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Ekphrastic Poetry: Sysiphus

Updated on April 28, 2012

The circle ends there where it begins…

Going up and going down

Gods are mocking all around

The symbol of defeat

Condemned to repeat

Each mistake forever

On the edge of eternity

Their curse is here to say

That there is no way

To get to the top and stay

Your hard work to them

Is just a laughable play

I see the circles you dare not to see

Because you don’t think in terms of absurdity

But somehow you feel this life’s futility

You’re devoted to work that has to be done

Needing no faith, not even bad one

There’s just one work that has to be done

One after another

The cycle continues

Identical episodes

No notion of progress

The winters are cold, patterned with storms

The springs in occasion enriched with rain

Summers are hot, autumns depressing

As it has been, and always will be

Seasons will circle

Nothing will change

You’ll just get stronger

And muscles will grow

Then the rebel will stand up to say “no”

Thus affirming his place in this world

You’ll smile then and say

That there is no way

For this heaviness to stay

You will laugh at life then

Enjoying this absurd play

The circle ends there where it begins…


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    • Gentle Fist profile image

      Gentle Fist 5 years ago from Serbia

      I am glad to hear that about he language because I thought that in the last time I got a little rusty... It is primarily inspired by Albert Camus' "Myth of Sysiphus" and later with the painting. You truly encouraged me, thanks!

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Great use of language and even a way out finally for Sysiphus.