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Emo Life: An A to Z of All Things Emo

Updated on January 3, 2020

Emo Life: An A to Z of All Things Emo

Emo Life: An A to Z of All Things Emo
Emo Life: An A to Z of All Things Emo | Source

Emo Life: An A to Z of All Things Emo

A is for Artistic: Everything about an emo is artistic; hairstyle, clothes, web blogs, photographs, view of life. Emos don't want to be like everyone else, they want to be different. They express this difference in everything they do. I love the Emo style how about you?

B is for Black: Black is the color! Hair, eyeliner, jeans… mood! They're not trying to be jerks. If it's black, it just works!

C is for Converse Shoes: No emo outfit is complete without a pair of old school Converse or Vans. When dressing Emo just use your wits. Generally black is the favored color, but bright colors can also be used to contrast with an otherwise dark emo outfit.

D is for Doc Martins: Another essential item of emo footwear. Switch between these and Converse for a varied look. Just don’t buy Nikes or you’ll look like a schnook.

E is for the Emo Life: It generally involves hanging out in large groups and discussing music, fashion, and occasionally, poetry and art. Filled with open and honest displays of emotion, the emo life is all about self-expression and individual personalities. Strange how some people take emo as abnormalities.

F is for Fringe: An important element of any emo look. Emo bangs are long, asymmetrical and swept over one eye. If you have this look, emo girls will think you're a cool guy.

G is for Geek Chic: The guy at school who used to take all the stick for not being with it, is now the guy all the girls want to be with. That's emo, what's "out" is definitely "In". Unfortunately, that may mean sin.

H is for Horn-Rimmed Glasses: An absolute "must-have" for any discerning emo to see. Thick dark frames will do the job just as well but make sure you don't opt for wire or frameless styles; they are more "Boutique Chic" than "Geek Chic". So don't be caught with the wrong style frames and look like a d*ck.

I is for Ignorance: People who don't understand emo. They like to harass or criticize emo boys and girls; they just don't get it. If you going emo be ready for that sh*t.

J is for Jeans: The tighter the better. They Should be dark denim. If your figure doesn't allow for skin-tight slacks, opt for baggy trousers with one-inch turn-ups instead. However, to be true emo you should be able to fit in drainpipe slacks with room to spare. I think it looks cool, but some people may think you are queer.

K is for Kissing: Emo boys and girls like to kiss and it's a compulsory part of emo life. Boys kiss girls, girls kiss boys, boys kiss boys, girls kiss girls… anything goes! When you’re an emo boy or girl you may even pierce your nose.

L is for Love: Emos love other emos! Whether they are friends or significant others, they walk hand in hand like brothers.

M is for Metrosexuality: Often mistaken for being bisexual, emo boys are simply in touch with their feminine side. Girls (emo or not) find them irresistible. This leads to a great deal of jealousy from the jocks! That where emos get most of their mocks.

N is for Neon: Not everything is black. Neon is a particular emo favorite thing for adding a splash of color. Some emos go the whole hog and opt for entire emo outfits in neon, instead of black. These guys are rather imaginatively named "Neon Emos". The first time I saw one I was like "Wo, Look At This Mo!".

O is for Open: Emos are not afraid of showing their feelings or displaying emotion. Note: this does not necessarily make them gay. However, some emo boys do like to play.

P is for Piercing: Absolutely anything goes (and anywhere)! Pierce your nose, pierce your eyebrow, or go simple and pierce an ear.

Q is for Quorn: Anyone living a true emo life is a vegetarian or vegan and abstains from any animal-derived foods or drinks. If it is green, it is generally ok. If it was a live animal then it no way.

R is for Rites of Spring: Frequently accredited with being the creators of emo, although they dispute this profusely, It hard to say if the band was responsible absolutely.

S is for Scene: A softer version of emo. Sometimes described as "Happy Emo" it involves similar fashions and styling but less emotion. This is the Emo Scene notion.

T is for Twitch: A word used to describe an emo's sudden swing of the head when their bangs get in their eyes. This is done mostly, guys.

U is for Unrequited Love: The cause of much of the pain and emotion experienced by emos, it even makes them yelp. Writing poetry can sometimes help.

V is for Vanity: Emos look good and they know they look good. If your thinking going emo maybe you should.

W is for Weight: Emos are generally on the skinny side, this is perhaps because of their need to fit into tight-fitting clothing or because of their dietary requirements. They don’t like straws either because they are bad for the environment.

X is for X-Boyfriend/Girlfriend: See “U” and you’ll why too.

Y is for Yawn: People want to constantly attack and criticize emos. It all gets a bit dull. Don't condemn something you don't understand. Maybe if you didn’t you may be a fan.

Z is for Zip Up Hoodie: Should be slightly too small and feature a band logo or pin badge. Essential for emo life, when you have yours you’ll be glad.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi


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