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Easy Come Easy Go I Watched my Soul as She Went

Updated on January 1, 2012

Candels lit

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Head in the Sand, a Lost and Forbidden Land, this Broken Man
Head in the Sand, a Lost and Forbidden Land, this Broken Man
Head in the Sand, a Lost and Forbidden Land, this Broken Man

Easy Come Easy Go!

Pretty little thing

And a diamond Ring

Poetry Writes

And Other Stuff

Filled with Song and Dance

Sweet romance

Fire light

Never a fight

Candles lit

Over anxious



Sip of wine

Roses red

Dark Silken

Chocolate dip


Golden bubbly

Spirits tossed

Vision lost

My how Holly

Ghosts of

Forgotten past

A pit I dug

Unknown and frozen

Doors of Desperations

Butterfly she

Was perfected

Saucy lies

She flies

Easy she came

Harden she went

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 5 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      That shows and speaks alot to his loyalty to your mother,rjsadowski.

      Dedication and long sufferings seem to have go the way of the horse driven plow. But here we are today wondering if we should have stuck with the ways of old; instead of forging ahead, unchecked.

      All that glitters is not gold, we have become the dragon and answer to ourself wants and desires today. That is why there is so much divorce. An oath means little when the Government rakes in money from it daily hour after hour. And mocks it with unnatural abandon. What God has Joined together let No Man put asunder.

      Yes these are The End Times I do believe we are in this season. It is time for a change.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the sailor Man

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 5 years ago

      Beautiful but sad. When I was growing up, people got married for life. "In sickness and in health, till death do we part", really meant something. My father buried his wedding band with my mother when she died. I write about it in one of my short, sad stories.