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The IRS and Edna St Vincent Millay

Updated on February 22, 2013

"April comes like an idiot, babbling and stewing flowers." Edna St. Vincent Millay ~


It's Tax Time Again!

Well it's tax time again here in the USA. Time to hassle with the Internal Revenue Service one more time. The Cardiff coastal daisies are there to remind you that the month of April isn't all bad.

Here are some tax deductions you might have missed on your crazy ride with the IRS. I wanted to share them with you before you send in that paper work. This time of year we could all use a laugh!

Posted by Bankrate, Inc, and CPA's nationwide they are reportedly true.

The Newlyweds ~ A CPA reported his client wanted to deduct $50,000 in wedding expenses as a charitable deduction. Perhaps IRS rules for the church service were confusing.

One Famous Entertainer ~ The family manager recommended the purchase of a $2 million dollar building for office space. However, the manager found out it would take over 30 years to recover the expenses. The family accountants got a suitcase full of money to "make it work." The money refused, the accountants resigned.

The State Trooper ~ He wanted to write off his flattop haircuts for the year as a requirement for the job. His CPA advised him his employer also required a daily bath, not a write off.

Home Security ~ One client tried to write off her home security system because if she died in a home burglary she could no long pay taxes. I get it.

The Real Estate Professional ~ He wanted to write off dues and subscription expenses. Unfortunately the IRS doesn't consider adult magazine subscriptions a write off.

The Self Employed ~ She demanded a deduction of $30,000 in remodeling expenses for her home office. Unfortunately the area she remodeled wasn't her home office.

The Church Goer ~ He wanted to write off his donation to a sperm bank. Fearing prostrate surgery and possible impotency afterwards, he wanted to preserve his sperm for future generations. He felt his donation was a value to all of mankind.

The Minister ~ He wanted to write off his travel and entertainment expenses for the costs involved in the family traveling around the country in search of investment real estate. Unfortunately the preacher never found anything to buy. He hadn't purchased anything in years.

The Call Girl ~ She wanted to report her income to the IRS but wasn't sure how to label the income. She listed the hours she billed and her occupation as "public relations". I’m sure Charlie Sheen would agree.

So just breathe and remember you have until April 15th this year to file your Federal Income Taxes with the IRS. Hopefully the links below make it a little easier and a tax refund blooms. If not, take advantage of the Tax Day Freebies below or go for a hike and burn off some stress.

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