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Emily Harper Chapter 1

Updated on September 7, 2011

Chapter One: Emily Harper

Ten year old Emily sits slouched down on the long white church pew. Her feet dangling several inches from the floor. She slowly begins to swing her right foot, her left foot following close behind. She smiles as her light-blue shoes appear and disappear from her sight. Becoming lost in the swishing of her pleated skirt and the creaking of the pew. Stopping suddenly when her mother places her hand on Emily's leg. Emily looks up to the pulpit from the front row seeing her father's look of disapproval.

"Be still" whispers Bethany; Emily's mother.

Emily looks down into her lap. The organist begins to play a hymn on the organ. With a nod of his head the organist leads the congregation into "Morning Has Broken". Not wanting to sing, she mouths the words. There were sounds coming from the open windows that pulled her thoughts from signing. Sounds from the outside world that threatened to send her running out of the church.

The birds chirping, "Come play! Come play!" The smell of sweet honeysuckle and freshly cut grass sent chills from her head to her toes. Almost feeling the cool dewy grass between her toes. How she wished she could go outside. It was the last weekend of Summer vacation and church was the last place she wanted to be. Her family had just moved to Marshall a few days ago. Her father, Reverend Benjamin Harper had been assigned to this church. They had spent the last few days moving into the small two-story house behind the church. But it didn't feel like home to Emily. Her home was in Jacksonville with her Uncle Jack and Aunt Jessie and their dughter Elizabeth. They had lived together most of her life and it was the only home she knew.


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      What a great beginning to Emily's story. I can so relate to her swinging her feet and her mother stopping them. I'm hooked on Emily. Voted up.

    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 6 years ago from USA

      You are such a wonderful writer. I am following you because I want to see this story to the end. Smile!

    • James Halpin profile image

      James Halpin 6 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      Thank you for you comments. Stay tuned for more as Emily starts to interact with more of the people of Marshall

    • profile image

      nikashi_designs 6 years ago

      Really well done on this, short and perfect visuals, I can actually see the whole scene in my head. It is difficult to to pack up and move after a lifetime of memories. I m certain that Emily will be okay with time, children adapt very quickly. Welcome to Huppages.


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