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Easy Article Writing Tips

Updated on May 29, 2013

In this article I will share some simple tips on how to easily write articles.

Write a List

The first and probably easiest way you can write an article is to come up with a list of top ten, twenty, etc items. First jot down these points, then start explaining, and elaborating on each of the point. You can define it, describe the positive and negative effects and implication, and state your own opinion on the topic. When you are finished write an introduction and a summary to the article. Make sure that you write different thing in the introduction and the conclusion. In the introduction you simply state what you are going to write about, why you feel it is important, and maybe even a simple, brief definition of the topic. In the summary, very briefly restate the effects and importance of the main points (not ALL the point, just the MOST IMPORTANT ones) of the article.

Record an Audio, and then Transcribe it

Another easy way to write article is to audio (or video) record it, and simply write out the content of that audio. This can be an interview, a university lecture, radio-, or TV documentary. There are also transcribing softwares available which will do it for you automatically. However, as with any other researched articles, make sure that you use multiple sources, and do not copy and paste, as that is called plagiarism, which is punishable by law. Another way to write it out is to jot down the major points of it, or to make an outline, which you can use to turn into a full article using the method described above.

Translate from Different Languages

If you speak (or just understand) a foreign language, you can translate from either offline (like books), or online source. However, again, use MULTIPLE sources, because translating from only one source is still plagiarism, which is illegal.

Hire a Freelancer, or a Ghost Writer

If you don’t like writing, or can’t find the inspiration, or even just not having enough time to do so, you can hire others to do so for you either on a project (article) basis, or on a regular basis. The great thing about these writers is that you do not need to reference back to the writer; you can post that article on your site or blog as your own work (and it is perfectly legal to do so too). There are a number of sites online, where you can hire freelancers and ghost writers, like, or You can also advertise in local newspapers if you need articles on a regular basis. The quality of these articles can vary quite considerably, so you still need to proofread, and edit (if necessary) them.

Write an Outline and Have Someone Else Turn it into an Article

The first point above, where you expand on a list can also be done by someone else. Just make sure that you state the purpose of your article clearly to the person who will write it, so you would get what you intended, and the writer would also have a clear guideline to follow.


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