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Many Days Pass: Time Passes Slowly

Updated on May 10, 2013

Love Is Patient

It has been one hundred and twenty days since they last saw each other. As he thinks of how much time has passed without seeing her and hearing her voice, his eyes begin to swell with tears. His heart shatters like a fine crystal glass that slips from one's hand. His eyes close slowly as he fights the pain in his soul, as the thought of how much time will pass before they see each other again.

They are not worried, but the impatience of their desire for each others love and touch, and the need for them to express their love to each other rents theirs very soul. This is the first time he has ever had a woman touch the strings of love in his heart and he is the first man and only man who has touched the strings of her heart. Even if it was for a brief moment they have been forever joined in spirit and love.

A month has passed and there has been little communication between them. He still hasn't lost hope, his love and desire has not stopped growing for her and neither has her love and desire for him stopped growing and producing fruit.

Every day he falls on his knees and with his face on the floor, he cries to his GOD for his wife. "YAH! YAH!, our FATHER YAHVEH it is written you are good, Holy, and merciful. By your good love and grace help us, bless us, bless us our good FATHER bless us by your love and mercy. LORD, you know it hurts us to be separated from each other, and it hurts her as well for we are one and her love is in me and my love is in her. Our GOD YHVH look how much time has passed, have mercy with us, your beloved children. By your love, bring us together as you said it will be, FATHER help us to fight, YHVH Sebaot fight for us please. We ask in YAH'SHUAH's Name by Your Grace and Love for Your Glory, Amen."

An hour and a half passes, the man rises to his feet, his knees are shacking, and his cheeks glisten from the tears that poured from his eyes. With a deep exhale, he lifts his eyes to the heavens, smiles, and whispers “thank you.”

You see very few men are like Israel. There are not a lot of men with feelings, with sentiments, with love profoundly united with their spirit. This man is a unique soul, a soul of love, true and unconditional love.

Loneliness has been Israel’s companion for many years. Every day he wakes up with the same thoughts, questions, wonders, and feelings. He feels lost, and at times confused about everything. He knows what is written but he doesn’t always feel what is written. Thoughts enter his spirit that is contrary to the scriptures and it is a daily battle for him to not believe those negative thoughts and feelings. He knows that it is the spirit of satan that attacks him with those arrows and flaming darts that are lies and this is why he never gives up or surrenders. Even if he doesn’t feel good enough or worthy to be happy with a beautiful woman in love with him, he continues to hope and pray that his GOD YAHVEH will bless him.

Time passes, and not always quickly as he would like. With every passing day, Israel cries more for her and his woman cries for him. He has cried enough to nearly flood the world. His soul feels crushed; his spirit is torn from how long it is taking. Not sure, of why so much time has to pass he cries. Wanting to hear her voice, feel her touch and the warmth of her lips upon his, he cries even more. The need to express his love, to receive love and not having it physically fulfilled leaves him feeling broken, and ashamed.

Again he cries out to his GOD “FATHER you are good, and loving and their is none like You and I know I’m the least of your children, please have mercy with me. YAHVEH it is written that I am your son, your priest and king established by your Law and by the Messiah, Your Son YAH’SHUAH of Nazareth, every day I battle the spirit of satan who attacks me with thoughts and feelings opposite of what your word says. Help me please, I don’t understand why this is happening, I need Your help, I need more of You. FATHER I feel so lonely.” Day after day he cries out to the GOD of his father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. His knees have grown thick calluses, and his heart is growing them as well.

Time is not always a good thing for someone in love. Fortunately, true love has hope, a hope that never fails but waits to become a physical reality by the will of YAHVEH the Israel's Mighty One of Authority.


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