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Emotionless- being

Updated on May 4, 2012

LIE! It is all lies~

They say emotions are the essence of humanity

In it we find our equilibrium our sanity

Yet I have experienced the rise and fall

Yet with my emotions I was un-whole


Uneasy Emotions:

I can feel the dark demons still lurking in the shadows of my mind

Sulking, yet ready to pounce, peace I’m unable to find

Yet can you extend your hand farther into the darkness that claims my heart

Can you claim the light, chase the darkness and force ghosts of agony to depart?

Do you sense my yearning soul, as It screams out of sacrilege

Lying dying, in this little life that drives our ship of wreckage

For the soul has been broken,

With the heart taken as a token

A cry for help:

Do you feel my nails dig into YOUR soil begging for help?

Do you hear the little moans I choke-up as I yelp?

As I lay broken burning on the floor

You can lie to me as much as you want yet no more,

Will I believe your words for I sense my heart swore

And the pain is far too real for me to ignore

Morbid Angel :'(

Morbid, my heart has turned claimed by the darkness

And I go around in my head, in circles of madness

You say “why are you crying” just find peace

Yet how? if the darkness vows my heart to seize?

You say smile from the bottom of your heart

Yet what if I say it is my soul that aches

By the pain of a thousand stakes

Driven through it ripping it apart

Failing and Falling till the very end:

I try to find strength in your words, yet vague they appear

And although my little black chest for a heart I cherish dear

I have decided to cast away that chest, and its rusty key

For if we extinguish our emotions, we will finally break free


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    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 6 years ago from Louisiana

      I find once we learn to control our emotions will we be free. not to extinguish them completely because even happiness is an emotion. and without sadness how can we feel happy. and i will take all the sadness in the world for a chance to really be happy. they say emotions are what make us human and that is right, no one said it would make us feel whole or complete or be happy all the time. but without them we wouldnt be happy at all. we wouldnt know when to love. or when to care for someone or feel sympathy. we would just be empty, souless, uncaring creatures. no better than the demons that break our hearts and souls.

    • CBM1987 profile image

      CBM1987 6 years ago

      very morbid cryptic and dark I love it very much so!