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E.G.G Episode 65: To Steal and Eileen

Updated on March 16, 2016


Previously, on E.G.G...

The gang traveled to a decommissioned nuclear power plant for a run of the mill weapons demo when all of a sudden a ninja showed up! I know, right! Acacia, discovering the ninja was trained at Cedaren with her, took things a bit personally, while Agent Kyle Rice was the one that engaged the femme fatal in an epic sword-fighting showdown! The ninja, named Shadow by Josh, eventually met the business of a fence spike, but then she mysteriously vanished...

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Episode 65

-To Steal and Eileen-

Eileen walked into her room wrapped in a towel, drying her hair off with another one. She scanned the ground for her slippers, but could not find them.

“Dang it Acacia.” She said. Suddenly she heard something fall. She quickly turned. “James? Are you in here?” She walked over to her dresser and saw that an Agent of the Month Award from her days at S.H.I.E.L.D had fallen to the ground. “Huh, weird.” She said, picking it up and putting it back on the dresser. She opened her top drawer.

“Now then… wait a minute…” She observed the clothes. “I had this blue shirt on the left and this green one the right, how’d they get switched around?” She switched the shirts back and smiled. “There, nice and tidy. Probably just Josh looking for my underwear. Again. But he won’t find it.” She pulled out an E.G.G Uniform and closed her drawer. She stopped. “Then again, if Josh is gonna be raiding my dresser, I should find a safer place to stash the Extremis 3.0.” She opened the drawer back up and began to dig through it.

“Can’t have him finding it and asking questions. Or maybe I’ll just get a lock like Acacia…” She paused. “Where is it?” She began to frantically pull clothes out of her dresser until it was empty, but did not see the vial. “Where the shell did it go!” She put her hands on her head and took a deep breath. “Okay, don’t freak out, do not freak out. Acacia, yeah! She’s the only one that knew where it was, and she can turn invisible! Duh! She was probably the one that knocked my award down. And she took my slippers too!” Eileen walked out of the room.

“When I get my hands on her, I’m…” She stopped. “Whoops, should probably get dressed first.” She ran back to her room. A quick change of clothes later, she marched up to Acacia’s door and banged on it. “Blanco! Open up! Give me my slippers and the you-know-what!” Acacia cracked the door and peeked out.

“What’s the magic word?” She asked.

“Pretty please with sugar on top.” Eileen said. Acacia sighed.

“Okay, here.” She said, handing her the slippers. “But I don’t know what the ‘you-know-what’ is.”

“Yes you do!” Eileen looked around, then leaned in to Acacia’s ear. “The Extremis 3.0.”

“I don’t have that.” Acacia said.

“Quit trying to scare me Acacia, give it here.” Eileen demanded.

“Eileen, I’m serious, I didn’t take it.”

“Look Acacia, if this is some kind of elaborate scheme to force me to get my powers back, I told you I’d do it when I’m good and ready. Now give it to me!”

“Eileen, I swear on every chimichanga I’ve ever eaten that I don’t have the Extremis!” The smile on Eileen’s face slowly faded.

“Then where is it?”

“I don’t know! It was in your room!”

“Oh shell, Acacia, we’ve got to find it.”

“Right, uh, did you ever take it out of the dresser?”

“No! Not once.”

“Maybe it fell into another drawer or something…”

“Right, let’s not blow this out of proportion, we’ll check all around my room first.”

“Okay.” Eileen and Acacia rushed into her room to see James standing there.

“Oh, hello girlfriend of mine!” He said, leaning for a kiss. But Eileen walked past him and began searching the dresser. “Oh, okay then, well just leave me hanging!”

“Excuse me.” Acacia said, moving by him and ripping Eileen’s sheets off of her bed. James frowned.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you guys are looking for something.” He said. Eileen angrily slammed the last drawer shut.

“James, have you been going through my stuff?” She asked in a distressed manner.

“Um… What’s the correct answer to this?” He cautiously replied.

“James, sweetie, this is serious. I need a yes or a no.” James sighed.

“Okay, it wasn’t Westbrook that kept raiding your underwear drawer, it was me. But in my defense, it’s something that men commonly…”

“James, I’m not talking about that!” Eileen interrupted. She held her head and fell into a chair.

“Hey, are you okay?” He asked, kneeling next to her.

