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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 21

Updated on January 8, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 21: E.G.G Reborn. If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


It's been only a short while since their battle with Dr. Doom, and E.G.G is back in action! With their base destroyed, friends dead, and all but nothing left, E.G.G relocates to Chandler, Arizona, where they start all over again! After a daring daylight battle with the criminal known as Gyro-Man, E.G.G retreats back to their underground base, where they've been reborn. Celeste, Fumiko's now orphan daughter is under the care of Acacia, and misbehaving a bit. Josh is still secretly dating Allyson. Jocasta's new body still isn't built, and E.G.G made a vow. A vow stating that they would never again give in to the forces of evil.

What's with that 'Previously'?

Some of you may have noticed that the 'Previously, on E.G.G...' portion looked a bit different. As in it was formatted like a little girl's diary. Actually, it was formatted as Spider-Man 2099 reading and commenting on a little girl's diary. Well, I don't know what's happening. Of course though, you know I do and I'm just playing hard ball. Just pay really close attention to these diary entries, and to who's reading them...

Gyro Man's like Big Wheel... except he's in a giant gyro ball...
Gyro Man's like Big Wheel... except he's in a giant gyro ball...

Gyro Man

Chandler Boulevard, one of the two largest streets in the city, however, was not calm. Because there was a man inside of a giant gyro ball composed of rotating rings rolling down the street, pancaking cars and damaging buildings. In hot pursuit was Joshua Westbrook, Director of E.G.G. He flew a short distance away on a jet pack, Repulsor Blaster in hand.

“You’re not getting away from me again Gyro Man!” He shouted to the man in the ball. “You still owe me 10 bucks!”

“Well then come and get me, Westbrook!” Gyro Man shouted, as he turned down another road. Josh growled under his breath.

“Typical super villains, never wanna do things the easy way!” He activated his earpiece. “Eileen, you copy?”

“Yeah, I copy,” She said, standing a ways down the road from the chase.

“Gyro Man is coming your way, set the trap!”

“You got it.” Eileen aimed a Thwip Blaster and shot a strand to a wall across the street. She connected the other end to a wall behind her. “Trap is laid.” She said.

“Good, let’s end this!” Josh said, blasting at the gyro ball. Gyro Man laughed as he moved the ball left and right, avoiding Josh’s fire.

“You’ll never take me ali- what?” He shouted, spotting the web line. Thinking fast, he pulled up on the two levers he was using to control the ball, and it jumped into the air over the web. “Haha! You can’t stop me!”

“Dang it!” Josh said. “Acacia, execute plan B, now!”

“Plan B in action.” Acacia said from a nearby roof. “You know this guy is lamest villain since Big Wheel, right?”

“At least Big Wheel has the dignity enough to roll around in a giant wheel instead of a ball.” Eileen replied.

“And he also doesn’t cheat people out of their money!” Josh added. “He steals it, like classic villain!” Gyro Man continued to roll down the street, people dodging for their dear lives.

* * *

So I was in the mall one day, and my friend wanted to go inside of this giant ball, made up of a bunch of rings, and the guys spins you around in it. Well, it was 5 bucks a person, and I gave him a 20. We got in, he rolled us around, and we left. Later that night, I wanted to buy a book, and reached into my wallet only to find that I was out all my money! That jerk with the gyro ball never gave me my $10 in change! So, what do I do? I make him a super villain in E.G.G. Hey, we all have coping mechanisms! Either way, he isn't an actual Marvel villain for the grubbers spamming Wikipedia and saying "It doesn't compute!" I made him up. I'm allowed to do that! I mean, I referenced Big Wheel, isn't that enough for you people! Anyway, Gyro Man won't be a problem anymore, because he was taken into custody by the police. Or was he?

E.G.G Base

Then he took out his ID card scanned it across a little light in the elevator. It beeped. Then suddenly the elevator started moving down. It went for a while, then stopped, and opened to a whole new world. E.G.G Base, the new base of operations. Agents moved about through the corridors of the underground base. Multiple computer terminals sat along the walls, agents at each one. The base separated into tunnels that lead to different areas, each one labeled. And lastly, there was giant S.H.I.E.L.D logo painted on the floor. Josh walked into what was now the Inner Shell.

“Welcome back.” Jocasta’s voice came from the walls.

“Hello Jocasta,” Josh said. “I trust things went well?”

* * *

Well, it ain't no Mother Egg, but Viper blew that up, and I doubt Fury wants to shell (haha) out the cash for another one. So, where are they now? In some dank underground tunnels under the Chandler Public Library. And for the people who live in Chandler, Arizona, screaming "There aren't tunnels under the Chandler Public Library!" Well, Asgard isn't in Oklahoma, there isn't an Inhuman city called Attilan in the Himalayas, and there's no Savage Land in Antarctica. So leave me alone! Anyway, this new E.G.G Base is a bit harder to find (since it isn't a giant flying metal egg) and allows for E.G.G to carry out more covert ops while still making all kinds of fun weapons!

Celeste Aoki

Acacia entered Celeste’s room. She was laying her bed reading a book. She looked up.

“Auntie Acacia!” She beamed. Acacia cringed.

“Just Acacia, Celeste.” She said. “Auntie makes me sound old.”

“Okay Auntie Acacia.” Acacia sighed, then smiled.

“Alright you, sit up. We’ve gotta talk.” Acacia sat next to Celeste on her bed. “Jocasta told me what you did.” Celeste looked away sheepishly. “You know it was wrong, don’t you?”

“I’m sorry Auntie Acacia,” She said. “I won’t do it again, I promise.” Acacia looked at her.

“Now listen, I know both of your parents were in the spy game, and some things might have trickled down to you. You’re gifted, Celeste. But you’ve gotta only use your talents for good, and helping others, understand? No more overriding Jocasta’s protocols. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Especially if it’s wrong. Okay?”

“Okay,” Celeste said. Acacia. Acacia smiled.

“Good.” She kissed Celeste on the cheek. “Now go wash up and get ready for dinner.” Celeste jumped up excitedly.

“Okay!” She said, rushing off to the nearest bathroom.

* * *

Yes, the agents of E.G.G are now officially license babysitters! Well, she's 12, but still, now there's a kid on board! I guess they'd better work on dropping a few less shell bombs! But with her father dead long before E.G.G started, and Fumiko killed at the hands of Dr. Doom, Acacia is more than willing to take Celeste in and raise her on her own. But if she keeps hacking Jocasta to get cookies, she may need a time out or two! And yes, the diary entry at the beginning is hers. If you aren't smart enough to have pieced it together yet.

The Vow!

E.G.G Vow of Justice

We, the Experimental Government Gadgets division of S.H.I.E.L.D, vow that from this day forth, we will not give way to hatred, injustice, or the forces of evil. We will fight until our last breath to protect liberty, freedom, and above all, justice. And we’ll make weapons too!

Joshua Westbrook

Eileen Wuthrich

Acacia Blanco

* * *

Acacia gave it 2 weeks. I give it 2 days. What? E.G.G's always getting into trouble! You should know that after an entire first season! But hey, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's see just how long this lasts!

Next Episode

We've known for a while that Acacia has a boyfriend, now we finally figure out who it is! But is this a simple visit, or will he bring a slew of trouble with him? Not only that, but a bad family tie has Josh on the offensive, big time! Tune in tomorrow, January 9, for E.G.G Episode 22: It's Not Easy Being Green!

What a season premiere episode! You tuning in to Episode 22?

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See You Tomorrow!

Remember after you read Episode 22, post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, January 15!


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