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E.G.G Episode 37: Revelations

Updated on May 8, 2015


"Has someone else besides Dana and I been reading these? The log in history's been deleted... oh well, I'll have to figure that out later. Hm, let's see what we've got here... May 8, okay, we're getting closer date wise... and look! This is definitely Acacia Blanco she's talking about. Good, wait a minute, aw shock, they still don't know she's Lightstream. And this bit about the Green Goblin and Oscorp... Well this may definitely come in handy. Either way, I need to keep searching! I'm so close to finding out what exactly caused the Dark Day! If I actually do it... I've got to read more! I'm so shocking close!"

Previously, on E.G.G...

Alchemax Digital Translator Version 12.0

Welcome: O’Hara, Miguel.

Now translating document into digital copy.


Celeste Aoki: Diary Entry 10
May 8, 2015

Dear Mom,
Well, Auntie Acacia told Mr. Westbrook and Ms. Wuthrich everything. EVERYTHING. I mean, about Cedaren, you and her being friends, Headmistress Yamada, the Green Goblin, everything! She even told them how you and dad met! I mean dang! She came all out! It makes me wonder why Ms. Wuthrich hasn’t told them she’s Lightstream yet, or why Mr. Westbrook’s relationship with Allyson is still a secret! I mean, Auntie Acacia trusts them both enough to tell her entire life story, from blowing up Stark Industries to burning down Oscorp (By the way, still the coolest thing you’ve ever done mom! Way to stick it to the man!) But the fact that her two best friends just won’t come clean makes me wanna just get in there and say something! Ugh, grown-ups.

Much love,


End of translation.


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Episode 37


It was 10:00 pm. The night air was cold. It was significantly past Celeste’s bedtime. But that did not matter to her. She walked down the streets wearing a hoodie to block out the cold. The breeze picked up, and she pulled the drawstrings, drawing her hood in tighter. Celeste liked to sneak out at nights and clear her head. It helped her think. She turned down an alley where she saw four teenage boys leaning against the walls. She began to walk past them, but one grabbed her shoulder.

“Where you goin?” He asked.

“None of your business.” Celeste firmly replied. The boy stepped back.

“Oh, she’s a little girl.” He said. “Isn’t it a little late for you to be out alone?”

“Me? What about you? I heard the curfew for morons was 8:00.” The other boys laughed. He threw Celeste against the wall.

“So you got jokes, huh?” He said, taking out a nail gun. “Let’s see how funny you are now.” Celeste looked at him in confusion.

“Is that a nail gun?” She asked. “Seriously? You’re trying to shake me down with a nail gun? Do you even have the IQ points to use that thing?”

“That’s enough mouth from you! Waste her!” Celeste took off running and all the boys began chasing her. She knocked over a trash can and one of them tripped over it. The other three were hot pursuit. She climbed onto a dumpster, jumped off, and kicked a guy across the face. He fell to the ground. The one with the nail gun aimed it.

“I got her!” He said. He shot multiple nails, all of them missing of falling short of Celeste.

“You really are an idiot!” She said, punching his friend. He backed up and pulled the trigger only to find he was out of nails. “Game, set…” Celeste began when she paused. She slowly looked down to see that she had stepped on a nail. “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” She shrieked to the top of her lungs. Lightstream, on a nearby roof, looked over.

“Time to do that hero thing.” She said, taking to the sky. The boy smiled.

“Not so tough now, are you?” He asked. He got ready to hit her when he was blasted against the wall by one of Lightstream’s blasts. She flew down to see Celeste on the ground, holding her foot and gritting her teeth in pain. She knelt down next to her.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I got a nail in my foot!” Celeste exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, just hold on.” Lightstream said. “Ah boy, okay, where’s your mom? Can I take you to her?”

“Not really, seeing as how she’s dead.” Celeste groaned in pain.

“Oh… I am so sorry. What about you dad?”

“Dead too…”

“Oh man, do you have a home? Are… are you living in the streets?”