“No, no I’m not.” She replied. “I had a vial of Extremis 3.0 in my drawer and now it’s not there.”

“What’s Extremis 3.0?” James asked.

“It’s a newer version of Extremis that Maya Hansen made with my blood.” Eileen replied. “I was keeping it in case I ever wanted to be Lightstream again.”

“And it’s missing?” James asked. Eileen nodded.

“We’ve got to get it back.” Acacia said. “That thing is basically Eileen in a bottle. In the wrong hands, we could end up with some psycho maniac imbued with her powers. Which isn’t good for anyone.”

“Alright, I’ll see what I can piece together from the crime scene.” James said.

“I’ll have Jocasta scan for intruders.” Acacia said, rushing out of the room.

“Eileen, you should make sure it was none of the other agents.” James suggested.

“Right, okay.” She replied, standing up.

“Hey,” James said, grabbing her shoulder. “It’s gonna be okay. We’ll find it.”

“Thank you James.” Eileen said, kissing him on the cheek. James nodded and walked over to her dresser. Eileen sighed.

“I really hope it’s still on the Peak.” She said as she got up and left.

* * *

In the training room, Josh fell hard onto the mat.

“Ow…” He said, holding his head.

“Come on, get up.” Agent Brand said, approaching him and holding out her hand.

“I can’t take it Abs!” Josh exclaimed. “You throw too hard!”

“Do it right, and I won’t have to keep showing you how it’s done.” She replied. “Now come on. Try it again.” Josh sighed and stood up.

“Okay…” He said. He put one hand on Brand’s shoulder and grabbed her wrist with the other. “And then…” He put his leg behind hers. “Now… throw!” He tripped Brand on his leg and pushed her down, but then subsequently fell on top of her. “Agh! It’s not possible!”

“I just did it to you a hundred times, so clearly it is. Now get up and I’ll show you again.”

“I actually think I’m fine where I am.” Josh said, smiling.

“Get off me!” Brand ordered, shoving him off.

“Geez, touchy, touchy.” Just then Kyle walked in with a Fighting Stick.

“I smell training.” He said.

“Yeah, well you can go smell it in that corner.” Josh replied. “Me and Abs got the mat.”

“Ridiculous, he can train with us.” Brand replied, wiping her forehead with a towel.

“No! I just want it to be you and me!” Josh complained.

“Why? So you can make another pass at me? No thank you.”

“He’s been hitting you?” Kyle asked.

“The entire time.” Brand replied.

“Can you blame me!” Josh exclaimed. “She’s totally hot! And the training gear does not lie! Why do you think I call her Abs?”

“See what I mean?” She asked, grabbing two more Fighting Sticks and tossing Josh one.

“Yeah.” Kyle answered. “Have some dignity about you Westbrook.”

“I’ll show you dignity! Yaaaaa!!!!!” He charged at Kyle only to get whacked into a wall. “Ouch! Why do you two hit so hard!” Acacia suddenly rushed past the room. Josh looked after her curiously. “Where’s she going?”

“Stay focused Westbrook.” Brand said.

“Actually, I’m gonna take five. You two hug it out. And don’t be hittin’ on my lady.” Josh ran after Acacia.

“I have a girlfriend!” Kyle called after him.

“And I’m not your lady!” Brand added. Acacia ran into the Inner Shell, where Jocasta was overseeing things.

“Jocasta.” She called. Jocasta turned.

“Oh, hello Acacia.” She greeted. “How may I be of service?”

“I need you to do a base wide scan for intruders.” Acacia replied.

“Do you think we have been compromised?” She asked.

“Well, I’m not sure. I’m looking for something, I just gotta rule that option out.”

“Whatcha lookin’ for?” Josh asked, as Acacia quickly turned.

“I, um, uh, noting.” She replied.

“You just told Jocasta you were looking for something.” Josh said.

“I know, but, I’m not… looking for… a thing… or… I…”

“The truth is easier.”

“You can’t handle the truth!”

“No intruders detected.” Jocasta said.

“Intruders?” Josh asked.

“It’s nothing!” Acacia replied.

“But I did find an abnormality within the base.” Jocasta continued.

“Like what?” Josh asked.

“Spatial and density displacement.”

“Are you trying to tell me that someone invisible is walking through walls?” Josh laughed. “Like a ghost?” Acacia froze.

