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E.G.G Season 1 Review

Updated on December 20, 2014

We've Reached the End!

Well, here we are at the end of Season 1, and boy has it been a ride! These past five months, Josh, Eileen, and Acacia have all been put through the paces, thick and thin, and always seem to come out on top! Well… unless it’s Dr. Doom! Today, we’re going over all of Season 1! The battles, the heroes, the romance! We’ll talk about it all, and then in the end, don’t miss a sneak peek into Season 2! Alright eggheads, let’s get crackin’! Don’t dock me for that, you should know by now I can’t help myself.


This Season 1 Review contains major spoilers for all of E.G.G so far! That means every episode is fair game, so if you’ve missed even one, better go back and read it if you wanna avoid those pesky spoilers! If you are completely new to E.G.G, then this is actually the absolute worst possible place for you to be right now, and you should go and read Prepare to Hatch: Introduction to E.G.G. But if you’re just looking for a specific episode before you delve into the season review, then go on to and search through the episodes until you find what you’re looking for! If you just need the season finale, I got you covered! Click the links below for part one or two, then come back here and we can talk E.G.G!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 19: Doomed Part 1- Ultimate Alliance

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 20: Doomed Part 2- E.G.G’s Last Stand


Well, let’s start with what everyone clearly wants to start with, our heroes! Let’s see how they’ve developed over the course of the season, and what’s in store for them next year!


Our fearless Director of E.G.G, Joshua Westbrook! Josh started out this season as a fun-loving but quick acting guy, and ended off, well… pretty much the same. We’ve seen that when Josh sets his mind to something, he rarely deviates from his plan, no matter how risky or dangerous. Whether it’s fighting the Avengers for the future of E.G.G, or taking on Dr. Doom in his own country, Josh has never backed down, even when the odds were clearly not in his favor. Going forward, Josh is definitely affected by the team’s loss to Dr. Doom and the destruction of Mother Egg. It will reflect in the decisions he makes and the way he goes about some things, but the thing about Josh is that he knows how to laugh off the tough stuff. And maybe, in this trying time, that’s what E.G.G needs from its Director.


When we met Eileen, she was fiercely loyal, by the books, and always the one to get the job done. She knew how to have fun, but wasn’t really the go to girl for it. Eileen’s life changed drastically when she was murdered by Tanner Powell, or Venom, and revived by the experimental virus drug known as Extremis. Eileen got a few new powers, including the ability to shoot lightning, fire breath, enhanced speed and strength, and the ability to communicate with machines. After her battle with the Avengers, where she felt she lost control of herself, her powers evolved, allowing her to fly and fire her lightning in focused streams of energy. She faced her fair share of difficulties, allowing Julian to be on the team, letting a demon run amok in Mother Egg. But if anything was proven in the final battle with Doom, it’s that Eileen’s faith cannot be shaken. Going into Season 2, we will see that the challenges Eileen faces only makes her stronger. We will also see what’s going on with those evolving powers of hers, and we’ll get to find out what she becomes.


There’s something to be said about the strangely upbeat Acacia. She has a mysterious side to her, as we’ve seen from all her sneaking about trying to decipher Terry’s message. The thing is, Josh and Eileen have known each other since the 6th grade, and they know pretty much all there is to know about each other. Neither of them know anything about Acacia’s past. Who she is, where she comes from, or how Madness, Jocasta, Clay Quartemain, Fumiko, and Celeste all fit in. They smile and go along with it, but it’s only a matter of time before more ghosts (or demons) from Acacia’s past begin to surface. Then we can only wonder: Who really is Acacia Blanco? Moving into the next season, we will definitely find out more about her as some things come to light. And with the loss of Fumiko, Acacia’s taken on a whole new responsibility, the promise she made to her dying friend: She has agreed to take care of her daughter, Celeste.

Top 5

No, not the Chris Rock movie that just came out, although I heard it’s hilarious. I’m talking about the top 5 moments in E.G.G! The big kahunas! The jaw dropping moments that had you all like “Whaaaaaat!” Well, me at least, since you guys never gave me any feedback! But picks their own top everything’s all the time, so don’t judge me!

