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Elizabeth Gilbert's "Committed"

Updated on March 25, 2010
Committed in 2000.
Committed in 2000.

I am not a big fan of reading bestsellers for the most part, but Elizabeth Gilbert sold me in her first memoir: " Eat, Pray, Love". So when I found out her new book "Committed" was available on my, I ordered it right away. This book takes up where her first book lets off, and we learn she must go through more trials to be with her soul mate.

Gilbert is a woman after my own heart. She takes adversity and tries to find a way to make it more of a learning experience. She spends her time researching the topic of marriage and offers the reader a fascinating amount of information on the subject. She captures her audience in her writing keeping us wanting to read more of her travails.

One thing that I found in this book that I also have seen in people who are unable to move forward after a divorce is the FEAR inherent in making any kind of commitment. It seems as though the upcoming generation of which Elizabeth is part and parcel of, has no clue how go about creating another intimate relationship. This seems to be more of an issue for men, and yet statistically speaking, men often remarry faster than women do. One of the sad ironies Gilbert offers us is the fact that marriage is better for men's mortality than it is for women's. Women do nor fare well, and I can attest they seem to work a helluva lot more than men do in their given roles, especially if children are involved.

Gilbert offers the reader a good look at both her respective upcoming marriage and the institution in general. I am pleased I was not a commitment phobe as she was else I would never have found the love of my life. The fourth time is the charm.


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      faith weedn 7 years ago

      i think its the most honest interesting book Iv.e ever read. Im going thro an extraordinary dvorce and i didn.t realise another person could feel and write about the things she does. The book brought my blood pressure down and i stopped having nightmares That my husband couldn.t breathe.... hes been on oxygen at night for years and i was always leaning over in bed to put it back on. He suddenly left me and left chaos ,bills horses ranch etc. I should love to meet elizabeth and felipe . my youngest son is married to a Brazillian and their marriage is atriumph they couldn,t speak each others language for 3 years! Tanira struggled with the marriage vows.... No jooste im, im im pedi, pedi we all leant forward until she managed the ment part . loved both books but Committed should be in every language and mandatory reading before marriage.