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E.G.G Q&A: The Dark Day Part 1

Updated on May 21, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 38: The Dark Day Part 1- Darkstream, you know, part 1 of the Season 2 Finale, so yeah, a pretty big deal! If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


Agent Rice arrived in E.G.G Base to reveal his gruesome mission and a shocking secret: That Eileen was Lightstream, and he was tasked by Nick Fury to kill her the next time she lost control of her Extremis induced powers. Finding a third option, the eggheads traveled to New York to see if Reed Richards of the Fantastic 4 could help Eileen with her problem. It was there that they all discovered another secret: Eileen was a mutant. However, in order to keep Eileen from losing control, her mutant side had o be eradicated. But her mutant side, who had developed her own personality, had other plans. Now reborn as Darkstream, Eileen killed Agent Rice and took to the skies. Josh and Acacia now know two things. They have to stop their best friend, and E.G.G is gone.

Agent Rice Revealed

“This is… troubling.” Josh said. “But we will have words. As for you, Agent Rice. What kind of ‘help’ are you here to offer?”

“Well, my assignment was to kill her the next time she lost control.”

“Over my dead…”

“But I’m not going to do that. I have an alternative that may just help.”

“Yeah, well thanks but no thanks. We’ll fix Eileen by ourselves, without help from one of Hill’s lackeys.”

“My orders came from Nick Fury.” Rice replied. Acacia’s eyes widened.

“Fury’s alive?” She said.

“Yes, and unless you guys trust me, you might not be. Now, what’s it gonna be?” Josh looked at Eileen, who was looking at the floor, silently crying. He sighed.

“Fine.” He said. “What do you want us to do?”

* * *

Well, that's a relief. Agent Rice has a heart of gold, he wants to help Eileen before following through with Fury's orders to just kill her! Although, seeing as how he dies at the end after trying to follow orders too little too late, he probably should have popped a cap in her back in Episode 37. I love Eileen and all, but... Just sayin, all of this could have been avoided. Way to go Agent Rice, you've doomed us all.

Lightstream Unmasked!

“You idiots really haven’t figured it out yet.” He said. “Eileen is Lightstream.” Eileen began to speak when Josh broke down laughing.

“Eileen!” He said. “Haha, this girl here? Hahaha! Lightstream! Haha, you’re crazy! Number one, Lightstream manipulates energy, Eileen shoots lightning.”

“Josh…” Eileen said.

“Number two, Eileen can’t fly!”


“And number three, Eileen would never, ever, never kill anyone! Just a few weeks ago my friend Kristen called me and…”

“Josh!” Eileen shouted.

“What?” He said. “I’m trying to get this clown’s facts straight!” Eileen slowly unzipped her E.G.G uniform and revealed her Lightstream costume. Josh paused. “Oh.” He said. Then his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fainted.

* * *

Dun! Dun! Duuuunnnnn!!!! Well, it was gonna happen sooner or later. I'm sure Eileen would have preferred better circumstances, but... here we have it. Now the secret is out! And Josh is thoroughly embarrassed. I mean, he ordered a Lightstream action figure to make out with, that just makes things a whole new level of awkward. But with Eileen's evil transformation, I'm not sure the friends will ever have a nice sit down to chat about it...

The Fantastic Four

The E.G.G Jet had reached New York and landed on the roof of the Baxter Building, headquarters to the Fantastic 4. Josh looked out his window.

“The Baxter Building?” He said.

“Yeah,” Rice replied. “If anyone can help us, it’s Reed Richards. Come on.” They all got off and entered through the roof doorway. They made their way down a flight of stairs to the penthouse of the Fantastic 4. Rice knocked on the door, and Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman answered. She gasped.

“Acacia!” She exclaimed, hugging her. “I haven’t seen you since the Skrull invasion! How have you been?”

“I’ve been good.” She said. “Is your husband home? We really need his help.”

“Oh yeah, Reed’s always in his lab doing something. Come in!” They all walked in and Josh stepped in a pizza box.

