.

“Hey Miguie.” She said.

“Dana, how’s my beautiful fiancé today?” He asked. “Everything going well down at Sythia East?”

“Yeah, great. I was just thinking that maybe we could get dinner tonight. That is if you’re done having me search through cryptic diary entries from some little girl.” Miguel laughed.

“Yeah, I’ve got what I need from that. Alright then, dinner tonight. I’ll bring something extra romantic home.”

* * *

Miguel has a fiance! Yeah, remember Dana D'Angelo, the other person reading Celete's diary entries? Yeah, it's her! But with Miguel's identity in the hands of Venture and James, will he be able to keep her safe?

It's a trap!

“You talk a good game kid.” Venture said, taking out his staff. “Let’s see if you can back it up. He’s here.” James took the sword off of his back.

“Come on then.” He said. Suddenly the glass ceiling shattered. Spider-Man 2099 landed in front of James and Venture. He pointed to James.

“Give me the Xtractor.” He ordered. The next second, Charlie, Fumiko, Acacia, and E.I.L.E.E.N dropped in on ropes and surrounded the two bounty hunters. “Now.”

“I don’t think so.” James said. Suddenly hundreds of Public Eye soldiers burst from the walls, behind furniture, under desks, from the vents. The room was filled with Public Eye Patrol, guns locked on Spider-Man 2099 and E.G.G.

“On the ground, now!” One shouted. They all slowly put their hands behind their heads. James smirked at Venture.

“Easy,” he said, taking out a pair of electric handcuffs. Spider-Man 2099 looked at Charlie. Charlie nodded.

“E.I.L.E.E.N,” he said. “Sonic disrupter, now!”

“Affirmative.” E.I.L.E.E.N said, holding out her hands and emitting an earsplitting sonic blast. The Public Eye soldiers covered their ears and screamed in pain. James dropped the handcuffs and fell to his knees.

* * *

In the words of General Ackbar: It's a trap! But wait, it's a counter trap! Charlie and Miguel cooked up quite the counter attack to James's trap! A shame to, James went to all that trouble to set this up.

R.I.P Fumiko... again...

“In, now!” Charlie ordered. Acacia jumped in. Spider-Man 2099 landed as Fumiko approached.

“Here,” She said, handing him the Xtractor. “Now let’s got out of- GAH!” She screamed as a stray bullet pierced her chest.

“Fumiko!” Acacia screamed. Fumiko’s lifeless body fell to the ground.

“No!” Spider-Man 2099 shouted. He began to grab her but was fired at from all ends. With nowhere else to go, he leapt into the Lightstream.

“We can’t leave her!” Acacia screamed.

“I’m sorry.” Charlie said as he closed the cockpit and flew off, Public Eye firing to the finish.

“No!” Acacia cried, as she began sobbing. She angrily looked up at Spider-Man 2099. “You…” She growled. “This is your fault!”

“Acacia…” He began.

“We were fine!” She screamed through her tears, standing up. “We were hidden, and we were okay! But then you show up with your stupid, stupid, stupid plan to somehow change history! And now my sister is dead! She was all I had left! My parents are gone! She was the ONLY thing in my life! And she’s dead because of YOU!”

* * *

Just like Fumiko Aoki, Fumiko Wuthrich shares the same fate. Literally, they both got shot in the chest. But now Team 2099 is down a member! Two actually, with Acacia gone, and there's not that many to begin with... How will the team bounce back? Will they be able to get back in time? Who knows! You'll have to read on to find out!

I can tell you who he is

“I don’t believe you.” James said, standing up. “This girl is dead. Even if she was wanted by the law, no one deserves to…” Suddenly Acacia flew into the window and landed. All of the Public Eye aimed their guns. Venture smiled.

“Double pay.” He whispered to James. Acacia bent down and picked up Fumiko.

“I’m here to get my sister’s body.” She stated.

“I’m afraid we can’t just let you-”

“Take her.” James interrupted. He looked at Venture. “We won’t stop you.” Venture stared menacingly at James, but James didn’t even flinch.

“That’s not the only reason I’m here.” She said. Venture looked and raised his eyebrow.

“Oh? And what else, pray tell, could you be here for?”

“Ever since Spider-Man showed up he’s shocked up everything. His quest to change the past has only put us in danger and now it’s cost my sister her life.”

“So you wanna help us stop him?” Venture asked.

“I can do you one better.” Acacia said, smiling. “I can tell you who he is.”

* * *

... Yep, they're screwed. That's all I have to say about that.

See you tomorrow!

Make sure to read Episode 4 tomorrow and post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, July 16! Is this the end of Team 2099?

Next Episode

Venture and James have acquired some new information: They now know that Spider-Man 2099 is Miguel O'Hara. No one in his life is safe as Miguel struggles to survive an all out assault! Also in this issues, the beginning of a brand new Marvel villain, Renegade! Find out how it all goes down tomorrow, July 10, in E.G.G 2099 Episode 4: Betrayed!

What are you more excited about: Miguel on the run, or the mysterious new villain Renegade!

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