5. Jocasta

When the entire mystery Madness left for Acacia finally came to fruition, I don’t think anyone was ready for what came next. Mother Egg was alive the entire time! And not only that, but it was being controlled by Jocasta, a creation of the robotic menace known as Ultron! Even I was surprised, and I wrote the dang thing! When she revealed herself and recreated Ultron right on Mother Egg? Scary stuff indeed!

4. AvE

That moment Captain America shouted “Avengers Assemble!” (and Josh lamely replied with “E.G.G Organize”) everyone knew it was on! The fact that Josh had the stones to step up to The Avengers and say no has to say something about who he is! The fact that E.G.G pretty much got beat in the end also says something: Don’t mess with The Avengers!

3. Eileen’s Death

When in only the second episode Josh is on the ground, holding Eileen’s body and crying, people have to wonder what happened. But in episode 5, when Venom stabs her through the chest, minds get blown! I really didn’t want to do it, but it was the only natural way for Eileen to get her powers! And as you’ll see in Season 2, Eileen had to get her powers!

2. Doomed

Julian, Venom, Emma Frost, the Enchantress, Viper, Hypno-Hustler… Okay maybe not him, but E.G.G went toe to toe with some pretty dangerous baddies, always coming out on top. Until Doom. Josh gathered an entire team of heroes and he still wiped the floor with them! This has done things to E.G.G’s morale, most definitely, and the effects will certainly carry over to the next season.

1. The (2nd) Fall of Mother Egg

Okay, so when Julian brought Mother Egg down the first time, it was fine because Eileen used Extremis and got it back up into the air. But then Dr. Doom sprung Viper (who was already angry about the whole kiss situation) and sent her on a mission: To destroy Mother Egg. With Josh and friends in Latveria, the remaining E.G.G agents never stood a chance, as Viper tore through their ranks, and blew Mother Egg to pieces. In Season 2, they’ll clearly need a new place to stay. But in the end we did hear they were headed to Arizona…


Okay, so let me just take a moment to tie everybody together relationship-wise so we’re perfectly clear going into Season 2:

Josh is best friends from 6th grade with Eileen, who are both best friends with Acacia, though not for as long. Jocasta is their AI, who was made a companion for Ultron, but since has turned and considers E.G.G her friends. Josh and Eileen know Julian and Tanner from their past, but Julian works for Doom and last we saw Tanner was under a pile of rubble. Josh is secretly dating agent Allyson Whitcomb, whose best friends with Agent Becket from their years together in the foster care system. Acacia is longtime friends with Clay Quartermain (who has the hots for her, but Acacia already has an unknown boyfriend), who are both friends with an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D school teacher named Fumiko, who was married to Terry, who is now the demon Madness, who had a the now 12-year-old daughter with Fumiko named Celeste, who calls Acacia “Auntie Acacia” even though she’s just friends with Fumiko and not actually her aunt. Chip is Josh’s dog, and Nick Fury owns all their @$$#$. Good? No? I think I made it worse actually… Oh well.

Season 2

So, some of you may argue that this review session was just a big preview for Season 2. Well, you’re wrong, it was setup for Season 2. Below is the preview for Season 2! I promised a sneak peek, so without further ado, E.G.G Season 2!

Oh yeah, all my Marvel nerds know what’s going down! The rest of you? Oh… you’ll see. But, as the trailer states, E.G.G returns for its new season with band new episodes on January 2, 2015! And just because I love you, I’ll give you a synopsis for E.G.G Episode 21: E.G.G Reborn!

* * *

E.G.G is back! A new base, a new foe, and a new vow, the perfect comeback is set up as E.G.G rises from the ashes of its doom and becomes reborn!

See you next year!

Alright everyone, this has been just as much fun for me as I’m sure it’s been for you! So be sure to tune in next year for more E.G.G, and until then, enjoy the holidays! And have a happy New Year!

It's over. Season 1 of E.G.G has officially ended! What are your thoughts?

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