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Emily Harper Chapter 1 Part 3

Updated on September 16, 2011

Chapter 1 Emily Harper

Emily sits with her knees tightly squeezed together. She's never sure what to do with her hands so she lightly folds them on her lap. "Sit like a lady." is what her mother would say. She stares down at her light skinned hands. She begins to rub the fabric of her skirt when she notices something shiny on the floor. Leaning forward she tries to get a better look

"That's my bat," spoke the boy on her left.

Looking into the boys eyes she becomes lost in his chocolate brown eyes.

"My name's Will," whispers Will, nervously as he averts his eyes from her gaze to the front of the room.

Flushing with embarrassment, she turns her head to watch Mrs. Grey. "What Position do you play?"

Shyly, "I play first base," whispers Will,"Do you like baseball?"

"I was the best short stop back home!" exclaims Emily a little too loudly.

Mrs. Grey stops with her scribbling in the attendance book. Will and Emily slouch down in their seats, giggling softly.

"We're having a game after church," invites Will,"You should come along."

"That would be great whisper Emily,"But I can't. My mom says its not lady like."

"Oh," sighs Will.

"William!" calls Mrs. Grey, "Is there something you would like to share with the class?"

Emily and Will quickly sit up in their seats. "Sorry Mam,I was inviting her out to the ball field after Church. "

"That was very nice of you. But that can wait until after class."

There are snickers followed by smooching noises from the back of the room. "Alright class. Does anyone remember the memory verse from last week?"

The hour goes by slowly and Emily's thoughts drift off to the outdoor. In her mind she is transported back to her Uncle Jack's farm. She had spent her summer days running through the orchards. Just her and Elizabeth running with nothing holding them back. Not their mother or father or anyone else. Just being free to the world.

"Emily?" calls Will from the doorway.

Waking with a start, Emily looks around the room noticing that she is the only one left in the room, except for Will. "Are you coming?"

"I'm coming," answers Emily as she joins Will at the doorway.

With bat in hand Will walks by Emily's side, "Are you sure you can't play? I can ask for you if you want?"

"That wouldn't be proper," answers Emily as they enter the church sanctuary. Reverand Haper is at the front of the church, greeting the parishioners as they leave the church. Bethany Harper is standing off to the side talking to a young woman named Katherine Morris. A lady of small stature with long red hair pulled back into a french braid. As she talks to Bethany she notices Will walking with Emily.

Motioning Will to her side, wrapping her left arm behind him, "Will this is Mrs. Harper."

Extending his hand,"Nice to meet you Mam."

Shaking his hand, Bethany whispers to Katherine, "Quite the little gentleman."

"Thank you," smiles Katherine.

Putting her hand Emily's shoulder, "This is my daughter Emily. Emily this is Mrs. Morris."

Scrunching her nose up at Will. She extends her hand to Mrs. Morris, "Nice to meet you Mam."

Shaking Emily's hand,"Nice to meet you too. That's a pretty dress you have on."

Emily bows her head. What do you say?" questions Bethany.

"Thank you mam."

"That's ok"laughs Katherine, "I understand. If I would let him, Will, would run around all the time in his baseball jersey and jeans."

"Oh!" exclaims Will excitedly,"Mom. Can I go now?"

"You need to change first."

"I will," answers Will getting fidgeted.

"I want you home by suppertime."

"OK mom. Can I go?"

"Did you ask Emily to join you?"

"I'm sorry," interrupts Bethany, "But we already have plans for this afternoon."

"Maybe some other time then."

Giving his Mom a small kiss on the cheek," See ya Mom!" Then rushes out the door.

"Can I go outside?" asks Emily.

"Yes Dear. But be sure not to dirty your dress. We're going to Mrs. Foster's for lunch as soon as you father is done."

"Yes Mam." Emily tries to get out the front door without her father seeing her, but he sees her out of the corner of his eye. He starts to call out when he is greeted by another parishioner. He hears the door open and close behind him as he speaks with the parishioner.


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      Looks like Emily could be headed for trouble. Can't wait to read more.

    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 6 years ago from USA

      I hope I get to read this story to the end. Please don't stop writing it. Smile!