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Emily Harper : Chapter 2 Reverand Benjamin Harper Part 2

Updated on January 11, 2012

Chapter 2 Reverand Benjamin Harper Part 2

Mrs. Foster is a woman of apparent stature. To those that don't know her that is. She is the 55 year old widow of Marshall's former mayor. Being the daughter of a Senator she spent her life in the political circles. She did the parties, hosted the Ladies' Victorian Tea everyTuesday, and she even invented her own wave. She had named it the ,"You stupid fool," wave. After her Beloved Charlie died she was content with being out of the public eye. Of course she would get the occasional young reporter at her door. Asking her all sorts of questions. As if he was going to expose some great scandal. All she would offer is a glass of lemonade, a couple chocolate chip cookies, and her rehearsed comment,"I miss my Charlie dearly but I am content to spend my days in my garden."

As they approached Mrs. Foster's house Emily caught the scent of something amazing. "Do you smell that!" exclaimed Emily. She breaks free from her mother's arm and darts ahead.

Ignoring Bethany's glare Benjamin let's out a chuckle, "What do you smell, Princess?"

Emily breathes in deeply, "Hmmm, Apple pie! I hope it's coming from Mrs. Foster's house."

Benjamin let's out a hearty laugh.

"Dear you shouldn't encourage her," scolds Bethany.

Emily dashes farther ahead, following the aroma of the apple pie.

"it's as if she were part bloodhound," smiles Benjamin stiffling a laugh.

Bethany purses her lips, sighs, saying," She's a young lady and she should act as such."

Benjamin adjusts his tie nervously and remains silent.

Emily bounds up the stone walkway to Mrs. Foster's house and waits impatiently for her parents. She looks down at her now scuffed blue shoes. The shadows of her parents slowly engulf her. She looks sheepishly up at her mother who has noted her shoes also. Bethany is about to scold Emily when the front door opens.


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