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Elixer: A Boring Book That Doesn't Know What It Wants To Be

Updated on March 9, 2016

A Boring Book That Doesn't Know What It Wants To Be

Elixir by Davis Bunn

This is yet another book found in a budget bin. Which isn’t such a bad thing. I have found some great treasures discounted to next to nothing. This book had a synopsis that read, “A reluctant man must uncover a conspiracy of pharmaceutical company before they kill him.” The cover epically shows a man on the run for his life with a test tube in the foreground. So as I look at this. I think, why not? I like an espionage novel every once and a while. It might be really good, so I thought it was worth a try.

The story follows a man named Taylor. He works in one of the high ranks of a small pharmaceutical company. And because it is such a small company, it must merge with the pharmaceutical giant Revell to survive. But there is catch. Revell is owned by rich family that has a bad history with Taylor. Years ago, Taylor dated the daughter and she disowned her father and family in the process. Her name was Kierra, and unlike her family she wasn’t money hungry and had no desire to support the company. As Taylor must confront this family Kierra’s sister pulls him aside. She claims that Kierra is in trouble and the only contact she had with Kierra is a note that pleads for Taylor to come and help her. Taylor turns down the offer. After a history of cheating on Kierra and losing her because of it, he feels that he shouldn’t do it. Amanda is determined to force him to do it. With the company behind her, she blackmails him to do this. Taylor the goes looking for Kierra with very few clues. The journey takes him from America to Europe. In the process he uncovers the weak long winded plot that this book contains.

The bad? It is falsely advertised. It’s not an action novel like was portrayed to be. But is a tiny problem, compared to everyone else. This book just doesn’t know what it wants to be. It begins with the vibe of the best of Ludlum’s espionage novels. It randomly travels up and down memory lane following his relationships and how he grew up. At other parts the book feels like a poor detective mystery. The book randomly has follows Taylor as he tries to fins his faith. Other times it feels a little bit like a spy thriller. There are also ill placed love scenes. Now I love genre blenders. When a lot of genres intertwined together perfectly, the results can be amazing. But this author doesn’t know how to this. The book was a very big mess because of this.

The good? Well there is not much to say. This book is just not very good.

So as a whole the book is bad. It ends up as book about Taylor’s self-discovery more than anything else. And that bored me to death. But if you like that sort of thing, go for it. But I don’t have anything good to say.

1/2 a smoothie out of four

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