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Embrace of A Vampire Erotica

Updated on January 22, 2016

Embrace of a vampire

This was by far my favorite thing to write so far.

I loved vampires long before everything went on with all the twilight movies and all the vampire diaries stuff.

I'm a huge fan of anything vampire and I also love anything fantasy.

That's pretty much the reason why i write what the way i do mixing together Vampirism and erotica.

Sometimes I write more about other fantasy creatures,

But vampire's and zombies as well as elf's have to be what i love the most.

I hope any of you that read this love it as much as i enjoyed writing it.

Vampire fiction has been pretty huge in recent times because of all the movies and books been released.

It's usually aimed at teenagers...

But some amazing books and shows are also for adults.

I'm a sucker for all the teenage drama stuff,

but I love the stuff that's much more mature instead if just been for kids and what not.

I think vampire erotica is something that is just gonna get bigger and bigger!

people love vampires and they also love sex.

Mixing both of these things together will be amazing.

If vampires were real i would be curious to see what it was like to sleep with one.

I think deep down everyone would.


a few people would probably hate them and maybe even try hunt them.

people would find them rather hard to accept.

Especially religions!

They would just have to lean to accept them after a while as they would be here to stay.

I think in history maybe they might of existed.

There is much we don't know about the ancient world.

There is much we will probably never find out...

I think it's really sad to be honest when i think about it.

Imagine how much more advanced we could be if we knew more.

About the story

This is a little thing I would like to say about the story...

The main character is a young male that been out with his friends at his local tavern as we all do when we reach a certain age.

Then he gets taken as he walks home.

He wakes up in a small room with hardly any light inside.

A beautiful woman is stood looking at him as if she was watching him sleep.

After that a lot of very sexual things start to happen.

I hope to write more of this story,

I just wanna see how this one goes first.

How Sexy Are Vampires?


They are some of the most attractive supernatural creatures out there.

Vampires have always been a big Gothic fantasy to a lot of people.

They're very poetic and just the thought of them is beautiful.

They usually look a lot like humans in modern day.

The only real difference is they can't die unless it's with a wooden stake.

They have beautiful eyes and usually long hair.

They have different clans and what not.

Usually they only drink from humans.

But some of them in books and shows now drink from animals as well.

It's really strange to think that they go from one extreme to another.

They are much faster than humans and are also much stronger.

The ultimate predators of the night.

I think that's part of what makes them really sexy!

The fact that they could kill you any moment.

If you pissed them off they could easily take your life away.

But if you give them what they want then they will treat you with love and respect.

To them you are probably just a toy that they can do as they please with.

I guess some of them will actually feel love towards you.

In most fantasy books with vampires on they usually tell a story of love and deep romance.

i love anything with real romance as it's very hard to find in the modern world.

No poets write words of beauty about those that they love and songs are very rarely written about true love.

I think the world could do with more deep romance instead of just the lust we have in the modern era.

I think as time goes on we may get it back again.

At least i hope we do...


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