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Elm Street Chapter 1

Updated on September 4, 2017

Chapter 1

Its a calm Autumn evening. Colored leaves flood the empty playground. The wind whirls and whistles a ghostly song. A swing seat waves back and fourth, the metal bars creaking with each motion.

A teen girl walks cautiously towards the playground. She has medium length hair, kept up in a pony tail. The girl seems to walk with a bit of unease. She is wearing a sports jersey and shorts. Typical bed attire for a teen girl.

Next to the swing set is a tunnel, which leads to a small square shaped play pen. The girl moves onto the playground now. She takes a peek into the tunnel. Darkness moves ahead, making the tunnel seem endless.

Suddenly she feels a soft tap on her shoulder. She turns to see a young girl, in a pretty blue dress. The girl is holding an old tattered teddy bear. This young girl speaks softly. "You don't want to go in there." The teen looks at her and asks. "Why?" "The man in the dirty red and green sweater is in there."

She peaks back in, still just darkness. "There is no one in there." she peaks back at the girl. "How about I go in there for you. Show you there is nothing to be afraid of." The young girl steps back. "I wouldn't do that if I was you." The young girls tone changes. Like there is something sinister to it.

The teen girl steps into the tunnel, even with her small frame it still feels a bit cramp in here. She takes a peak back and the young girl has disappeared. Outside the tunnel its suddenly turned dimmer. The wind continues its ghostly whistle.

She crawls down the dark tunnel, which never seems to end. After some time she finally starts to see a glimmer of light. She heads for it, taking one last peak back behind her. "What the hell?" As she gets out of the tunnel we find it led to hall of some school. She goes to turn and behind her is nothing but wall. The tunnel suddenly disappeared. "I warned you." A soft but taunting voice tells her. It sounds like the little girl's voice from earlier.

She goes running down the dim lit halls. The young girl's voice giggling maniacally. "Freddy's going to get you. You better hide."

She gets to a stair case leading up. Slowly going up the stairs, each step echoing. The stairs turn ever so slightly. She gets to the top turning to another hallway. Just as empty and dim lit as the last.

The teen girl moves towards the window which overlooks the school courtyard. She takes a peak outside. Rain falls on the school grounds. Something catches her attention, something that sends goosebumps down her entire spine. A man is standing out there in the rain. A dirty man in a red and green jumper, a dusty fedora a top his head. He stares at her with a sharp grin. His face horribly disfigured, bones and muscle showing. Razor blades extend from where finger nails should be on his right hand. Blood drips down from his hand where the blades are shoved in.

She wants to look away but can't help but stare. It's like she is drawn in. Lightning flashes and he disappears. She seems to snap out of her daze. "Quick. Hide. He's coming for you." The young girl's voice tells her.

She frantically bolts down the hallway, almost tripping. Ahead a classroom door sits open. The sign reads 'Work Shop'. She runs into the room and quickly shuts the door. Then drops to the floor, with back against the door. Taking a brief moment to catch her breath.

On the floor next to her is some sort of box. It's adorned in carvings which resemble something out a horror film. She picks it up and examines it. Carved along the box are floating heads, with long ghostly tails. The carvings are a bit crude but do have some features. On the heads are black, soulless eyes, and sharp fangs. Fire surrounds them and what appears to be a scared girl kneeling below them.

In the far end of the room, jackets and bags hang. One of the jackets suddenly starts to move. She sets down the box and slowly starts to move toward the rack. The box creaks open behind here and starts to play a melody. She peaks back for a moment but doesn't pay it much mind.

"One, two Freddy's coming for you." The melody sings from the box. It's a duo of ghostly sounding girls. The song pauses a beat as she continues moving toward the rack. "Three, four better lock your door." Click. The door knob turns.

"Five, six grab your crucifix." She is getting very close to the rack. "Seven, eight gonna stay up late." She is right by the rack now. "Nine, ten never sleep.." The movement stops, as she reaches for the jacket. "...again." All goes quiet.

She gulps, as her heart thumps rapidly. Then pulls the jacket back. No one is there. Relief should wash over her but she can feel something is not right.

The class door slowly creaks open. She starts trembling, too afraid to look behind her. Something begins tapping against metal. It sounds like fingers tapping. Then the horrid sound of metal scraping against pipes draws towards her rapidly. Coming to an abrupt halt. She can feel the warmth of someone's breath behind her, hear the wheezy breathing of someone.

"Found you." A grisly voice says from behind her. Then chuckles.

She turns around to see the man from outside right in front of her. He stares at her with an intensity. Like an animal eye its prey, something primal.

"Now we can have all sorts of fun."

She screams as he gives another chuckle.

Beep. Beep. We sit in a small hospital room. Two woman sit asleep in the corner. One looks middle aged, the other in her teens. A third girl lays in the hospital bed, hooked up to IVs and life support. They appear in a deep sleep. On closer look we can see its the same teen girl.

The teen girl in the corner wakes up. She has long dark brown hair, and is quite pretty in an almost goth kind of way. She walks over and places her hands on the feet of the bed. "I have to get going Tina." Tears fill her tired eyes. "Please wake up soon."

She leaves the room, and we hear the sound of the burned man chuckling.


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