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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 23

Updated on January 22, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 23: Lightstream. If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


It was another day at E.G.G Base. Josh was chasing Celeste around, Eileen requested some time off, nothing really out of the ordinary. Then Nick Fury called Josh with a message: The Syndicate have arrived. The new crime group had popped up all around the U.S and were making a name for themselves big time. When Josh caught on to a squad of them attacking a local bank, he and Acacia went to diffuse the situation, figuring out not long into it that they were out-manned and outgunned. But, in a daring last second save, Lightstream swooped in and saved the day! The new hero has made her mark on the world (and Josh)! But little did we know, that under her eye mask, Lightstream turns out to be none other than: Eileen Wuthrich!

Okay guys, let's face it. There's really only one thing you wanna talk about from this episode...

Eileen is a Superhero!

Meanwhile, Eileen fell onto her bed.

“Ugh, what a day,” she said, unzipping her duffle bag.

“Eileen.” She quickly zipped it back up and turned to see Acacia.

“Hey, Acacia, what’s up?”

“Harry bought me a fruitcake, and well, it’s kind of disgusting. Would you do the honors of taking it off of my hands?” Eileen grabbed a Repulsor Blaster and blew it to pieces. Acacia raised her eyebrows. “That works. Good night!”

“Night Acacia.” Eileen replied. Acacia walked off to her room. Eileen closed her door. She unzipped her duffle bag and pulled out the Lightstream costume. She smiled.

“Look out world.” She said. “Here comes Lightstream.”

* * *

The last few seconds that changed everything! I'm not sure if it was terribly obvious, but you guys know I call you out if you honestly should have known. But if you were surprised by the revelation that Eileen is Lightstream, then it's fine. I hope it did take you by surprise! Now, I'll bet you're wondering "Why make Eileen a superhero?" Well, it's the Marvel Universe, filled with who-knows-how-many superheroes already. And Eileen not only got awesome powers way back in Episode 7, but she's already an agent of E.G.G! It was only a matter of time before some form of superhero related nonsense ensued.

I was really attached to having Eileen be a super from early on. As you can see, she gets killed and revived with superpowers in the first few episodes! So yeah, this is kind of the culmination of all that. I would say that Josh's story arc started in the first episode, Acacia's in episode 10, and while you can argue for episode 5, I think that Eileen's arc really starts here. We'll see throughout the rest of season 2 how Eileen adjusts to life as a superhero. She must maintain a balance between her duties as an agent of E.G.G and her heroics as Lightstream. I think it adds a whole new dynamic to the story, and one that I am more than happy to play with.

Now, the burning question on everyone's mind: Why the shell wouldn't she tell Josh and Acacia?!?! After all, they're all best friends, and up to this point they've trusted each other with everything, so why the secrecy? Some heroes do it to protect the ones they love, some do it because their alter ego is too important. We're not sure yet (and by we, I mean you) of why Eileen hasn't told her friends, but whatever the reason, knowing Eileen, it has to be a good one. Or it could be completely stupid, who knows.

Power Breakdown

She stood up and assumed a fighting stance, her fists glowing blue.

“Alright, which one of you trash bags wants to hit the dump first?” She asked.

“Destroy her!” The commander shouted. They all began to fire, but she formed an energy shield around herself. Then she fired two blue energy blasts and took down two Syndicate soldiers.

“Who is that?” Acacia asked, as the girl flew into the air and began blasting her opponents from above.

“I don’t know,” Josh said, eyes glowing. “But she’s amazing…” Acacia snapped in his face.

“Focus,” She said. “We’ve gotta get these people out!”

“Right,” Josh stood up and whacked a Syndicate soldier with his fighting stick. “To the doors people, let’s move!” Everyone rushed to the doors as the mysterious girl flew through the bank, blasting away at the Syndicate.

* * *

So we all know that Eileen acquired the standard Extremis powers: Lightning projection, fire breath, increased strength and agility, and a unique ability to communicate with technology. But as we saw in episode 16.1, Eileen has been training with the Black Widow to help control her powers, which at one point inexplicably evolved. Since Josh and Acacia only know about her Extremis powers, Lightstream's new abilities aren't really a dead giveaway as to who she is under the mask.

Now, we know that in 16.1, Black Widow taught Eileen how to focus her lightning into channeled blasts, or, wait for it, streams! Yeah, streams of lightning, Lightstream? Whatever, I like it. Anyway, now she has energy projection and can engage in long range combat. She can also manipulate the energy into different forms, such as the shield we saw her make to protect herself from Syndicate fire. We'll see what else she can do in terms of manipulation later. Also in 16.1, we saw her begin to levitate, and she straight up started flying in Episode 19! So yeah, she can fly.

Josh's Threat Assessment on Lightstream

The Syndicate

“Mr. Westbrook,” Fury replied. “We’ve got trouble, and it’s in your area.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“This kind of trouble.” An image of a man dressed in a black mesh suit appeared on the screen. He had a helmet with a visor covering his face, a belt with all kinds of weapons, and an S inside of a triangle on the right side of his chest.

“Who’s that?” Josh asked.

“A soldier in a new group of people popping up in key locations around the U.S. They’re called the Syndicate.”

“The Syndicate?” Josh repeated. “A bit cliché…”

“Will you focus?”

“Yes, sorry.”

“Now, S.H.I.E.L.D’s got nothing on these guys, but they came out of nowhere and they’re already hitting hard. A group of them attacked the capitol building in D.C, luckily the Avengers got there in time.”

“Any super villain affiliation?”

“No big names, but there are super villain lieutenants that lead some squadrons. Some names are Titanium Man, Bullseye, Taskmaster…” Josh looked up.

“Taskmaster?” He said. “We took him down a few days ago. You’re welcome by the way.”

“That must be why they’ve set up and operation in Chandler,” He said. “You took down one of their lieutenants.”

“But Taskmaster was after Osborn, someone put a hit out on him and Taskmaster was coming to collect.”

“It may have been the Syndicate.” Fury said. “You need to figure out everything Osborn knows.”

“Got it.”

“And keep an eye out for any Syndicate activity, they like to make their presence known.”

* * *

I feel like these guys are worth a mention. With every new hero come a new villain (or group of villains, in this case) and with Lightstream came the Syndicate. They're mean, they're evil, and they're here for the sole purpose of causing trouble. So E.G.G beware: The Syndicate has arrived. And that super villain lieutenant roster? Yeah, there's no way at all that that's any kind of foreshadowing. You should just ignore it completely.

Next Episode

You want more Lightstream? More Syndicate? More inventions? This point one issue your first stop! All aboard for an E.G.G adventure about friendship! Tune in tomorrow, January 23, to read E.G.G Episode 23.1: Friends!

See you tomorrow!

Remember after you read Episode 23.1, post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, January 29!

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