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The importance of effective communication within the work place

Updated on November 30, 2015

The importance of effective communication within the workplace

A business cannot truly function on its own without effective communication. No matter what field of work you enter into; communication will always play a vital role in the smooth operation of an organization. The increase of productivity stems from effective communication between a supervisor and his/her subordinates and between subordinates and their co-workers. The use of effective communication can improve productivity through motivating employees, avoiding confusion/misunderstandings, creating a sense of harmony, and through providing a clear sense of direction.

When an employee understands a task that is given he/she will feel motivated to execute the task with confidence. Therefore, the more information that is given to the employee the less time it will take for him/her to complete a task because the employee has an accurate understanding of what is to be done. Communication done this way will motivate employees to get their work done right the first time. This will then lead to an increase in productivity because each employee will not take as long to complete a task (Papa, 2014).

Confusion is very common in a workplace where there is little to no effective communication between supervisors and their subordinates. Untold hours of productivity are lost every month due to simple misunderstandings and communication breakdowns. This is because one group of persons think that their employers want a certain thing done a certain way where as another group may have heard something completely different. No one wants to ask the supervisor what it is that he/she really meant because the employee might feel imitated or afraid that they may be reprimanded for not understanding the first time. Employees like this will interpret the message in the way that they want to because of not wanting to ask. Therefore, effective communication is very important in order to create less confusion and more understanding (Papa, 2014).

It can also create a sense of harmony because each employee is on the same page and working towards accomplishing the same goal of the organization. Whenever an employee completely understands what is expected of them it makes it easier for him/her to guide and help other employees who may have not understood. This allows each employee to not only be accountable for themselves but also accountable for their fellow co-workers. In the long term this will also lead to increase in productivity because everyone already knows what tasks are to be done and the right way to do it (Papa, 2014).

Effective communication provides a clear sense of direction through helping employees to understand where they are on a certain task, where they need to go in order to ensure that it is being done correctly, and what it’s going to take in order for them to complete the task efficiently. Without a clear sense of direction employees tend to act like “a deer in headlights”. This causes employees to procrastinate because they are uncertain of what it is that their supervisor wants. A clear sense of direction motivates employees to achieve the end goal of an organization which leads to an increase in productivity and a decrease in down time (Papa, 2014).

Every business that wants to succeed and have longevity needs effective communication between their employees. Without it the organization may experience an early downfall before its even had time to stand on its own two feet. Communication done the right way helps to empower and motivate employees through helping them understand clearly what is needed to be done. It also gives them a clear sense of direction along with helping employees to utilize teamwork by allowing them to be accountable for their co-workers. When a business has a sense of harmony each task can be done without any road blocks or interruptions because each employee will be focused on completing their task efficiently.



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