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Updated on March 4, 2017


We ask for support

But we get naught

Fight for what's right

With all our might

We start the process

They start to address

The parenting issues

I guess

Reports we give

They dismiss

The blame game

Simply to frame

They lose sight

Of the child

Pound signs

Blur their sight

They loose sight

Of the child

Blame mum

They say that's right

Single, poor,

Mental health issues for sure

Diagnosis as well

The tick list is going well

Discredit we must

Negate responsibility is just

Saving money

That is a plus

Of course the parents fight back

But the government got our back

Discredit if we can

Block what we can

Blatant disregard

For the statutory law

No one will step in

So here we go

The parents continue the fight

The LA fight with all their might

Losing sight of what is right

Breaking down the family

Is this the army

A child has a right

To education is that not right

No seemingly not

Money is our priority

Not the child in our county.


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