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Eavey's Journey

Updated on April 15, 2013

Eavey Pulled her tattered thread-borne shawl tighter around her head in an effort to stave off the cold wind whipping through the cluttered alleyway. Slowly shuffling along the aged asphalt riddled with potholes as she worked her shopping cart from Dumpster to Dumpster searching for anything she could trade, or sell; for food or shelter from the winter night.

“Hey Eavey,” Phil shouted, “Ain’t you goin’ to the shelter t’night! ‘Sposed be a real chiller t'night. this o'le box sure ain't no place to be.”

She glanced over at a cardboard-box shelter and the smiling battered face of her friend peering from inside. “I’m goin-to, just takin a last look-see. Never know what might turn up.”

“This alley done been picked clean by now, you ought to be checkin down by the docks, more likely somthin gonna turn up there!”

“Prollly so…you goin to the shelter?”

“Directly I spect.”

“Come on; we can go together, might be somthin there to eat, sure ain’t lookin like much around here anyway’s.”

Phil climbed out of his make-shift shelter and after pulling himself up, walked towards Eavey, and then the two of them headed off towards the shelter.

The early morning sun still hadn’t crested the horizon, when Eavey left the shelter and started her daily journey. She pushed her cart down the alley behind a bakery. The smell of fresh bread brought a welcome, longing inside her, as she approached the loading docks of the facility. Trucks were being loaded and men were working hard to get the morning’s deliveries out.

One of the men, a new worker, saw Eavey and called out to her, “Hey you Bum, get out of here! We ain’t got nothin for you!”

“Chad!” the dock manager interrupted him. “Get back to your work, I’ll take care of her.”

“But Mr. Tenson, these bums are all over the city, it you let them…”

“Eavey not a Bum. I’ll explain later, now get back to your work.”

“Yes sir,” and Chad gave her a cynical glance, then turned back to his task.

“Sorry Eavey,” Charlie began. “He’s new; now how many today?”

“That’s ok Mr. Charlie, Ain’t nothin I ain’t heard before.” She smiled a toothless grin, “I hate to be a trouble fore you, but can I get five today?”

“You let me decide what's trouble; ok?” He walked over to the return racks from last night’s trucks.

“Will this be enough?” and handed her eight loaves.

“God Bless you Mr. Charlie, that’s more thana- plenty.” Charlie handed her the loaves and she placed them in her cart. Then she covered them with an old blanket.

“You don’t know how much this means.”

“Maybe I do, now do you need anything?”

“No, I’m doin fine. I really ‘preciate everythin.”

“That’s alright; you have a good day Eavey”

She smiled again and started off down the alley. Another twenty minutes found her behind the back of a large motel, where employees were taking out the morning trash.

Seeing Eavey approaching, one of the employees walked back inside and returned with the supervisor.

“Mornin’ Eavey”, Carl said over his unlit cigar sticking out of his mouth, “I’ve got a couple for you today.”

“That’s right kind of you Mr Carl, anythin’s a welcome.”

“Clara,” he said to the employee.” Beside my desk is a black plastic bag with some old blankets in it, would you bring them out for me?”

“Yes Sir Mr. Coulson.” And she went inside.

“The owner told me he’d have a couple more for you Thursday.” He said to Eavey as she wheeled her cart up. The employee returned quickly with the bag and handed it to her super. “Thanks Carla,” then he intern handed the bag to Eavey. “Hope these will help.”

“They will they really will, God Bless you Mr. Carl and you tell your boss-man the same for me Ok?”

“I will Eavey, now you take care ok?”

“Yes sir Mr. Carl, yes sir.” Shed again started off with her cart and it’s treasures. She walked down through the streets of the city, to an area most people pretend doesn’t exist. She stopped her cart in front of a rundown building in the projects and knocked on a door. A woman opened the door, and Eavey could hear children inside crying. She smiled at the woman, and handed her a bag of bread. "Hope this helps?”

The woman hugged her tightly indifferent to her smell and tattered clothing, “Thank you so much Eavey, thank you so much!”

Eavey smiled back, “Don’t you worrynone bout it. This all comes from good folks. Then she opened the bag, took out a new blanket and handed it to her. “You keep them children warm with this ok?”

“Why you give all this away and don’t keep none for yourself?”

“I keeps all I need, now you take care of those children, I’ll see you back a day or two.”

Thank you Eavey. And she went back inside. Eavey went to the next house on her mental list and gave them some bread and the last blanket, then she took the remaining bread to some of the other families on her list.

After her morning journey was completed, she set out on her daily quest to find more things she could sell, and barter with to get money for pencils and paper other children needed. Each night she would go to the shelter for her food and each morning she would make another journey to acquire food and blankets for the mothers and children in dire needs. Never keeping anything for herself, she continued to give what she could to take care of the ones she felt were less fortunate.

The City moved on around her everyday, people busily going about their way, never seeing Eavey and never knowing of the unsung things she did for others.


Note: This represents a Fictional Short story entry composition, any resemblance to real life individuals is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Title :: Eavey's Journey
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