“Eileen! Just get this shelling nail out of my foot!” Celeste screamed. Lightstream jumped back in disbelief.

“What… what did you call me?” She reached forward and pulled off her hood. “Celeste!”

“Surprise…” Celeste breathed, still in pain. “Now, if it’s not too much trouble…”

“Right, sorry, okay, grab something.” Celeste grabbed Lightstream’s arm. “Not that! Aw, never mind. Ready? One, two, three!”

* * *

Allyson was sitting in her bed with Josh lying in her lap. She was gently stroking his head, and he was loving every minute of it.

“I feel like a little puppy!” He said, snuggling himself until he was nice and comfy.

“A puppy? Really?” Allyson said, laughing.

“Yeah, we all know I’m as cute as one!”

“Don’t blow your own whistle.” She said.

“Don’t worry, I think you’re cute too.”

“Only cute?”

“No, you’re also smoking hot.”


“And incredibly drop dead gorgeous?”


“Okay, who’s blowing whistles now?” Allyson laughed.

“Oh Josh. You know, I’ve been meaning to tell you something for a few weeks now…”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“Well, we’ve been together for a while, and I wasn’t sure at first, but now I’m completely positive…”

“Uh-huh…” Josh turned his head and saw the clock.

“Joshua Westbrook, I lov-”

“Holy shell!”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“It’s 10:00!? How did that happen! Oh man Hill’s gonna have my butt!” He jumped up and quickly kissed Allyson.

“Sorry Allyson, talk later, promise!” He rushed down the hall. Allyson sat still. Her eye twitched. Then she picked up her pillow and held against her face. She held it, held it, then finally pulled it off, gasping for breath.

“Not worth it.” She said, throwing it to the side. She fell onto her bed. “Why? Just why?” She sighed, rolled around, and went to sleep. Josh ran into a conference room and opened his laptop to see Director Maria Hill waiting for him.

“Where have you been?” She demanded. “I told you we were to meet at 8:00. That was two hours ago!”

“I had stuff to do!” Josh defended.

“What could have possibly kept you busy for two hours?”

“… Spring cleaning?”

“Oh give me a break!”

“You know what Hill? Why don’t you give me a break! You are on my back every day about some invention or another that’s not good enough or needs to be finished a freaking month before the deadline! I’m tired of it! Fury was no walk in the park, but he was ten times the director you’ll ever be!”

“I…” She sighed. “I’m sorry. You’re right.” Josh paused.

“Wait, what?”

“I said you’re right.” She sighed. “Listen, you’re a nice guy. I know I’ve been hard on you, and I’m sorry. It’s just, man, it all just happened so fast, you know? I mean, one second I’m overseeing rookie training exercises and the next Nick Fury is dead and I’m the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, the biggest spy/anti-terrorist/worldwide peacekeeping organization on the planet! It’s a bit overwhelming, and the day I took Fury’s seat, not one of these agents respected me. So I had to be tough, earn their respect, you know? I mean, you’re a director yourself, you know exactly how hard it is.”

“Wow, I never thought of it that way…” Josh said. “Hey, sorry. I’ll get those inventions to you stat. You know Maria, I feel like we know each other on a more personal level now.” She frowned.

“I wouldn’t go that far.” She said. “And it’s Director Hill.” Josh laughed.

“Aye, aye, director.” He said, hanging up. “Huh, poor Maria. She did kinda get thrown into the role. Hope nothing serious or world threatening happens while she’s in charge.” He left the conference room.

* * *

Celeste was sitting on her bed, her foot propped up on Eileen’s lap, who was still wearing her Lightstream costume with the exception of the mask. Eileen dipped a cotton ball in a jar of alcohol and rubbed Celeste’s foot.

“Ah! It burns!” She shrieked.

“I know, sorry.” Eileen said. “Just have to make sure it doesn’t get infected.

“Infected, bad, right.” Eileen continued to dab, Celeste clutching her sheets with a death grip.

“So, how long have you known?” She asked.

“You remember that day I fixed Jocasta because you left…”

“Dang, that long?”

