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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 22

Updated on January 22, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 22: It's Not Easy Being Green. If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


When Eileen finds Acacia crying her eyes out, she discovers it's because Acacia has a boyfriend (who knew?) and he's in danger. After finally convincing Josh to let him stay in E.G.G Base, his mind is quickly changed when he discovers that Acacia's boyfriend is none other than Harry Osborn, son of the Green Goblin! After a series of arguments, the danger pursuing Harry eventually reveals itself: The villain known as the terrible Taskmaster! E.G.G goes up to stop him, but stands no chance as he uses their own moves against them! Finally, Harry shows up and sacrifices everything in a daring rescue! After it's all said and done, Taskmaster is taken in, Acacia and Harry can be happy together, and Josh discovers an empty vial of Globulin Green...

What's with that mysterious audio log?

I don't know. It is pretty mysterious, isn't it?

Acacia's boyfriend is Harry Osborn! And Josh doesn't like that...

Suddenly the elevator dinged. It opened and Acacia stepped out smiling.

“Josh, Eileen,” she said. “I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend: Harry Osborn!”

“Hey,” He said, coming out of the elevator. Josh’s jaw dropped.

“Hi Harry,” Eileen said, shaking his hand. “Nice to meet you. You’re a billionaire, right?”

“Millionaire,” he said modestly. “But yeah, I am. Head of Oscorp Industries.”

“Harry… Osborn…” Josh said. “Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn, better known to most of the world as the Green Goblin! Are you serious Acacia!” He drew his gun and Harry backed up.

“Josh, what the shell are you doing!” Acacia shouted.

“You just walked the Green Goblin’s son into my E.G.G Base!”

“Josh, put the gun down.” Eileen said.

“I’m not a bad guy,” Harry said. “And neither is my dad, he’s just sick.”

“Yeah, sick, okay.” Josh said. “That explain why he flies out on a bat glider and attacks Spider-Man every time he gets out of prison!”

“That bug is the reason he went crazy!” Harry defended. “If it weren’t for him, I’d still have a dad!”

“Spider-Man is a hero, he protects people from that maniac.”

“That ‘maniac’ is my father you jerk!”

“Okay!” Eileen said, lowering Josh’s gun. “How about we all cool down here.” Josh put his gun away and pulled away from Eileen.

“I want him off my E.G.G Base,” He said, storming off to his room. Eileen sighed. Acacia looked at Harry.

* * *

Well, unless you simple haven't been paying attention, then it's no surprise that Josh is a big Spidey fan! So you see, he's gonna have a problem when you walk the son of Spider-Man's greatest nemesis into his base. But hold on, what the what? Acacia's boyfriend is rich kid Harry Osborn! Now, we have no idea how or when this happened, but don't worry, stick around and you'll figure out. As we can see, Josh and Eileen didn't even know Acacia even had a boyfriend! Of course you guys did, if you read the epilogue to Episode 11. If you didn't know, then once again, pay attention.

Josh v.s Harry

Josh walked into the Inner Shell, where Acacia and Harry were rubbing noses. Josh scrunched his face.

“Disgusting,” he said. “Look at her fraternizing with the enemy!” Eileen nudged him forward. He cleared his throat and they both looked at him. “Hey, uh, listen Osborn, Eileen says I should get to know you before I make any horrible accusations so… yeah.”

“Thanks,” Harry said. “I really appreciate that.”

“No problem.” Josh said. They stood for a few seconds. “So… What’s your favorite color?”


“Wow! You see, this is exactly what I’m talking about!”

“I can’t help my favorite color!”

“Yeah, well ya wanna know mine? Blue and red, Spider-Man’s colors!”

“Um, excuse me,” Acacia said. “Can we refrain from using the S word, it makes Harry uncomfortable.” Josh’s eye twitched.

“The S word!” He growled. “I will not refrain from using MY favorite hero’s name in MY headquarters! I’ll say it all day! Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man!” Harry clenched his fist and got in Josh’s face.

