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Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon by Mir Foote

Updated on December 4, 2016

Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon


Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon: Summary

Sometimes life has dragons. That doesn't mean you need a knight.

Princess Eleanor Rosaline loves being a princess. She loves dressing up. But Eleanor Rosaline wants to be more than pretty. She wants to know things. Then the dragon comes. And Eleanor Rosaline doesn’t want to be rescued. She wants to rescue herself.

Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon is a juvenile chapter book. It is written at a 2nd-3rd grade reading level. It can be enjoyed by all ages.

Book Excerpt

Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon
By Mir Foote


Chapter 1
Princess Eleanor Rosaline

Eleanor Rosaline loved being a princess. She loved wearing long pink dresses. She loved wearing roses in her hair. She loved her tiara and her bracelets and rings. She loved dancing. She loved being looked at.

“Aren’t you bored?” asked Princess Penelope. “I’m bored. We have nothing to do but look pretty.”

“I love looking pretty,” answered Eleanor Rosaline. But she thought about what her friend said. ‘It’s nice to look pretty,’ she thought to herself, ‘but I will be more than pretty.’

“Come princesses! Come young ladies! It is time for your Glamor Lesson!” The royal schoolmistress came out into the garden. All Eleanor Rosaline’s friends lined up. They were going to learn how to look their best. It was Eleanor Rosaline’s favorite class. It was better than Artful Swooning. It was better than Poise. It was way better than Art or Conversation. It was even better than Dance.

But on this day, Eleanor Rosaline thought about Penelope’s words. Was there more to being a princess than looking pretty? At least the princes and the lords all got to take Horse Riding and Dragon Fighting. All that princesses learned were Pony Sitting and Spectator Sports. Princesses were supposed to watch the boys fight, and swoon when things got scary.

Princess Eleanor Rosaline walked slowly behind the class on the way to their Glamor Lesson. She thought about her mom. Her mom was a great beauty. She spent her day walking in the gardens. Sometimes she sat on a throne next to Eleanor Rosaline’s dad. He was a king. The King would listen to people. He would tell people what to do. The Queen just sat and looked beautiful. Sometimes she would tell the King he was wonderful. Then her dad would sit up tall and proud.

I do like being a princess,’ thought Eleanor Rosaline. ‘I do like being pretty. I like to dress up and to play with my hair. I like putting ribbons on my pony. But I don’t want to be just pretty. I don’t want to tell a king he’s wonderful. I want to be wonderful myself.

As she thought these thoughts, her footsteps went slower and slower. It was like her thoughts were heavy weights. In fact, she walked so slowly that soon the royal schoolmistress and all the children were out of sight.

Eleanor Rosaline did not mean to sneak away. But somehow, as she was slowly walking by the library, her feet stopped walking. She looked into the Royal Library. It was filled with books and scrolls of every kind. The shelves went up so high one needed a ladder to reach the top.

Princesses do not read books. They read poems in Art. They read about scores in Spectator Sports. That’s all. Eleanor Rosaline never wanted to read a book. Now, she looked at them.

Maybe,’ she thought, ‘there’s a book about a wonderful princess.’

There were books about knights and books about kings. There were books about cakes and books about gardens. There were books about laws. There were books about animals. Finally, she found a book about princesses.

It was not a very good book. It said princesses are pretty. Eleanor Rosaline knew that. It said princesses get kidnapped by dragons. Or giants. Or witches. They swoon. Then a prince rescues them. They get married. The End.

Yuck,’ thought Eleanor Rosaline, ‘What if the prince is horrid?’ She didn’t like all the boys in the palace. Prince Gallant liked to put worms in her hair. What would she do if Prince Gallant rescued her from a dragon? She didn’t want to marry him. Why did she have to wait for a prince to rescue her? If princesses are always kidnapped, why don’t they have Dragon Fighting Lessons? It seemed like a useful skill for a princess to have.

She found more books to read. That day, Eleanor Rosaline did not go to her Glamor Lesson. She did not go to Art or to Conversation. She was nowhere to be found during Dance or Pony Sitting. She did not Swoon. That day, Eleanor Rosaline learned something new. Princess Eleanor Rosaline loved to read.

Chapter 2

Princess Penelope

After that day, Eleanor Rosaline loved the library. When the other girls watched the boys fight, she read. When the other girls practiced swooning, she read. When the other girls dressed up, she dressed up too. She still loved dressing up.

The King and Queen didn’t know what had happened.

“You used to be so good at lessons,” said the King. “You always got top marks in being pretty. Now you’re always reading!”

“The Royal Schoolmistress says you have been asking questions,” said the Queen. “School isn’t for asking questions! Don’t you like being pretty?”

