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Economic Life and occupations

Updated on January 16, 2020
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Our Economy

My country’s economy:
Is truly short of calories1
Is a permanent patient
A patient on permanent drips2.

Our country’s economy
Without any calumny3
Has many enemies
At home and abroad
Who often behave like lords.

Our countries’ economies
Victims of their masters’ policies
Strangled4 by her own children:
The inspector and the collector
The trader and the custom.

My country’s economy,
Our snail pace economy
Yes, our millipede economy
Do not be a friend of the tortoise.
Wake up from your slumber!
Or should 1 add, your long coma.

Cherished and Sophisticated

Cherished and sophisticated they go,
Trying never to be old
Conscious always to be singled out
And their tongues should have no doubts.

But we the underprivilege
Whom none had acknowledge
Succumb and bow
To avoid to be devoured.

Cherish the cherished,
Cherish the sophisticated.

The Shopkeeper

There’s a saying I know:
‘Early to bed, early to rise’
This, my shopkeeper, does not know
Cos this saying though wise,
Does not apply to him.

But my shopkeeper believes in another saying:
‘The earliest bird catches the worm’
So he gets up early even before I start praying
At times even before mama gets the water warm

Then customers begin to flood in,
With a welcoming smile serves them all
Inviting so much money and gain in
To meet his family needs till late when his wife calls.

Money Speaks

Millions say money is nothing
But a thousand say it’s something.
‘Cos we can’t do without it
To pay rents, fees and to eat.

A good number say you are useless
Yet your absence gives them stress
And none has ever, ever rejected you
‘Cos in most situations, you speak; that’s true.

Millions further say you’re the root of some evil
Or should I say the root of all evil
But the pastor, priest, imam, and pope,
Without you cannot truly cope.

None prays to have you less,
All pray with much of you to be blessed
But most still say you’re the root of all evil
Yet all need you even the devil.

Tame your Emotions

Never had woman been loved
Like the love I have for you.
Never had man been so involved
Like the time I devote for you.

Your wildfire consumes me;
The plagues1 of love torment too;
Your inviting portrait-won’t let me be;
Restless my days and dreams have become too.

But all you say is ‘tame2 your emotions’
Then with a smile have command over your passions
Am still a student in uniform I pray you, do not help to deform.

The Pregnant Student

What I did in darkness
What I did in stubbornness
Has been exposed by light.

What I did in fear
What I did with a tear
Has actually confirmed my fears.

What we consumed in a corner
What we consumed together
Today makes me the lone sufferer.

Like Peter' to Christ
He denied me thrice
Threw me like a dice
And like Pilate2 washed his hands.

Dear sister, all lips now point at my direction
All fingers to my frustration.

Falling Apart

Two things can destroy friendship.
Two things can destroy courtship1.
They are money and men
They are money and women.
So experience has taught us.

All day there was joy abound
True comfort and love we found
We laughed and helped each other
Gladly obeyed each orders
Then like a thief it came in....

Your soft spoken chocolate woman,
Your rich handsome muscular man.
Then like bushfire consumed the harmony,
Which was as sweet as honey
And today we are apart. (2x)


Many a thing I do wrong
Many a thing poorly done
New strange desires I long
Are attributed1 to none but puberty.

The good, the bad and ugly fight in me.
Physical changes battle in me.
New hormones in me compete to live
Then like a wounded lion I begin to be.
The crises in me are at liberty.

Help me! Help me! Almighty God
Help me to cross the stubborn board
Help! parent-teacher - sister - aunt, oh Lord'
To understand the strangers in me,
Without your help, truly I can’t be.

© 2020 Tezeh Collins


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