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Earning Online: Is it just a Myth?

Updated on July 14, 2010
Write and earn dollars!
Write and earn dollars!

Can I ask you something?  Do you believe earning online is just a myth?

Most of my friends still cannot believe that I am now making a living by earning online.  Well, I can’t really blame them because not a lot of people become successful in looking for good earning opportunities over the internet and actually landing them.  Fortunately for me, with a little luck and sufficient writing background, I was able to turn the tide in my favor. 

Way back in 2006, when I was just trying to explore this environment, I have some vivid recollections of being scammed and somehow expecting that the internet worked in much the same way as the “human” environment.  Well, that was really an erroneous presumption and it was definitely a HUGE mistake – in fact, the biggest mistake I made over the net, and I vowed never to be that naïve and unwise in any instance and in any way EVER again.  Sometimes, one really has to learn life’s lessons the hard way, and that was one unforgettable lesson on the harshness of the virtual environment.

I was just privileged to have been employed in an office then so losing some amount did not have much impact on my financial status.  Still, it was a landmark case, hence my firm resolve to never pay for any item on the internet again.  This also somehow influenced my determination to find a job over the internet which at that time was not very popular or widely accepted yet.  One way or another, I knew it was out there, but I still did not know how to find it, or if I would be given the chance to find it and actually earn from it.

It was a good thing that I had sufficient tenacity to pursue my quest.  For a time it looked like a dead end, but I had always been a stubborn person so I continued with my self-established mission.  It took some time for me to find the good writing sites that I am currently writing for, but at least, they are all legitimate and verified companies.  It had been a rough journey but I could say that it was worth it.  Admittedly, I also had a hard time deciding if this career was the better option for me since I already had a full time job where I had been working for more than 8 years.  Furthermore, the security of the job was uncertain especially the financial or earning aspect of the job, as compared to the security of expecting to have an amount in one’s bank account every middle and end of the month.

On hindsight, I can now say that I have made the right choice.  Now, I can make good use of my educational background, as well as my writing skills as a journalist, in my goals of earning a living over cyberspace.  I can now work in my pj’s, have my coffee even if I haven’t combed my hair, and take a break or even a nap whenever I want to.  I set the pace of my work and I don’t have a boss to hound me of my accomplishments at day’s end.  I also do not have to wake up early, commute or call in sick when I do not feel well.  Come to think of it, I have never been this healthy before, which is perhaps because of the absence of work pressure. 

So my answer to the question at the start of this article is this – No, earning online is not a myth.  It is now a reality and anybody can make an earning online just as long as he/she has the perseverance, discipline and dedication to pursue this goal. 

If you'd like to know more about earning online, you can check out this site:

You can Write to Earn!

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