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Updated on September 24, 2012


The days of our youth have faded. Our hair has turned gray, we are fully engaged in a war against wrinkles. Our once perky everything has been defeated by gravity and we have slowed to a snail's pace. Do we grow old gracefully or do we continue the fight?!

Remember the story from our youth about the chicken who kept insisting the sky was falling? Then it was cute; now it's personal! Many of us feel like the sky to which the chicken was referring. Such as those days we decide to go commando, lounge around the house without pesky underwear; BUT, we have intruders such as: sagging breasts, those fat nodules that prevent us from walking without friction, dragging bottoms and thinning hair which falls out at the slightest of wind. We are falling apart and it's much harder to keep it together than when we were younger or are we just tired?

Tired of putting up a brave front, pretending everything is okay, pretending we still have it and coming to the realization we don't! Tired of coloring grays, just for them to return in a matter of days, tired of wrestling with a girdle as if it's a WWW Wrestling Event, tired of trying to locate our breasts just to place them in our bras.....REALLY, ENOUGH ALREADY!

Can we grow old gracefully, anymore? Gray hair is actually beautiful and with moderate exercise we can keep the fat to an minimum so control top pantie hoses can replace girdles. We must accept unless you are seriously twisted with plastic surgery, our things will fall and will not get back up! I just needed to say this aloud and now I am done.




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