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Embracing Winter's Warmths.

Updated on January 2, 2010
Embracing Winter's Warmth.



It hangs with an icy grip 
on the crisp edges of November,
waiting to drop in 
with the howling shrieks
of the North winds fury.

Its chilly glare haunts you
when a frigid breeze, 
disrupts the leaves of October.

It longs to bed us down
in white blankets,
a hyper-nation, 
a hibernation 
of shivering souls,
enslaved in ice castles
as we light burnt offerings 
to its vast powers.

But there is 
something to be said
for the warm comfort of 
two snuggling,
as the world is buried
in a crystallized tomb.

It is a quiet place,
muffled by the frozen 
condensation of most noise.

Endless splendor lies untouched,
diamond studded in the 
seldom seen, bedazzling sun.

The crunch of four feet,
tempting it's bite,
and two hands sharing fingers
creates the music of love.

Each brittle note thaws
in the souls of those 
who find contentment
in Winter's charms.


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