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Updated on May 26, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Jesse Lopez(Jerlin Leroy) Is A Poet and a Artist of the drawing and painting kind. He's also a entrepreneur/ A man with many hustles.

Verse 1

Every time you look at me can you see my destiny

Read from a book but still living life with the crooks

You better move before it cooks Wanting more than just the looks

Ravaged by my inner demons hoping you don't have to meet them

Contemplating whether I should stay right But its hard to look right

Will I Ever win this fight Shoot em up as I take mine

No time for Mourning Hoping I wake in the early Morning.......

Hip Hop art 2



Loving it till I can't move it
Busting back till he can't use it .........
Loving it till I can't move it
Busting back till he can't use it........



Verse 2

Standing to the side when it rains, planting many seed hoping they can see the light

so hard to preach life But he's destined for homicide

instead ran up thinking suicide

Kamikaze With some pride Went to ride with the shame

didn't change to this game Just that i was born in it

Thinking I'm a lame then you'll see the reason I'm insane

Keeping it strong if he belittle your name

No need for braggers and boasters

watch my mood don't get much closer

feeling like I'm needing closure But still to far ahead

Not trying to be mislead Filling them up with lead

watch your back cause they dread come and get me I'm already dead

I died so many times that i can't feel most times..............

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© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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