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Easter Egg Poems

Updated on August 18, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt

We gathered at the park
to search for easter eggs,

the big kids and the small kids
with short and long legs.

"On your mark, get set go!", some adult said.

We all began to run.
"Find an egg!",
''Find an egg!",

"Over here!",
"Over there!".
Fun, Fun, Fun, Everywhere!

"Look here,
I got a speckled one."
"Mine is red."
"Mine is blue."
Oh, Oh, Oh I just found two!

More eggs, more eggs than ! ever knew.

Better hurry,
No talking, no delay.

The more eggs I find
the happier I'll be
this Easter Day!

DebbieT. Alsup

I Love Easter

I love Easter morning
and Easter afternoon

I love Easter evening
with late Easter night
coming soon.

This day just makes me happy,
it feels me up so sweet,

with lots of eggs and goodies
and so many Easter treats.

In the Easter morning
we wash the Easter eggs.

In the Easter afternoon
we paint on faces
and make funny legs.

In the Easter evening
egg salad, egg tacos
egg white desserts,

Chocolate Easter egg snacks,

Eat eggs till it hurts!

In the Easter night
we sing Easter songs,

and smile as our tummies
are full all night long!

Debbie T. Alsup

Easter Egg Spoon Strut Game

Put an Easter egg upon a spoon

and take a fast

walk, walk, walk

across the room.

Try not to let your egg

drop, drop, drop,

if you do, you must

stop, stop, stop

and go back to the starting line.

Put another egg on your spoon

and try it one more time.

Boy I love this game.

Debbie T. Alsup

(This is a fun and exciting game expressed in the form of a poem. Feel free to play this Easter egg spoon strut game with your children. I'm sure they will find it fun, fun, fun.)

The Big Announcement

Our pastor said,

"Up next, the Easter announcements are about to be read."

Instantly a clamorous scatter of sounds
from the children quickly disappeared.
All the little heads went up
both boys and girls.

No kid being quieted by a grandmothers, "shhhhhhh,"
No kid fidgeting to get a piece of candy out of a mama's purse,
No kid yawning to announce his or her nap,
A few babies now standing at attention on Aunties laps.

The announcement clerk stood up
from the rear of the church,
wearing a brightly colored,
Easter egg print, decorated skirt.

All children's eyes fixed upon her hips,
as she sashays
to reach her mark.

She slowly turns towards her audience,
magicially moves her lips
and proclaims:

"The Easter Egg hunt will began at 6 (six) o'clock sharp!"

Debbie T. Alsup

Easter Egg Hunts

Do you have Easter egg hunts for your children just about every year?

See results

Please feel free to share any Easter egg poems you and your children like. Thank you for visiting.

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      Cynthia Mookkung 

      10 months ago

      Birthday poems may mother day


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