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One Year Old, One Year Wiser?

Updated on March 9, 2017

Okay, friends. I feel that the time has come to share my stories with the world in spite of how incredibly amusing they can actually be... that is if you aren't in my shoes and aren't going through these unfortunate events in the times that I perfectly have timed them. Sometimes I think I am just a fluke in this progressing universe because I've actually never come in contact with somebody my age who has such tragic yet laughable instances occur. Let me start off by saying this: it may or may not be an "Elizabeth thing." Time to continue with an invigorating little tale about how I, Elizabeth, the most cautious and painstakingly apprehensive 17 year old girl, crashed my dear mother's Toyota Highlander when things were finally looking up for the new year. Let the irony commence.

So here's me. I just got my license in December, right? And here comes January, and new year, new resolutions, in my mind. Meaning that sure, Elizabeth, you can get through at least the first couple months of 2017 without screwing up too badly. Being that I just survived the last few weeks of 2016 barely escaping my mom's wraths about how I need to be more responsible and trustworthy, this little situation that went down yesterday was really just the worst fate possible for me. Of course, though, as I've learned over the course of my not-so-smoothsailing childhood, I typically get stuck with feeling bogged down with all the disappointments I've encountered or let my folks down with. Now this makes me sound like a troublesome gal. In all honesty, I am far from one. Or try to be. I might just be the most competent, disciplined, and reserved person out of everyone I know. I just happen to have a life that resembles somewhat of a theatrical reality television series. No, but seriously, between my daily squabbles with my mom about how many layers of clothing are suitable to wear to school in the wintertime -- hello, I'm 17, thank you, is this really that critical to my existence at the moment? -- and my constant tears about my GPA and daunting college-bound future, I can vouch for others who have been or are in my position. So where were we? Back to the juicy stuff. Oh yeah, the car thing. Every junior in high school's most discussed topic.

I had just dropped off a close pal at her house and was rolling through the streets with my other friend on the way to tennis practice, never expecting what was about to hit me (literally) and my life path that was actually going pretty decently at that moment. I mean, I'd gotten all my homework organized, was in the clear with my overprotective mom who usually calls me every 5 seconds, and on top of all of this, the greatest part of it all, I had been allowed to take the car for the evening and wasn't given a tough time about it! Too good to be true? Of course, when you're me. Sometimes I think to myself, okay this state of serenity can't last... I better brace myself for the next heart-straining, brain-squeezing incident to rock my world for the worse. But this time, zero thoughts of this passed through my mind. I continued cruising down the neighborhood feeling calm and in control of everything. Needless to say, the following couple seconds were completely unexpected.

I had totally not accounted for that cursed stop sign at the end of this one street... don't ask how I could be so ignorant, but yes, this did happen. I basically ended up colliding straight into a moving Triple A company truck that was driving perpendicular to me. And was this just a little scratch on my car like I was praying for it to be in that split second after it dawned on me what I'd just done? Ha, if I were that lucky, I would've also probably had my own car by then, which I'd been saving for for years and was so very close to finally getting. That's besides the point, though. So everyone ended up unscarred physically from this dumb move of mine, but I did have to pull over, call the police, and step out from the drivers side door to painfully see the destruction my timid self had created. The entire front right side of my mom's car was laying in the middle of the street after flying off right before me and my startled best friend's very eyes. The guilt sunk in almost immediately and so here's me, looking like the biggest dimwit, walking shamefully over to this kind Triple A guy with my cute pom pom keychain still in hand... you know, because this man dressed in work jeans and a hard hat REALLY cares about how I'm so pettily and obviously up to date with my fashion trends.

Long story short, the cops pulled up to the scene and listened to my apologetic pity party about how I was more than sorry and never saw the stop sign and that I am an inexperienced driver, this was my mother's car, and I would take full responsibility. When it comes to the police, I know better than to not play games. Thankfully, my words of distress appealed to these two tolerant officers, and I wasn't in the amount of trouble that I would've been in if I got stuck with some old, rough guys who find it amusing to get some young know-it-all teens into a mess and then whip them into shape to boost their own egos. So that part was working out for me. When Officer O. eased the situation over by saying he's got a daughter of his own who also can be a little mindless at times, I realized that life is life. I was just experiencing a low valley in mine. As it played out, yes I was slightly bombarded by my parents who went to all ends of the world hoping to instill in me the idea that I would have to clean up my own messes, but this wasn't such a drastic thing when I really reflect on it. Yes, I would end up getting my driving privileges taken away for a month or so which makes me feel even more chained to my boring daily routine than ever, yes I would have to fork over a tad over $1,000 that I had tucked away in my savings account that was all set up to be invested into my precious car, and yes, I would end up loathing myself and my dumb moments for that week, but after that week --or few weeks --of being rattled, I came out a tougher person.

I mean, I’ll take what I can get. If that means practicing a little extra with my dad so that I don’t accidentally almost cause serious fatalities, then thats what I’ll do. In life, the best results come from the hardest times; that is something I have learned repeatedly through these rocky years that are also the most pivotal years. So yes, I will get a car, and probably sooner than I think if I don’t think about it. For now, though, I've just got focus on all of the fun college preparation there is for me this spring of junior year and getting through the upcoming prom dress crisis that is bound to smack me across the face anytime now.

Until next time, world. This will mark the start to many more genuine tales to come to enlighten you all. Get ready and fasten your seatbelts! Who knows when the next stop sign will pop up out of nowhere in life...




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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      20 months ago from Queensland Australia

      This was a very good first hub, Elizabeth. I enjoyed reading it even if it was a rather unfortunate experience. We all learn from our mistakes and it was just fortunate you or anyone else wasn't injured. Parents always forgive their kids.. Eventually. Welcome to HubPages, and good luck with choosing that prom dress.


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