“Ew,” he said. Susan sighed.

“Johnny! Clean up this mess!” She called to Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, who was on the couch playing a video game. “We have company!”

“Yeah, sure thing sis, just gotta…” He said, standing up and rapidly tapping his controller. “Beat this boss…”

“Ugh, boys!” Susan complained.

* * *

Yes, the guys whose comic got cancelled and are getting a reboot by Fox no one wants to see. But forget all that for a minute, and remember the good old days. Marvel's (and the world's) first family of superheroes! I love the Fantastic 4, and no matter what kind of politics go on behind the scenes, they'll always be fantastic to me! Plus, Richards is one of the only guys that can help save Eileen! Although with the benefit of hindsight, perhaps Hank McCoy would have been a better choice? You know, Eileen being a mutant and all...

The Fantastic 4!
The Fantastic 4!

Eileen's a mutant?!?!

“Yes, well, you might not believe this, but according to the results, I’m fairly certain that Eileen is a mutant.”

“Say what now?” Josh asked.

“Mutant!” Acacia exclaimed. “Tell me you’re joking!”

“I’m afraid not. I found slight traces of the X-Gene dispersed through her blood line. What I think happened is that the Extremis merged with the X-Gene, and somehow evolved Eileen’s powers into what they are becoming.”

“This is impossible.” Acacia said. “Even if Eileen was a mutant, she can’t be one now. Extremis rewrites your biology, and recreates you into something entirely new!”

“Under normal circumstances yes, and theoretically the X-Gene in her should have been destroyed in the process. But instead it was repressed, and seems to only surface when Eileen is in severe states of emotional flux.”

“Which explains her spaz outs.” Josh said. “Do you think it’s possible that the mutant inside of her formed its own identity? Its own persona?”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Reed said. “But Extremis has never been used on anyone with the X-Gene before, so we can’t rule anything out.”

* * *

(In Sokovian accent)You didn't see that coming? Well, of course not, I mean, what a misdirect! Everyone just assumed that her powers were emanating from the Extremis, but as it happens, Eileen was a mutant beforehand! Trippy. So for all my fellow Marvel nerds that have been reading angrily whenever Eileen used her Lightstream powers, now you know! Extremis has never been used on anyone with the X-Gene before, so I just took all the liberties I wanted. The result? Eileen turning into a crazed split-identity Dark Phoenix-ish super villain. Well hey, I didn't say mixing Extremis and mutant genetics was a good idea!


Eileen slowly began to rise. The three bullets fell to the floor. Her wounds instantly healed. She looked at Rice, her eyes flaming red.

“You tried to kill me.” She said. Rice quickly drew his gun but she blasted it out of his hand. She held out her hand and Rice began to levitate. “Now I will kill you.”

“Ah, err…” Rice struggled, as he began to turn to stone.

“Eileen don’t!” Josh shouted. She looked at him.

“I told you.” She replied. “My name is Darkstream.”

“Run!” Rice screamed, as he was completely turned to stone. Darkstream balled her hand into a fist. Rice’s body cracked, and then blew into pieces. Josh and Acacia watched in horror.

“Hahahahaha!” Darkstream laughed. Her hands lit up red and she blew a hole into the roof. Then she took off into the sky.

* * *

It's official. Eileen is gone. There is only Darkstream. Who would have thought that Eileen would become a super villain? She killed poor Agent Rice! And she's about to destroy the world! If Acacia had known what she'd become, would she still have injected her with the Extremis all the way back in Episode 5? Who really knows, but it all has come down to this. Josh and Acacia v.s their best friend. Only one thing is constant: After this, E.G.G is over.

See you tomorrow!

Make sure to read Episode 39, part 2 of the Season 2 Finale, tomorrow and post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, May 30! Darkstream is here, and the end of E.G.G is inevitable.

Next Episode

The Shocking Twist. Tune in tomorrow, May 22, to read E.G.G Episode 38: The Dark Day Part 2!

E.G.G is ending. Period. How does that make you feel?

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