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Elle Erotica Gallant

Updated on May 8, 2012

Dedicated to Mary Chapman


Into the ibis
My Yemaya, Uriah
Deathless and Motherless
I step into the fire
Gabriel leading me
To heavens on higher
We weave immortality
Then bleed in the choir
Sanctum Sanctorium
The moonlight Mariah
Unsheathes the tapestries
Of a new world messiah

Maybe I know the way
Maybe I am lying
Maybe I will come again
Like a lamb from a lion
In a world full of sins
With all secrets entwined

I am

The circus is over
Her first hundred years
Are as free as the air
That I breathe in her tears
Sweet Jesus believe in us
Not in our fears
Oh Luna
The ancient lake dragon is speared
Inferno L'Innocence
As Winter appears
The cult of the kings
At the crossroads of Tyre

Many hath thrown away
Many have come near
Many sleep on the waves
Of the last ones to hear
It's a whirlpool so thin
Yet imprisoned you here

Like I am

Sing song to Venus
The vanishing siren
To Mithra and Nero
To Vladimir and Ivan
Historic erosion of man
From the island
Like quicksands in Eden
This great rite of Hymen
La Rose d'Amoure
Osiris in Mayan
Night and Day runaway
To find us in Zion

Made in thy image
Then made in my own
Made of thy imagery
My maiden of stone
Make me a better man
For all I have known
As this manna bird's mysteries
Lead me to home

As this manna bird's mysteries
Lead me to home

As this manna bird's mysteries
Lead me to home

To home, to home

To home


Poetic Notes and History on by Blake4d

This is a Poem / Song dedicated to my friend, mentor, teacher and groovy lady Mary Chapman. When I met her she had not yet remarried, and her name was Mary Berry. She and I were friends most of all, but she was my teacher in the ways of Wicca. I was very lucky for not many pagans in America come from the original bloodlines and the old ways as Mary is. Not to be rude, but Mary is in a class outside of most spiritual teachers I have had a chance to meet. She was as much a human being as she was anything in her heart. Anyway, this poem was something that came to me during a period of spiritual crisis I suppose you would call it. But it ended up being a rather grand breakthrough for me at the time. I wrote it in 1997 and have only achieved this level of art a few times since. At least in my opinion. It is my most pure thoughts on the outcomes of history, on the struggles of mankind for truth, of the wars and problems we face on this planet, and in a certain way is my song to the sirens. The ones that are the muses that allow my writing, my music, my work and my life to play out. I am happier every day for their part in my world. I don't think I can claim this work as my own, because deep down it was only my hands that wrote the words. The rest came from somewhere else entirely.

Hub Patron of the Arts Contest 2011/ Poetry Submission # 6


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    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thanks Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      This was a great read. Don't think I could inspire myself to right such poetry but you do it well. I express myself much more simply.