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E.G.G Season 2 Review

Updated on June 4, 2015

The End of E.G.G

Well, this is it. E.G.G is over. I'd like to say Season 2 ended on a positive note, but... I'd be lying. But hey, the ride was fun! Now we're all here, and we can go over everything we liked, hated, laughed at, cried about, and all around enjoyed! I loved writing E.G.G for you guys, and I hope you loved reading it! Now, I'm trying to keep this in the same vein/format as the Season 1 Review, so that'll make easier for everyone!


This Season 2 Review contains major spoilers for all of E.G.G so far! That means every episode is fair game, so if you’ve missed even one, better go back and read it if you wanna avoid those pesky spoilers! If you are completely new to E.G.G, then this is actually the absolute worst possible place for you to be right now, and you should go and read Prepare to Hatch: Introduction to E.G.G. But if you’re just looking for a specific episode before you delve into the season review, then go on to and search through the episodes until you find what you’re looking for! If you just need the season finale, I got you covered! Click the links below for part one, two or three, then come back here and we can talk E.G.G!

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 38: The Dark Day Part 1- Darkstream

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 39: The Dark Day Part 2

Click here to read E.G.G Episode 40: The Dark Day Part 3- The Dawn Never Came


Yes, our three heroes. They've been through some trying times these past five months, and not all of them made it out of the Dark Day! Let's recap what each of them went through on their personal journeys in this season E.G.G.


The Director of E.G.G has done all he can to make up for the agents lost during Madame Hydra's raid on Mother Egg in the Season 1 finale. Together with Eileen and Acacia, they made an oath to never again let evil triumph over them the way Doom did, and Josh held by that oath. Over the course of the season, Josh has led his team up against impossible odds. The threat of the Syndicate, the horrors of an alien invasion, and the terror of Darkstream, Josh was infamous for making bad on the spot decisions, but he cleaned up his act in a big way and really stepped up as Director. By the end, Josh was willing to do whatever it took to save the world, and ended up making the ultimate sacrifice. Josh died in the Dark Day, but he died a hero. He died a legend.


Eileen's journey came full circle in the end. When Acacia injected Eileen with the Extremis way back when, there was no way either of them could have known she was a mutant, and that the mixture would create something terrible. Eileen did good with her powers. Becoming the hero Lightstream, she fought for justice, though carried the burden of keeping the secret from her friends. Side by side with Josh and Acacia, Eileen grew to learn to control her powers, even in the face of Tanner Powell, the man who killed her. But the caged beast can only remain for so long. Eileen's consciousness had been split into two, and Darkstream was ready to destroy everything. Darkstream attempted to recreate the world in her image, killing her friends and loved ones along the way. Eileen had no control over herself and begged for Josh to kill her. But in the end he sacrificed himself to set Eileen free. Destroyed by what she had done, Eileen claims full responsibility for Darkstream's actions, and will spend the rest of her days in the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Acacia, we discovered, has a tortured past filled with loss and pain. She was raised at the Cedaren Academy to be the perfect warrior, but was grasped by the evil hands of Norman Osborn. When he destroyed everything she loved, Acacia set off with her friend Fumiko, and set a new path for her life. Upon meeting Eileen, Acacia joined S.H.I.E.L.D and eventually E.G.G, where she reunited with her love, Harry Osborn. But the joy only lasted so long before she was abducted by the villainous Skrulls, and experimented on, giving her superpowers of her own! Acacia aided E.G.G and helped to raise Fumiko's orphaned daughter Celeste, up until the very end. Darkstream destroyed everything Acacia held dear and gave her a permanent scar on her face as a reminder. Nick Fury told Acacia that the night would end, and the dawn would come. But for her, it never did. But there was one hopeful piece of advice Fury gave Acacia. If the dawn never came, then she would have make her own.

Top 5

Alright, just like last time, we've got our top 5 "What the shell!?!?" moments of Season 2! Things that were awesome, unexpected, or flat out caught you by surprise!

5. Agent Rice

When Agent Rice and the Wolfpack showed up, we thought he was one of the good guys, until he robbed the Hall of E.G.G! Which we later found out was a ploy to fool the Skrulls that Josh ruined, and so Agent Rice wound up being a good guy in the end! Then he started spying on E.G.G by the order of Nick Fury because he knew of Eileen's condition, and when it all came down to it, he tried everything he could to save her before he finally tried to put her down, failed, and got shattered into pieces. Agent Rice had such a story, he may as well have been one of the main crew! So hats off to you, Kyle Rice. You did your job diligently, up until the bitter end!

4. Anti-Venom

Tanner Powell, the guy that killed Eileen in season 1, was able to do so with the Venom Symbiote. But last we saw him, Acacia beat him and left him under some rocks. Apparently he was rescued, but couldn't survive without Venom. So, Josh got the anti-venom he made to use against Viper (I told you it'd be important one day!) and used it to cure Tanner, with an interesting side effect: He turned into Anti-Venom! Bet the truly True Believers never saw that one coming! Boy, talk about taking liberties!

3. Heroes of tomorrow

Celeste was left to Acacia in the beginning of this season, and probably had some people going "Ugh, now they've got to deal with a bratty kid!". But turns out that wasn't the case, as Celeste was well able to take care of herself (Under the watchful eye of Jocasta, of course). However, when trouble struck, she, Seth, and Jerome took charge and did what true E.G.G agents would do: Save the day! Too bad no one will ever know...

2. Stan Lee!

Excelsior! Every Marvel production needs a good Stan Lee cameo! 'Nuff said!

1. Eileen/darkstream

Eileen's whole story, the transition from E.G.G's top agent to one who would be responsible for its destruction, is probably the longest slow burn in history! Maybe not, but this has been the endgame, since Julian raided Mother Egg in Episode 1. Eileen's destiny was to destroy the agency that she'd help build. Tragic when you think about, but so is life. Darkstream was the menace no one expected. But like the say, the greatest battles are always against those closest to you.

Final Goodbye!

Well, it's been fun guys! I can't express how fun this has been! Writing E.G.G, having you guys read it, growing over time! It's sad to go! But, I think I should let you know that you may want to come back tomorrow, Friday, June 5. I've got one more little surprise for you before we part ways, and I think you'll all love it!

Well that's she wrote! So here's the big one. How would you rate E.G.G overall? From Episode 1 to last week's finale? Be honest!

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