“Jocasta, bring up the S.H.I.E.L.D enemy database, particularly the ones with invisibility and intangibility.”

“Searching… Enemy matches found. Top result: The Ghost.” Josh frowned.

“Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that the Ghost is on E.G.G Station!?”

“Oh shell…” Acacia replied. “Jocasta, I want the base on lockdown, high alert, no one in or out, now!”

“Initiating.” Jocasta said, as alarms started blaring.

“INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!” The intercom blared, as metal panels covered the windows and all of the doors were sealed shut. “All personal are required to scan their access cards for access within the base. Repeat, all personal…”

“What did he take Acacia?” Josh shouted over the alarm.

“Hopefully nothing.” She replied. The door opened and Brand ran through with Kyle, as it immediately closed behind them.

“What the shell is going on?” Brand asked.

“We have reason to believe the Ghost is on E.G.G Station.” Acacia replied.

“Oh great.” Brand sighed. “There goes my quiet evening. All right, I’ll go lock down the Peak, you guys keep an eye out.”

“We need to make sure he doesn’t get off the station.” Acacia said.

“Good thinking.” Josh replied. “Abs, position your men at the hangar and teleporter. Those are his only ways out. Jocasta, I need you to search for those distortions again and get me a location.”

“Affirmative.” Jocasta replied.

“All right, good luck.” Brand said, rushing off.

“Why is he here?” Kyle asked.

“He was probably hired to steal E.G.G or S.W.O.R.D secrets,” Josh answered. “That’s his MO, hired thief/assassin.”

“Then we should check the Hall of E.G.G.” Kyle suggested.

“Good idea! You have those from time to time.” Josh said, as they rushed off. “Acacia, follow Jocasta’s lead!” Acacia sighed deeply.

“Alright, Jocasta, keep up your search and lead the way.” She said.

“Very well.” Jocasta said, leading Acacia down the hall. She turned a corner and bumped into Eileen and James.

“Acacia, what’s going on?” Eileen asked.

“You’re not gonna like it…” Acacia replied. Just then, an invisible figure emerged from the ground behind Jocasta. He made himself visible, revealing a man in white combat armor with a metal mask covering his face, a hood, and an arsenal of weapons, from sniper rifles to grenades. Eileen and James jumped back.

“Jocasta watch out!” Eileen screamed. Jocasta and Acacia turned just as the man, using his intangibility, reached inside of Jocasta.

“We can’t have you giving away my position.” He said in a menacing voice. “Now can we?” He pulled various wires out of Jocasta’s body, causing her to electrocute and shut down.

“No!” Acacia shouted.

“Be seeing ya.” He said, as he phased through the wall and was gone.

“That was the Ghost!” Eileen exclaimed. “Please tell me he doesn’t have the Extremis!”

“I could tell you, but that wouldn’t really make it true.” Acacia said.

“Oh no…” Eileen cried. James grabbed her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch him.” He said.

“How?” Eileen said. “He can turn invisible, and walks through walls!”

“Yeah, and on top of that, Jocasta didn’t upload back into the base in time.” Acacia said. “Without her, we have no way of tracking the Ghost and it would take too long to repair her.”

“Then we cover the exits.” James said. “It’s our best bet.”

“Okay.” Eileen agreed. The three of them took off.

"We have reason to believe the Ghost is on E.G.G Station."
"We have reason to believe the Ghost is on E.G.G Station."

* * *

“Everything’s here.” Jake said to Josh and Kyle as they browsed the shelves of the Hall of E.G.G. “If anything went missing it’d have shown up in my inventory log.”

“Alright, thanks Jake the loser logger.” Josh said.


“Because you log data now.”

“Loggers cut down trees.”

“Get out!” Jake rolled his eyes and left. “Alright, so if he wasn’t after anything in here, maybe some secure files?”

“I just used S.H.I.E.L.D’s virus detection software on the systems.” Kyle said, tapping a small device on his wrist. “There’s been no attempted hacks or intrusions.”

“So what does he want!”

“I think Acacia knows and isn’t telling.” Kyle replied.

“Then we punch the truth out of her!” Josh exclaimed.

“Or we focus on catching the Ghost and find out what he stole.”

“… Right, that works too.” They both walked out of the Hall of E.G.G just as the Ghost walked through a wall. They all stopped and looked at each other.

