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Each HumanBeing Today is a Reflection of the society we live in.

Updated on June 5, 2020
Hammadk474 profile image

In the Name of Allah Allmight, Each Human Being today is a reflection of the society we are living in.Each Human is reaction of behaviours

HumanBeing as a Reflection of the Society we live in...

Starting with the Holy name of Allah Almighty,the creator of Mankind and the creator of this University.Human Being is very much effected by the society he or she lives in.Each and every biotic or Abiotic component of this world have a solid effect in development of human physic and mentality. The behaviour of the people around a human being effects effectively in development of that particular person.The behaviours develops the Attitude , Character , and behaviour of that particular person.

This is a great reason that a person born innocent baby either turns to be a Cruel hearted criminal or a kind hearted Leader.Life is all about learning we unintensionally adopt the behaviour of the people we are most impressed or the people by whom we are facinated.Human sycology is a Reflection of the society we live in.And is set by the people attitude towards us. A criminal choose the proffession by which he feels comfortable and his values are not harmed.Or he feel secured in that profession.

So if a person is calm this means that his demands are being accepted and his efforts are being acknowledged where as of a person is habitual of angry behaviour this means that that person is not being acknowledge and for the sake of that acknowledgement he is behaving in that manner.All depends upon the society he is been throught for a long time.

Human sycology is established on the basis of the time he have spent in a kind of either good or bad society.If he is not been acknowledged this mean that nothing is strange if he is rude.

And if a person is kind and acknowledged so nothing is amazing in his success.Its the society that made him.Yes his own efforts are there but 50 person is due to the people he lived in there discouraging or incouraging words matters alot.


There was a person in a forest near a well,his 7 years old son was standing next to him. The man suddenly fell in the well no one was there to help other than that 7 year old boy.The boy felt anxious about his father life, tried to help his father .He arranged a rope threw inthe well his father hold that the boy was to young to pull him up. After one hour people passing through the village were amazed to lissten from that drowning person that his 7 year old son pulled him up from the wall and saved his life. People denied to his saying because they thought how come a 7 year old boy can pull a person from well and saves his father's life. They went to priest to know the reality the priest accepted the drowning men statement and said the golden words,

"Young soul was able to save his father life because at that time no one was there to tell him that you cannot do it"

So this is how others words may effect you and your morale...

So be carefull...

Avoid others words.

And focus on your Aim,Because only you can achieve them other can just predict your failure,prove them wrong...

Knock knock


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