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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 12 (And a Big Announcement!)

Updated on October 23, 2014

Age of Ultron Trailer!

First, some Big News!

Alright, so in light of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer hitting the web yesterday (watch it above), I think that it is finally time to announce E.G.G’s first big event! Season 1 truly takes a turn for the awesome in…

That’s right! Your favorite eggheads will go up against the one and only super team that redefines awesome, The Avengers! But wait, E.G.G are the guys! And the Avengers are heroes! Why are they going to fight? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. Good news, you only have to wait ONE WEEK! That’s right, next week on October 31 is the beginning of the 3-part E.G.G event: Avengers v.s E.G.G! So make sure you tune in for all out action and adventure! You really don’t want to miss this!


This Q&A contains spoilers for E.G.G Episode 12: Hustled. If you have not read it yet, please click here to do so now.


It was just another normal day at E.G.G when all of a sudden the Hypno-Hustler showed up! After failing to subdue him, the eggheads figured out that the only way to beat Hypno was to engage him in an E.G.G Epic Rap Battle! Lines were rapped, disses were thrown, but in the end, E.G.G proved that they could throw down harder than the Hypno-Hustler could ever dream! Meanwhile, Acacia gained some headway on the mystery Madness left her in Episode 10. And she seemed pretty shaken by the results…


“The name’s Hypno-Hustler, no Julian here,” He said, twisting on his feet. “Now drop to yo knees, and tremble in fear!”

“Waste him!” Josh shouted. All of them drew their guns and began to fire. But the Hypno-Hustler’s moves were too smooth. He moon walked, do-si-doed, and electric slid around each and every bullet. Eileen stepped forward and shot lighting at him, but he broke danced out of the way.

“Step out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat!” He said. “The only way to take me down is to spin a phat beat!”

* * *

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Worst. Villain. Ever. I mean, just watch Josh’s Threat Assessment! He’s clearly a joke. So why put him in? Well, I really wanted a fun episode of E.G.G, one where the bad guy wasn’t a threat, but still put up a challenge. The Hypno-Hustler was just too perfect! I tweaked him a little bit, as some of you may know from his comic counterpart, but he’s essentially the same character. Also, the idea of a rap battle was so funny, and I couldn’t not do it! Thus, ridiculous stuff like this happens.

Mercy Killers


Oh, so you got another brother on the team!

Alright, this might not be as easy as it seems.

But the Hypno-Hustler always has answers!

Why don’t you say hello to my backup dancers!

Mercy Killers:

Hypno-Hustler’s moves are too smooth,

Go ahead and try to throw off his groove!

Better make way for the king of R and B!

Check him out right here, or on MTV!

.* *.*

Ah, the Hypno-Hustlers lovely ladies, the Mercy Killers. In the comics, Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy Killers used their hypnotizing voices to dupe their audience out of all of their valuables. Luckily Spider-Man was on the scene. They’re pretty much a whole act, so I just had to put the Mercy Killers in there if I was gonna use the Hypno-Hustler!

The Riddle Continues!

Acacia walked into the alley. She leaned against the wall.

“I have a problem,” she said. “I ordered my eggs scrambled.”

“But I got ‘em sunny side up.” Came the voice of Clay Quartermain as he emerged from the shadows.

“Good to see you Clay.” Acacia said, embracing him.

“Likewise.” He replied.

“So what’d you find?”

“Well, the message was seek the heart in the everlasting dominion, right?”


“And you said Terry told you.”


“Right, so with that logic, I went to his room and you’ll never guess what I found.”

“What?” With that Quartermain took out a S.H.I.E.L.D file with the word classified across it.

“Behind a picture on the wall.” He said. Acacia looked up.

“The picture of Fumiko…” She remembered.

“Yeah, the heart.”

“But that still doesn’t explain the everlasting dominion…”

“Hey, one riddle at a time, startin’ with that there file.” Acacia began to open it but Quartermain stopped her.

“You might not like some of the things you see in there.” Acacia took a deep breath,

“I’m a big girl. I can take it.” She opened the file. Then she gasped.

“Clay, is that…”

“Yep.” Acacia closed the file.

“Then we’re in more trouble than I thought.”

.* * *

Okay, so let’s break down what we know: Madness is a demon that came to Acacia and delivered the riddle: Seek the heart in the Everlasting Dominion. He also told her to tell a woman named Fumiko… Well, we don’t know what he wanted Acacia to tell he because she knows him so well that she already knew. She knows him so well, because Madness apparently used to be called Terry, and apparently used to be Acacia’s partner. So, Acacia worked the riddle and came up with S.H.I.E.L.D. Then she goes to Clay Quartermain and asks him to look into it. He comes back with this file that he found behind a picture of this Fumiko woman, which Acacia identified as the heart, and whatever was in it creeped her the shell out. What does it all mean! Sorry, but you’ll have to wait and see!

Next Episode

Josh wakes up to find that everything he ever wanted is happening before his eyes! Could this be a new day for E.G.G? Or is this too good to be true? Find out tomorrow, October 24, in E.G.G Episode 13: The White Queen! And don’t forget, the big E.G.G Season 1 event, Avengers v.s E.G.G on Halloween day!

So, who’s pumped for Avengers v.s E.G.G!!!!

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