“Excuse me,” Ghost said. “Which way to the hangar?”

“Get him!” Josh shouted. He and Kyle ran forward.

“Okay then.” Ghost growled. He kicked Josh who hit the door to the Hall of E.G.G and fell unconscious. He swung at Kyle but Kyle caught his fist and kneed him in the gut. The Ghost spun and struck with his elbow, but Kyle blocked and kicked him in the back of the leg.

“Agh!” Ghost exclaimed as Kyle got him in a chokehold.

“It’s over Ghost!” He declared.

“Not really.” Ghost replied as he phased backwards through Kyle.

“What the-” Kyle began as Ghost hit him in the back of the head and ran through the wall. Kyle groaned and stood up as Josh came to.

“What happened?” Josh asked.

“He got away.” Kyle said. “Do you know how to stop him from going through things?”

“Electricity has had limited success in stopping phasers from, well, phasing.”

“Good, then grab a Lightstream’s Kiss from in there and let’s head him off.”

“Where’s he going?”

“He told us.” Kyle walked into the Hall of E.G.G. Josh thought for a bit.

“Oooohhhhh, okay.” Kyle tossed him a Lightstream’s Kiss and they both ran for the hangar.

* * *

Eileen crept through the halls, her Widow Stings primed.

“Where are you…” She whispered. She rounded the corner and as she did, saw Ghost come from the other end of the hall.

“Whoops.” He said, turning around.

“Come back here!” Eileen shouted, chasing after him. She activated her earpiece. “James, he’s coming towards you.” James turned to the Ghost running towards him.

“I got him!” He replied.

“Uh, no you don’t.” Ghost said, running completely through James.

“Gah! He phased! Acacia!” Acacia rushed down the hall, in pursuit of the Ghost.

“He won’t get away from me!” She said.

“You sure about that?” Ghost asked. Acacia shot a stream of fire at him. He jumped back as she used her regulators and trapped him in a circle. “Yeah, that’s real cute.” He said

“Give me the vial.” Acacia demanded.

“Listen, this is pointless.” Ghost said. “I’m gonna get away. It’s inevitable. Just make it easier on yourself and help me out.”

“Never.” Acacia growled. “Now give me what you stole!”

“Eh, suit yourself.” Just then the Ghost vanished. Acacia gasped and looked around. Then she sighed.

“He went invisible on me.” She said into her earpiece as she dropped the fire circle. “I have no clue where he went.”

“Shell it!” Eileen shouted.

“It’s all right, we’ll get him.” James said. “We just gotta find him…”

* * *

Josh and Kyle were making their way through the Peak when Josh stopped.

“What is it?” Kyle asked.

“Just keep moving, I gotta check something.” Josh said. Kyle nodded and kept going. Josh walked into the Medical Bay where he found Kristen hiding under her desk. “Kristen, are you okay?”

“Yeah, fine.” She replied, standing up. “What’s with all the alarms and the lockdown?”

“We have an intruder.” Josh said. “I just wanted to make sure he didn’t take anything from here.”

“No one’s been in or out, and all my stuff is accounted for.” Kristen replied. Josh looked towards the Enchantress.

“Amora hasn’t been tampered with?”

“No, she hasn’t been touched.”

“Okay, head to your room, don’t come out until the coast is clear.”

“Alright.” Kristen gathered some things and rushed to her room. Josh stood over Amora.

“You didn’t see anything, did you?”

“Hushaming….” She mumbled.

“Yeah, he is coming, I know.” Suddenly Josh felt a gun in the back of his head.

“She got foresight or something?” The Ghost asked from behind him.

“I don’t think she was talking about you.” Josh replied.

“Well then that was perfect timing.”

“What do you want Ghost?”

“You’re gonna escort me to that nice fancy teleporter you’ve got. Either that or I blow your head off.”

“Um, people are gonna see you aiming a gun at my head!”

“Haha, you’re slow aren’t you? You know, there’s a reason they call me Ghost.” With that, he turned invisible. “Now move.” Josh put his hands up and began walking. Ghost sighed. “Put your hands down.”

“Sorry, force of habit.” Josh said as he walked out of the Medical Bay. He was walking down the hall when Kyle approached him.

“The hangar’s secure.” He said. “Even if he wanted to escape he couldn’t, the ships are all locked down.”

“That’s nice…” Josh nervously replied.