“Yeah. You were kinda obvious about it.” Eileen laughed.

“Those were my early days, I was still getting used to it. Why didn’t you ever tell me you knew?”

“I didn’t wanna freak you out.” Celeste replied, as Eileen began to wrap her foot.

“Right, because some kid in a hoodie I just saved from gangbangers blurting my name while I’m in costume is so much more relieving.”

“… Sorry.”

“What were even doing out this late? It’s dangerous Celeste.”

“I know, I just… I just needed to clear my head.”

“Huh, I hear that.”

“You do?”

“Why do you think I was out there?”

“I thought you were on patrol.”

“Patrol? Do superheroes actually do that?”

“I don’t know, we should ask one and find out.” Eileen laughed.

“We should. Okay, and done.” She cut the bandage and tied it off. “Now, no more late night escapades, okay? Do it in the daytime. And I don’t wanna hear you dropping anymore shell bombs either, got it?”

“Sorry, it really hurt.” Celeste apologized. “Besides, Mr. Westbrook says it all the time!”

“Well Mr. Westbrook is a potty mouth.” She rubbed Celeste’s head. “Goodnight Celeste.”

“Good night Ms. Wuthrich!”

“You can call me Eileen.”

“Okay Ms. Wuthrich!” Eileen laughed.

“To each their own.” She pulled a jacket over her Lightstream costume and left Celeste’s room.

* * *

The next day, Josh and Acacia stood on a roof, setting up a giant dish antenna.

“What exactly is this supposed to do again?” Acacia asked.

“It’ll help us hack into the Syndicate frequency.” Josh said. “We’ll be able to hear every dirty little conversation they have.”

“Why do we care?” Acacia asked. “The Gravity Master is locked up.”

“And that’s why we care.” Josh answered. “I heard rumor that they’re gonna try to spring him! We need to be in on all their plans and stop them before they happen!”

“Right, okay.” Acacia said. “Or we could, you know, just not care.” Josh frowned.

“I don’t think you’re very invested in this.”

“I’m not.”

“Is there something you’d rather be doing?”

“Hm, let’s see. Playing with some new inventions, eating chimmichangas, playing with Celeste, making out with Harry, watching the Doctor, making tacos, talking to Quartermain, doing whatever Eileen’s doing, pulling my hair out, beating my head against a wall…”

“Okay, whatever! Just at least help me finish.”

“Hey, look, it’s Lightstream!”

“Haha, yeah, not falling for it.” He typed on the control panel. “Just a little bit more and…” Josh banged it and it came online. “Bingo! Now we can hear their every move!”

“What’s the thingamajig?” Lightstream asked, flying down in front of them.

“Gyah! Lightstream!” Josh shrieked.

“Told you.” Acacia said. Josh cleared his throat and slicked back his nonexistent hair.

“Hey there Lightstream.” He said. “This here? This is a duelplex mega frequency amplifying device with quadrupled intake capability and…”

“It’s a Syndicate walkie-talkie.” Acacia interrupted. “So we can know where they are and what they’re doing at all times, even if we don’t need to.” Josh angrily turned towards Acacia.

“Thank you, Acacia, but I don’t recall asking for your help!” Acacia shrugged.

“Sounds neat.” Lightstream said. “Whatever helps us bust more bad guys.”

“Right,” Josh said, standing up. “You know Lightstream, we have so much in common. You like to bust bad guys, I like to bust bad guys…” He moved in close. Lightstream uneasily began to back up.

“Ooookay…” She said.

“You know, you are incredibly hot.”

“Um… thanks…”

“I always wondered what a super hottie like you would look like up close and personal.”

“That’s… weird…”

“And I’ve also always wandered…” He moved in closer to Lightstream. “What it’s like to kiss a superhero!” He moved in for the kiss but she flew backwards, off of the roof and took off. Josh fell forward and almost fell off when Acacia caught his collar and pulled him back up.

“Easy lover boy!” She said, laughing.

