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Educating Him for Another Time

Updated on April 23, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


A man has two

Sons, who are twins

Those sons he has

Brought up alone for

His wife had died

When the children were

In their unit years

And he for his

Love for his wife

Vowed not to marry

Another woman. He kept

To his words of not remarrying

Faced the task of

Bringing up his sons.

He gave them the

Best that he could afford

Sacrificing things to bring

Them up. They have

Grown up and could

Do some things for themselves

Their father was sent

On official duty to

A another town. He

Left for the place

While leaving the place

He called home to

Tell them that he

Would not be passing

The night there, having

Finished the assignment, he

Cannot stay a day

Longer without being with them

The children were glad

That their father will

Soon be home with

Them. One of the Twins Second,

Called his First that

They should prepare something

For their father so

That when he arrives, he

Would have something to

Eat, the other replied

Him that, his father

Would have eaten where he was

For the consortium he

Was working with has

Made adequate provisions for

Members of staff who

Went and represent them

At that special that

Meeting, thus the First

Son would not move

From where he was

While the Second son

Says, he does not

Need to be lectured

About the company their

Father works with, what

He asks of him

Is that they would

Go and prepare something

For him to eat

When he returns. Assuming

What you said is right

What of if our

Father does not take

The last meal there

For the desire and

Joy of meeting with

Them? Apart from that,

Don’t you know that

He loves homemade foods than eating outside?

The First Twins would

Not bulge, you can

Do whatsoever you please

He replied his brother

As the brother went

To kitchen to start

Preparing their father’s best

Meal for he is sure

His father would be

Hungry by the time

He steps his feet

Into the house.


He will soon finish

With the food he

Was preparing and was

Waiting with their father’s arrival.

As stated his father

Arrived late in the

Night, for there are

Unforeseen developments on the road

Which makes a journey

Of 2 hours to almost

Be a journey of a whole

Day. He entered famished.

The children had been

Agitating before their father’s

Arrival for they know

He ought to have arrived earlier

His cellular line was

Not connecting when they

Called his line. They were

Disturbed during the time of waiting

They were however elated

To see him around.

He entered the house

In company of one

Of his associates in

The office who have

Gone to the meeting

Together. His own house

Is a bit farther

Than his’, and since

The journey has been

Disturbed by the unforeseen

Development on the road

He was persuaded by

His partner to sleep

In his house because

The road to his house

At that hour of the

Day could be dangerous

Lately, news has been

Awash with what terrorists

And other cattle herdsmen

Were doing on that

Road, kidnapping, killing and maiming

Yet with the government

Of the land looking

The other way because

Those people are his kinsmen

When the law enforcement

Agencies apprehended any of

Them, within 12 hours

They would have been released

What they would be

Told by those law

Enforcement agencies is that

“They received order from above

To immediately release those

People in their custody

Having known this, he

Advised his friend to sleep over

At his place while

They would call his

Family members to tell

Them that he is with him

When they called his

Family members to tell

Them that he has

Put up at his friend’s place

His family told him

That they have been

Worried that where would

He put up at?

For they also do

Not wish him to

Progress in the journey

To their place again

At that hour of

The day, considering what

The herdsmen and terrorists

Have turned the road to lately.

They hope to see

Him the following day

For it is better

That way they replied him.


Through this they settled

The issue of his

Family, whose minds would

Have been agitated were he to continue

With the trip. When

They got inside the

House of his friend

The Twins welcome them warmly

Their father asked if

They had prepared anything

For him because he

And his friends are famished

For the journey, which

They never thought would

Take that long. The

Twins who makes no provision

Told his father that

He thought he would

Come home with something

For them and had discouraged his brother

From preparing anything for

Him. The man agreed

That assuming he arrived

Early, that may not be needful

But what of when

They didn’t see him

Home at the expected time

Should they not have made some provisions?

The First Twins replied

That he never thought

It that way, his

Mind was he would

Have more than enough

And would come home

With enough for them

To even share with

As for the unforeseen

Development on the road

He thought he would

Have taken out of those things

He was coming home

With, and wouldn’t be

Famished according to his

Claim, he responded

His father was disappointed

In him for saying

What he said, and while

Looking bad, the Second Twins

Walked to him to

Him to tell him

That he has prepared

For him his best meal

Like he has known

He makes provision for

More than two people

Because he wants to eat with him

Having been a while

That he has left them

He desires to sit

At table to eat with him than anything he replied.

His father was happy

To ear this and was

Not speaking well to

The First Twins for

What he has done,

For all along he

Had thought he was

Wiser than his Second

But unknown to him

That he was not.

As he continued to

Speak unto him

His friend replied him,

It is good thing

That they are not

Thinking the same way

What we need to

Consider about this is

That, you must talk

To the First Twins

In case of other times

And of course for

When he would have

Family of his own

That no matter what

When someone is coming

From a trip, the

Ideal thing that should be done

By the person at

Home is to get

Meals ready for the

Person, whether the person would take it.

He has not known

Until now that such

Is not good, and

We need to let him know

That such is not

Good so that he

Would adjust himself

And brace up for future.



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