“We need to keep scouting, Agent Brand has the teleporter under control.”

“…Okay… Just keep going, I’ll catch up.” Kyle squinted suspiciously.

“Are you okay.”

“Peachy. Just… go finish doing whatever.”


“Please leave me alone Rice!” Josh began to speed walk.

“Hey!” Kyle rushed after him. Josh ran into a room and tried to close the door but Kyle caught it. “What’s you’re deal!”

“Dude, seriously, just go, I’ll explain…”

“This is taking too long.” The Ghost said.

“What the-” Kyle took out his gun. “Where are you?”

“Hm, what is it that ghosts say?” Ghost asked. Kyle quickly turned.


“Oh yeah.” Ghost appeared in front of Kyle with a shotgun. “Boo.” He blasted Kyle square in the chest.

“Gah!” Kyle screamed, as he fell to the ground.

“Kyle!” Josh shouted. Ghost pushed him.

“Keep moving.” He ordered. Josh desperately looked back as they left the room, Kyle lying on the ground.

“You’re crazy, you know that Ghost!” Josh growled.

“Crazy? No, I’m just driven. I’m being paid a lot of money to do this job and I’d appreciate it if you stopped trying to screw it up.”

“Who’s paying you? What’d you steal?”

“All information I’d love to divulge to you, but unfortunately part of my contract is dependent upon my silence in the matter, and, well, let’s just say my client’s not the kind of guy you wanna breach a contract with.” Josh walked into the bridge of the Peak, where Agent Brand and about 20 other agents were guarding the teleporter.

“What are you doing here Westbrook?” Brand asked. “You’re supposed to be helping Agent Rice locate the Ghost.”

“Yeah, I am, I am…” Josh said. He walked over to the control panel.

“May I ask what you’re doing?” Brand asked. Josh began to sweat.

“I… uh… wanna teleport down… to get some… Burger King…”

“Westbrook, the Peak is in lockdown! You aren’t using the teleporter for stupid stuff like that.”

“The Ghost is right behind me!” Josh blurted.

“You idiot.” The Ghost replied, revealing himself.

“Take him down, NOW!” Brand ordered. All agents opened fire as Josh dove for cover and the Ghost phased into the floor.

“Where did he-” Brand began when suddenly he came up and punched her across the jaw. “Agh!” She screamed as she fell.

“Get him!” An agent called, as they continued to fire. The Ghost took out two guns, crossed his arms, jumped, and twisted in the air, shooting left and right as he did. He landed on his feet, guns steaming, as all of the agents fell to the ground severely wounded.

“You’re lucky boys.” He said, walking to the control panel. “I only kill people when I’m paid to.” He reached behind it and pulled Josh out by the collar, who had been hiding there the whole time. “Or if they piss me off.”

“Please, what do you want from me!” Josh begged. Ghost slammed Josh’s head against the panel.

“Activate it!” He yelled.

“Okay, okay!” Josh began to type into the panel.

“Step away from the teleporter!” They both turned to see Kyle at the doorway.

“Didn’t I shoot you?” Ghost asked, walking towards him.

“Guess I’m back from the dead.” Kyle replied, moving towards Ghost.

“Haha, sorry pal, but there’s only room for one ghost around here.” Ghost punched Kyle, then spun and kicked him in the back of the leg. Kyle fell to one knee, and the Ghost came in for a kick but Kyle caught his leg and flipped him over. Ghost fell back and into the floor.

“You gonna keep doing that?” Kyle asked, taking out a Lightstream’s Kiss.

“Yep.” Ghost replied from somewhere within the room. Josh looked around nervously. Suddenly the Ghost appeared behind Kyle with a dagger.

“Rice!” Josh shouted. Kyle quickly spun and slid back on the ground, the Ghost barely missing him.

“Take this!” Kyle shouted, pulling the trigger, only for nothing to happen. He looked at the gun. “What the shell!” Ghost laughed.

“Looks like you…” Ghost began when suddenly Josh came from behind and grabbed his shoulder. “What the?” Josh grabbed his wrist with the other hand.

“And then…” He put his leg behind Ghost’s. “Now… throw!” He tripped Ghost on his leg and pushed him down. Ghost fell into a chair. “Ha! I did it! Abs would be so…”

“Why isn’t this working!” Kyle shouted.

“Did you just pull the trigger?”