“Aw man! So close!” Josh exclaimed. He sighed. “Oh well, at least we got this thing working.” He tapped the dish.

“Yeah, can we go eat now!” Acacia exclaimed, holding her stomach. “I’m starving!”

“Fine,” Josh said, packing up his stuff. They headed down and around to the Chandler Library. They walked in and were approached by Jake.

“Josh, can I talk to you for a sec?” He asked.

“What’s up?” Josh replied.

“I’ve been seeing this strange guy hang around the library. He wears all black, and he’s really scary. He’s been here for a few weeks now, if you could just look into it…”

“Don’t worry Jake my boy.” Josh said, patting his back. “I’ll take care of it.” He and Acacia walked into the elevator. Jake sighed and turned around to find himself face to face with Agent Rice.

“Gyah!” He almost screamed, jumping back. Rice glared at him, then turned and walked away. “I need a vacation.” Jake said, walking back behind the counter.

* * *

The elevator lowered into Egg Base. Josh and Acacia got out and saw Eileen sitting in a chair, staring up at the ceiling.

“Eileen!” Josh shouted, “You’ll never guess what just happened!”

“Hm?” She asked. “Oh, sorry. Spacing. What happened?”

“Me and Lightstream totally made out!”

“What? No you- I mean- really?”

“Really, really!”

“He’s lying.” Acacia said. “He went for her and she dodged.”

“That sounds more like it.” Eileen replied. Josh sighed.

“Fine, so I missed, but I came so close! I could feel our lips practically touching! Man what I wouldn’t give to score just once!”

“She’s not your type.” Eileen said. “Really, not your type.”

“I’m sorry, but the only type I have is hot babes with super powers!” Josh put his hands behind his head and began rotating his hips.

“What are you doing!?” Acacia asked, appalled and disgusted.

“It’s my hip swing of love!” He said. “The ladies can’t resist it!”

“I’m doing a pretty good job resisting.” Eileen said.

“Well, that’s because you’re you. But when Lightstream sees this, she’ll be falling into my arms!”

“You’re right, she will,” Acacia said. “After she dies of horror from watching that dance!”

“Don’t be…” Josh turned his head to see Allyson standing a distance away, arms folded, staring angrily at Josh. “Jealous… I gotta go.” Allyson abruptly turned and left the room, Josh quickly following after her.

“What was that about?” Acacia asked. Eileen watched Josh carefully.

“I think I know,” she replied, getting up to follow him. Allyson stormed through the tunnels of Egg Base.

“Allyson, Allyson!” Josh shouted, rushing up and grabbing her arm. She pulled away.

“Get off me!” She shouted.

“Allyson, listen…” He begged.

“I think I’ve heard enough.” She said. She turned to leave but Josh grabbed her shoulder. She turned back and quickly smacked him across the face.

“Ow! Allyson!”

“Really Josh? I mean, are you serious! After everything you just said in there you expect me to come running back to you?”

“Come on, I was just messing with Eileen and Acacia…”

“Acacia said you tried to kiss her! Why would you do that?”

“I… I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking…”

“I thought I meant something to you.”

“You do Allyson!”

“Do I? Because apparently your only type is hot babes with super powers.”


“Well, I’m sorry I don’t fit your description for the perfect girl, but I’m not gonna be your patsy.” She turned and began to walk off.

“Allyson, you’re being ridiculous!” Josh shouted. “Lightstream is just a girl I’ll never know. Nothing serious can even begin to happen between us! But we’ve already been through thick and thin together. We fought the Avengers together, I rescued you from Dr. Doom, I pretty gave you E.G.G if something happens to me, Eileen and Acacia! What about last night even? I loved us, just being together like that.”

“And you left me alone, again!” She shouted, tears in her eyes. “Right when I was gonna tell you something important. It’s clear you don’t care about me. I should have listened to every feeling in my body telling me not to kiss you that day we got together, but I took a chance, and this is how it ended up.”

“It’s not over Allyson! I’ll be better, I’ll spend more time with you, I’ll…” She held up her hand.