“I love being pretty,” Eleanor Rosaline answered. “I also love to read.” Reading made her think about the world. That’s why she asked questions. A book said clouds are made of water. Another book said giants live in clouds. She wanted to know how that worked. Giants are big. Even small things fall through water. Were giants like ducks? Were they made of wood? She wanted to know. The Royal Schoolmistress was not helpful. She didn’t know about clouds or giants.

“Princesses don’t read,” said the King. He frowned sternly.

“But Daddy,” Eleanor Rosaline said, “I am a princess and I read. Don’t you want me to be happy?” Then she looked up at the king with big eyes. Her lip quivered. This was called Tragic Pose 3 in Poise class. You practiced it by looking at puppies. Eleanor Rosaline got a gold star in Poise class for her Tragic Pose 3.

“Of course I want you to be happy,” said the King. He didn’t look stern now. He looked lost. The Queen frowned. She had been a princess once. She knew about Tragic Pose 3.

“We want you to be a good princess,” said the Queen. “Good princesses do not read.”

“A good princess is pretty in every way,” answered Eleanor Rosaline. “I will have a pretty mind.”

“No more reading,” said the King.

Eleanor Rosaline gave him the full power of Tragic Pose 3.

“Er…during class,” the King said, “No reading during class.” Eleanor Rosaline agreed.

Her friends didn’t know what had happened either.

“You’re no fun anymore,” said Lady Lottie. “You just read read read.” Most of the other girls nodded their heads.

“No I don’t,” answered Eleanor Rosaline. “I’m playing right now. We’re putting on jewelry.”

“You don’t watch the boys fight,” Lady Lottie said. “You don’t swoon. Prince Gallant put a worm in your hair and you didn’t scream. You didn’t cry. You picked it up! You put it in the garden!”

“So I did,” said Eleanor Rosaline, “Did you know worms are good for gardens?”

“Worms are just icky!” said Lady Lottie. “You touched an icky worm, so you’re icky too! Icky icky Eleanor!” Then all the girls walked away. They didn’t march or stomp. Princesses do not march or stomp. They glided. Eleanor Rosaline was left alone. She felt her lip quiver. This was not for Tragic Pose 3. Her lip did it all on its own.

“I’m not sad,” she said to the mirror, “I’m angry.” She wished that was true. She didn’t want to care.

“They’re mean,” said the mirror. Eleanor Rosaline jumped. Was it a magic mirror? But then the mirror moved and Princess Penelope came out.

“Is that a secret passage?” asked Eleanor Rosaline.

“No, just a tiny room,” said Penelope, “I go there to be alone. No one likes me. I never get gold stars for Glamor or Poise. I’m horrible at swooning. Sometimes, I don’t want to be a princess!”

“I like you,” said Eleanor Rosaline. She had no idea the other girls were so mean. They were never mean to her before.

“Are worms good for gardens?” asked Penelope.

“They are,” Eleanor Rosaline answered, “I read about it. Do you like to read?”

“I’m not good at reading,” answered Penelope, “The letters go funny. It’s like trying to read the ocean.” Eleanor Rosaline did not know what she meant. How could words be like the ocean?

“Never mind,” said Penelope. “I’m not good at anything.”

“You are good at being a friend,” said Eleanor Rosaline. “You are the best at that.” Penelope smiled.

“What if I read the books with you?” asked Eleanor Rosaline. “Maybe you will get better. I used to hate Dance. Prince Gallant always stepped on my toes. Then I danced with Lord Leroy instead. Dancing was fun with Leroy.”

So the two princesses went to the library. Together, they read a book about horses. Penelope loved horses. From that day on they were best friends. They did everything together. Then the dragon came.

Chapter 3


The King and Queen were overjoyed. Everyone was excited. A dragon was big news. The boys bragged. They said they’d fight the dragon. The girls swooned. They said it was too scary. Eleanor Rosaline and Princess Penelope did not swoon. They didn’t brag either. They asked questions.

“Why is everyone happy?” asked Eleanor Rosaline. “Don’t dragons kidnap princesses?”

“Of course they do!” answered the Royal Schoolmistress. “That’s why we’re happy! We need dragons and giants and witches. Otherwise, princesses stay safe. Then princes don’t rescue them. Then the princess doesn’t get to marry a prince!”

“So you want us to be kidnapped?” asked Penelope.

“If we’re lucky, the dragon will kidnap all of you before it’s slain.”

End of Excerpt

Liked the Excerpt? Why read the whole book?

Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon
Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon

Sometimes life has dragons. That doesn't mean you need a knight.

Juvenile Chapter Book: 2-3 grade reading level


© 2014 Mir Foote


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    • Mir Foote profile image

      Mir Foote 3 years ago

      Thanks, I hope your students enjoy it!

    • Jadeofheart profile image

      Jadeofheart 3 years ago

      Pretty good story! Love it! Exactly what i.m looking for my students!! Thanks!