“Say his name, one more time.” He growled. Josh inhaled.

“Spider-Man.” With that, Harry punched Josh square across the jaw. Eileen gasped.

“Harr-bear!” Acacia shouted in astonishment. Josh sat up and rubbed his lip.

“Why I oughta…”

“Bring it Director!” Harry said, rolling up his sleeves.

* * *

Ooooohhhhhh!!!!! Them's fightin' words! Harry straight up punched Josh! Of course, though, Josh was using the 'S' word. But in all reality, it's clear that Josh and Harry don't like each other. Even when they make up in the end of the episode, you just know that tension this intense doesn't just go away.

Josh's Threat Assessment of the Taskmaster

The Terrible Taskmaster

“And what are you supposed to be?” He asked. “Rent-a-heroes?”

“Rent-a-hero this!” Josh said. He rushed at Taskmaster. He punched, punched, then kicked. Taskmaster dodged each one. Then he punched Josh, punched him again, then kicked him. Josh slid back. “No way…” Acacia and Eileen charged. Acacia did a spin kick but Taskmaster ducked under, then he caught Eileen’s karate chop and spin kicked her. Acacia began to punch, but he karate chopped her.

“He’s using our own moves against us!” Eileen shouted.

“Here’s one I’m sure he doesn’t know!” Josh said, getting up.

“Josh, no!” She called, but too late.

“Have a taste of the Joshua Westbrook Combat Special!” He did a front handspring, flipped into the air, then came down on the Taskmaster with his heel. Taskmaster blocked Josh’s attack with his shield, then he did a front handspring, flipped into the air, then came down on Josh with his heel. Josh fell against the wall.

“Who… taught you that?” He asked, horrified.

“You did.” Taskmaster said. He reached out for Josh, but Acacia tackled him from behind. She began attack him, but Taskmaster blocked each hit. “I can anticipate your every move!” He said, kicking Acacia. “I’ve got the aim of Hawkeye!” He took out a bow and arrow and shot Eileen through the shoulder as she was charging at him. She screamed and fell to the ground. “I move just like Cap!” He threw his shield, and it hit Acacia in the stomach. He shot a grapple into the ceiling. “And I’ve got Spidey’s swing!” He said, swinging into Josh and kicking him through a bookshelf.

* * *

So for you non-Marvellites, the Taskmaster is a super villain that can copy the moves, fighting styles, and abilities of anyone he chooses. Fight him once, he's as good as you. I really wanted the Taskmaster in E.G.G, especially for that 'who taught you that?' and the Taskmaster's epic reply 'you did'! I figured that hunting down Harry was a perfect place to put him! Now, Taskmaster normally does his own thing, I mean, he has his own school! He's not really a mercenary, but he does do certain things for well-paying people. Which makes you wonder, who's pulling the strings?

The Globulin Green

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” Acacia said. “How’d you survive that? It should have crushed you!”

“I guess I’m stronger than I let on.” He said.

“Acacia!” Josh shouted. She turned.

“Yeah?” Josh looked at her, her arms wrapped tightly around Harry’s neck, smiling big and wide. He shook his head.

“Nothing, I’ll see you in E.G.G Base.” He said.

“Okay,” she replied, getting into the elevator with Eileen and Harry. Jake approached Josh.

“We need to talk damages.” He said.

“Of course Jake.” Josh said. He began to follow Jake, all the while holding behind his back a small empty vial, labeled Globulin Green.

* * *

Hm. Well that can't be good. #Busted.

Mysterious Audio Log #1

Next Episode

A new threat has arrived at E.G.G's front door, a threat the likes of which the Marvel Universe has never encountered before! But along with this new evil comes a new force for good. Who is the mysterious new hero? And who are the sinister new Syndicate? Those questions and more can only be answered in this don't-miss issue of E.G.G! Tune in tomorrow, January 16, to read E.G.G Episode 23: Lightstream!

See you tomorrow!

Remember after you read Episode 23, post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, January 22!

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