“Just stop.” She said. “We have nothing more to offer one another. We’re done Josh. I think it’s better this way anyways. Now you’re not burdened with a secret relationship. You can go do all the things you want without breaking my heart in the process.”

“Allyson… please…” She ran off, wiping away tears, leaving Josh standing, rejected. Eileen came from around the corner.

“Not the best of conversations between you two,” she said. Josh turned.

“You saw that?” He asked.

“Saw it, heard it, a few steps closer I’d have felt it.” Josh sighed and fell against the wall. Eileen folded her arms. “The Skrull Acacia said you were dating an agent. Guessing it was Allyson.”

“Yeah.” Josh said, burying his face in his hands. “I’m such a screw up! If I’d just paid more attention to her…”

“Hey, you can’t beat yourself up, that won’t accomplish anything.”

“Well, she’s gone now.” Josh sighed. “The most amazing girl ever just left me because I took her for granted. Some leader I am.”


“Warning!” Jocasta called, approaching from the Inner Shell. “Syndicate transmission intercepted. Key phrase: Gravity Master detected.”

“Playback.” Josh said, as Jocasta opened her mouth and began to play the transmission.

“We’re busting Gravity Master out tonight.” A Syndicate commander said. “But first we need a distraction. I’m headed downtown with the bomb now. They won’t know what hit them.”

“Bomb!” Josh shouted jumping up. “Oh man, we have to stop them!”

“You go.” Eileen said. “I’ll talk to Allyson for you.”

“Really?” He asked. She winked at him.

“What are friends for?”

“Thank you Eileen!” He said, hugging her. “Alright, Jocasta, get Acacia! We’ve got a bomb to stop!” He rushed off. When Eileen was sure he was gone, she sighed in disappointment.

“Sorry Josh.” She said, unzipping her uniform and revealing her costume. “But Allyson will have to wait. Lightstream has to stop that bomb!” She flew up and away.

* * *

The Syndicate Commander drove into Downtown Chandler with a large black armored truck. He parked it in the shopping plaza. A security guard approached and banged the door.

“Hey! You can’t park that here!” He shouted. The door opened and the Syndicate Commander stepped out. The guard backed up.

“Who’s going to make me move it, you?” He asked. The guard went for his gun but the commander smacked him unconscious. “Guess not.” He opened the back of the truck to reveal a giant bomb. He pressed some buttons and set the timer for two minutes.

“Hey!” He turned to see Josh and Acacia standing on a roof. “How many times do we have to deal with you punks?” Josh asked.

“We will never stop.” He said.

“Then I guess we’ll have to stop you!” Acacia replied. They both jumped off of the roof.

“Distract him!” Josh ordered. “I’ll get the bomb!” The commander rushed forward and Acacia got between him and Josh as Josh rushed past him.

“Don’t think so.” He said, shooting a Taser at Josh. Josh stopped short.

“Aaaazzzztttt!” He screamed and fell to the ground.

“Uncool!” Acacia said. She activated a pair of Power Punch gloves she was wearing and charged at the commander. They locked in combat, as Josh slowly got to his feet. Lightstream landed next to him and helped him up.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Fine, just stunned. Bomb.”

“Right.” They rushed over. Josh examined the bomb.

“Oh boy, okay…” He said. Acacia slammed against the truck.

“Hey, any day you wanna shut down that bomb and help me with this guy, that’d be nice!” She said.

“A little longer Acacia.” Josh said, as she sighed and got back in the fight. “Okay…” He slowly took off a panel and grabbed some wires. He exhaled deeply. Lightstream watched closely.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” She asked.

“Sort of, we’re trained for this…” Josh said, examining the wires. “Ooh boy, okay…”

“There’s a minute left!” Lightstream exclaimed.

“Hey, if you could not pressure me, that’d be great.” Josh studied the wires. Acacia punched the commander. Lightstream anxiously bounced up and down.

“Come on, 35 seconds…” She said.

“Almost…” Josh said.

“Ugh, here, just let me!”

