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Egg n' Me On

Updated on May 12, 2010

I'm Cracking Up

You can egg me on

But you can’t make me go

If you want to move fast

When I want to go slow

You can tell me your yolks

But you can’t crack me up

If you want a good laugh

When I’ve got no giddyup

If I’m not in the mood

And I’m in a bad space

You’ll just look like a fool

With egg on your face

You can whip me

and beat me

And you can shake me


You can flip me

and roll me

All over the ground

No matter how you

treat me

I won’t make a


You can fry me

or poach me

And serve me

for supper

But it will all be in vain

Cause I’m a sunny side upper


If I were an egg

I’d want my own basket

To be in with a bunch

Well I just couldn’t hack it

I’ve seen you drop car keys

I’ve seen you lose money

And you’ve dropped the ball

But you ain’t dropping me honey

You see I’m an egg

And I know my place

I belong by your side

So I can get in your face!


There is nothing much worse

Than an inflated egg


I know you would say

There is far worser stuff

Like losing your shirt

And not having enough

Like blizzards and earthquakes

And famines and droughts

Or livin’ with someone

Who always shouts

But a person who has

An inflated egg


Is the worst kind of disaster

That could ever befall me

Cause I am so humble myself, you see


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