“No you pea brain! You’ve gotta twist the dial, squeeze the jig, then pull the trigger!”

“Twist the… do the…” Kyle looked all over the gun. “What?”

“Dial, jig, trigger! Dial, jig, trigger! It’s not that hard!”

“What the shell is a jig!?!?” Just then Ghost jumped up and punched Josh.

“Gah!” Josh shouted, hitting the wall.

“I’m done!” Ghost shouted, taking out his guns. “This ends now!”

“Oh for the love of…” Kyle kneed the gun and broke off the front half. He took out his collapsed bow staff and crammed it into the opening. He pulled the trigger, and the energy channeled through the staff and launched a stream of lightning, right into the Ghost.

“Yaaaazzzzzaaaagggghhhh!” Ghost screamed as he fell to his knees. Kyle threw the gun down and approached, as Ghost stood up, his armor sparking.

“Nice try…” He said. “But you think that’s gonna stop me?” He dropped onto the floor. “What the?” He stood up and fell back onto the floor. “I can’t phase!”

“Doesn’t that suck.” Kyle said. And with that, he reared back his fist, and delivered a powerful uppercut, knocking the Ghost unconscious. “And yeah, I ain’t afraid of no Ghost.”

“No!” Josh shouted, standing up. “No! No! No! I was so gonna use that line! I had it queued up and everything!”

“Well you should’ve got the finishing blow.” Kyle replied. Josh growled under his breath.

“How did you not die!”

“Kevlar. Now then.” Kyle grabbed the vial of Extremis 3.0 on the Ghost’s belt. “What do we have here…”

“Mine!” Eileen shouted, quickly snatching it from him as James and Acacia came right behind her. “Thank you, Agent Rice. I’ll be sure to keep it safe.”

“What is it?” Kyle asked.

“And why did somebody hire the Ghost to take it?” Josh added.

“It’s, um…” Acacia motioned for them to come closer. They leaned in and she whispered into their ears.

“Oh! Ah!” Kyle shouted, backing up in disgust.

“Dude, that’s nasty!” Josh replied. “Why would you even make something like that?”

“I have my reasons.” She replied. “Ghost must’ve mistook it for your Anti-Venom or something.”

“Right, sure.” Josh said.

“Where is the Ghost by the way?” James asked.

“He’s right…” Kyle looked to see that the Ghost was gone. He sighed. “There.” Brand suddenly sat up.

“What’s the…” She looked around. “Oh. Did we get him?”

“Yeah.” Josh said. “It’s over.” Eileen breathed a sigh of relief.

“Alright, I’m gonna head back to my room now…” She said, walking out with Acacia. “Hey, what’d you tell them was in the vial?” Acacia leaned in and whispered in Eileen’s ear. Eileen smiled.

“Acacia you devious little you!” She replied.

“I know, I try!” Acacia beamed. “Now, let’s put this where no one can find it. Like inside of you.” Eileen stopped.

“Acacia, listen…” She sighed. “You were right. I’ve been avoiding getting my powers back. It’s just… That monster I turned into… Darkstream… Do you know what it’s like to not be in control of your own body? I was scared, terrified. I… I just need a little more time. Can you understand that?” Acacia smiled and hugged Eileen.

“I understand.” She said. “But just know that I’m always here for you.”

“I know Acacia, I know.” Eileen said. “And thank you.” They both walked off.


A S.W.O.R.D space cruiser landed in a grassy field, and the Ghost kicked out of it.

“Well that was too close for comfort.” He said. He activated his communicator on his wrist. “Doom?”

“Were you successful?” Dr. Doom asked from the other end.

“Uh, yeah, no. Sorry, mission scratched. I’ll refund your down payment in 3 to 5 business days.” Doom sighed.

“As expected.”

“Hold up, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I knew you would fail. We have no further business to discuss.”

“Now you wait just a second!” Suddenly the communicator cut out. “Doom? Doom? Agh, whatever! I didn’t even want to be part of his stupid group anyways.” He began to walk through the grass. “I’m just gonna join the Master of Doom. At least they don’t completely suck.” Ghost stopped. He looked around. “Yeah… I have no clue where I am.” He fell into the grass, and stayed there the rest of the day.

See you tomorrow!

Make sure you come back tomorrow for Episode 3 of the epic new series: Masters of Doom!


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