“No, wait! I think I…” Lightstream blasted the wires in the bomb. “Got it.” Suddenly the bomb shook and began to electrocute. Then the timer started going down at twice the speed. “Holy shell! What’d you do!”

“Crap!” She shouted. She flew beneath the truck, then with all of her might, began to lift it. “HHHHHHRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” She screamed as she flew into the air with the truck.

“Whoa!” Josh said, watching her fly into the air. The Syndicate commander was blocking Acacia’s kicks, when he noticed Lightstream flying up with the truck.

“No!” He shouted, punching Acacia and taking out his gun.

“Don’t think so!” Acacia said, trapping him in a force field.

“No! Let me out! This will ruin the plan!”

“Good!” Acacia replied. Lightstream flew higher and higher.

“Come on!” She screamed, going higher as the bomb rapidly counted down: 5-4-3-2-1. With that, there was a thundering crash in the air as the bomb exploded.

“Lightstream!” Josh screamed.

“Oh man!” Acacia said. The commander laughed.

“Looks like a win-lose situation.” He said. “I may not have blown the city, but at least I got Lightstream.”

“No you didn’t, look!” Acacia called. She pointed into the air, where Lightstream was falling back to Earth, smoking.

“She’s in one piece, but is she alright?” Josh asked. Suddenly she crashed down into the ground, making a crater. Josh and Acacia rushed over. She was charred from the explosion and her costume badly damaged. But her eyes began to flutter. She sat up and held her head.

“You’re alright!” Acacia exclaimed.

“Thank goodness!” Josh added. Lightstream looked directly at the commander.

“Impossible…” He said.

“You tried to kill me.” She said, standing up. Her blue eye lenses flashed red. The commander turned to run but Lightstream held out her hand and he stopped in his tracks.

“What the…” He said. Lightstream raised her arm and the commander was lifted into the air.

“Whoa, new powers?” Josh asked. “Sweet. Well, let’s wrap him up and leave him for the cops.”

“Sorry, no cops today.” Lightstream said, her voice sounding as if it were split in two. She balled her hand into a fist and the commander screamed.

“What are you doing to him!” Acacia shouted.

“Aaaaahhhhh!!!!” He screamed as his body slowly began to turn to stone.

“Hey, hey, HEY!” Josh shouted. “That’s enough, let him go!”

“No.” Lightstream said.

“Please! Mercy!” The commander shouted.

“All out of mercy.”

“Lightstream! Let him go!” Acacia shouted.

“Nnnnooooo!!!!” The commander screamed as he was completely turned to stone. Lightstream then opened her hand and the commander shattered into pebbles. Josh stared in disbelief. Acacia clasped her hands over her mouth.

“You… killed him…” She said.

“A meaningless loss.” Lightstream said.

“Are you crazy!” Josh screamed. “Listen, I don’t know where you come from or what rules you live by, but we do not kill! Ever!” Suddenly her eyes flashed back blue. She shook her head.

“No, oh no…” She said. “What have I done?” She flew into the air and was gone. Josh looked at Acacia.

“We’ve got a problem on our hands.” He said.

“Geez, what made her snap like that?” Acacia asked, looking down at the shattered pieces of the commander.

“Honestly Acacia,” Josh said. “I have no idea.”

* * *

Agent Rice was perched on a nearby roof, and had seen the entire battle transpire.

“Uh-oh.” He said. He laid down a briefcase and dialed a number on his cell phone.

“Fury.” Came the answer on the other end.

“Fury, it’s Agent Rice.” Rice said, opening the briefcase. “It’s happening.”

“Now? Darn it, I thought we had more time. Well, that’s very unfortunate. You have your orders agent, execute them immediately.” Rice took a gun out of the briefcase and loaded the clip into it.

“Trust me sir,” he replied. “I intend to.”




See you Thursday

Tune in on Thursday, May 14, for the Q&A for this episode, and then prepare for Part 1 of the 3 part E.G.G Season 2 Finale: The Dark Day, on Friday, May 15! You'll never see what's coming next. See you next week!

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