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Top 5 Ways to Make Ad Revenue 2014

Updated on September 24, 2014

I am happy to say I have finally been accepted for Google AdSense! Yes, it's just a hosted account but definitely a step forward. I am now monetizing my videos and articles and have learned a lot from my successes and failures.

I started off by making a website on Wix featuring do-it-yourself articles. I wrote about a dozen articles and applied for an AdSense account. Then I was rejected with a reason I really didn't understand. With that ambiguous advice, I pressed on. Eventually I found out about Writer Town. I published 19 Forensic Psychology articles on the site and wanted to try AdSense again. The webmaster from Writer Town advised me to post about 30-40 articles to Blogger and try to resubmit my AdSense application, then use the code on my Writer Town articles. I did so and found out my Blogger blog wasn't eligible for AdSense yet. So...I tried to find out why. Nothing on the Google Help Center was remotely helpful. I was frustrated and tried to contact them, but I wasn't eligible for help at my level.

Meanwhile, I continued to write for Hubpages. I saw more and more traffic the more I wrote. I was finally starting to see some results in traffic, but I had no way to monetize it. That's when I found out you could apply for a host account with AdSense and associate your Hubpages blogs to the account. It was fast and pretty darn easy. What follows is a list of what I experienced on various platforms. Maybe you can save yourself a lot of headaches and just get down to making money off of your writing! This list is ordered by the ease with which you can make money off of your writing:

1. Sirgo. You may not see the highest earnings on this platform but it is by far the easiest method I have come across. Simply write, publish, and repeat. The beauty of this platform's monetization scheme is that you are writing under the site's AdSense account. You get paid for the portion of clicks generated from ads on your articles. Pretty simple! I just started with them so I don't have a money figure for you, but I figured the ease of their scheme was worth a shot. If I turn out to be wrong in the coming months, I'll simply move the articles to Hubpages.

2. Youtube. My videos were my "in" with AdSense. I already had the videos uploaded so I figured I would try monetizing them. Within a couple of hours all of my videos were monetized. It sure was easy. I also noticed more video views than I typically get, although I don't know if it was a coincidence or an added effect from monetization.

3. Hubpages. Hubpages is where I actually get traffic and the traffic is magnified substantially with each article I publish. Hubpages is very easy to monetize via AdSense, eBay Affiliates, and Amazon Affiliates if you already have approved accounts. In fact, I applied for the eBay Affiliates account from my Hubpages account and was accepted the next day. Hubpages makes it very easy to make money from your articles on multiple platforms.

4. Writer Town. This platform gives you plenty of traffic, especially if your topic is something not widely covered. The only caveat is that you need an approved AdSense account code to make money. You can also use a Chitika code but I am less than impressed with their ads. I wouldn't click on that garbage either.

There you have it! If you'd like to share your success stories, please comment below.


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