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Each Single Breath

Updated on July 15, 2016

Each Single Breath

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Convinced of outcome I’ve often fallen to entrapment,

deprived of the journey of which all knowledge derives.

In seeking results I have whittled down acceptance,

the perceptions of being in a state of perpetual learning,

each breath lost to a distant conclusion.

The archetype of accomplishment is double-edged,

our aspiration the very hindrance of focus,

the wayward sibling of the immersion in now.

Goals are valid but the present can only ever be

the true teacher of wisdom.

Knowledge is gained not from an outcome,

but from the experience of each single breath in succession.

Each tender moment of time the governor of understanding,

the key to attainment and the path to insight,

all of which is not bound by conclusion.

Conclusion is a limit in itself,

an inference of endings, not learning.

Wisdom and understanding reside in flux,

because our perceptions of them change continually.

What one knows is limited by what will discover.

When we falsely claim knowledge we create limits,

and realise just how little we know.


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