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Elderly Scars

Updated on March 19, 2017

I am just a little girl with an old woman's scars,
Lying on the grassy hill and staring at the stars.
I'm all alone with shadows, the only ones who stayed,
Shadows of this person who just sat there and decayed.

Is it really my fault? When darling, all I felt was pain,
'Cause I've got not a thing to lose, though not a thing to gain
Please don't say you'll miss me, or that things will surely will change
'Cause I been waiting lifetimes here, so anxiously engaged

And not a thing is changing 'cept my thinning, bare commitment,
If this is last I see you tell my mother it's persistent.
Tell her not to catch it too, lest she follow into bleakness,
Mother it was not my fault and I'm so sorry for my weakness.

Now I'm lying on this grassy hill, and staring at the stars,
I am just this little girl, with an old woman's scars.
But I can hear them calling out, "learn to help yourself,"
And that is when I feel for sure my sickness conquers health.

© 2017 Isabella Allred


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