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I love books

Updated on January 23, 2015


How can someone who has never written a novel know how to write one? I have read several novels in my life; the latest one being kite runner, teaching a great deal about Afghanistan while before that I read robin Crusoe, a well known western classic on the concept of ideas, human society, and nature versus nurture debate which is also expounded on by prominent writers like malik bennabi.

Among the novels I have read, Muhammad Asad’s road to Mecca got to me and got me fully immersed after reading it in its entirety, it discusses a spiritual journey from Judaism to Islam and partly an autobiography. It has greatly impacted my life, though all books I have read have had impact on me to a certain extent.

The Quran is one the books that I have read not a novel and I read it for religious reason, it is the word of God and it contains wisdom on how to live life and warns about hereafter, it provides for my soul more so than my body, happiness is submission to God this is what it teaches me, I truly love this honorable scripture.

The other books I have read include: the slight edge, the petal of blood, things fall apart and plethora of online articles, on short concise information on books by the likes of butler Bowdon.

I have read books on the theme of work ethic, set in city of New York (ragged dick), novels of contemporary writers like John Grisham, Paulo Coelho and Jeffrey Archer, books by African writers and international bestsellers.

I have not read the yacoubian building but I have watched a movie created from the book while the rest are book related to work or career progression, not necessarily for personal development to get a liberal education.

Books provide a platform for personal development by giving you ideas, the related activities have done for personal development and entertainment include reading Wikipedia and other website such good reads, watching YouTube videos and ted talks mainly on the importance of reading and writers talking about their artist abilities.

I need to improve on my reading without necessarily been discriminative, I need to start reading just like the way someone starts writing in freewriting, we should just start and enjoy what we read to take us to the other world, the world of books where we witness the lives of the people we are reading about after all books have been written by writers who are expressing their thoughts to us so that we can understand what is happening in the world and know the way people in other countries or in the past lived or the thinking of different people in the world as opposed to reading instructional manual, we just need to get entertained and educated and not necessarily preached on or listening to opinions and speculations.

Reading makes us better writers and provides us a platform to engage with the world events and empathize with the human condition; it shapes our world view, to make us better human beings.



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