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Emotions of Love

Updated on February 14, 2015

My breath stopped

  • I was standing in front of the door
  • Tears falling down in speed
  • Down to my face like water
  • Flowing to a river of sorrow
  • Felt a pointed needle
  • Injected into my heart
  • And cut it to pieces
  • My breath stopped
  • And I couldn't move...

Baclaran Church, Philippines
Baclaran Church, Philippines

My son has gone

  • It's painful, my son has gone
  • After all those years, I showed my love
  • Started when he came to us
  • Joy and happiness filled our home
  • My whole life, love, care and attentions
  • Were all for him to assure he's safe...

Those sweet mornings

  • It's exciting and memorable
  • Those early mornings
  • I was with my son
  • Meeting the cool breeze
  • Of the morning sun
  • Those sweet lullaby
  • I have sung for him
  • To stop him crying...

An angel from heaven

  • Those years of seeing my son
  • Running freely in speed
  • In the middle of green-meadows
  • Laughing and shouting
  • An angel from heaven above
  • Filled my heart with joy...

Rattled and nervous

  • When he got sick
  • I was rattled and nervous
  • I didn't know what to do
  • My heart was beating faster
  • For those tensions and fears
  • But...Yes. I took him to a doctor...

He's my strength

  • Those years of seeing my son
  • Who was waiting for me
  • At the gate of the house
  • The tiredness I felt vanished
  • When he kissed me softly...

Who was I to stop him?

  • After 25 years, he went away
  • He found his new home and family
  • Who was I to stop him?
  • I was just his father
  • Who loved him so much
  • His father, who cared for him
  • And I would remain his father
  • For all the years of his life!

About writing narrative poetry

Are the elements needed to write a narrative poetry such as: character, setting, conflict and plot have exist on this poem?

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    • paul pruel profile image

      Paul Odien Pruel 5 years ago from Philippines and Saudi Arabia

      Thank you Anusha for your visit and the entire feedback you shared here. Noted.

    • anusha15 profile image

      Anusha Jain 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      The poll was interesting. You gave information to your readers about narrative poetry and took their feedback too :)

      A very emotional poem - it does touch the heart of reader - so I would say, very successful poem :)

    • paul pruel profile image

      Paul Odien Pruel 5 years ago from Philippines and Saudi Arabia

      Thank you for your time Lencilicious/Reallady. Much appreciated.

    • profile image

      Lencilicious/Reallady 5 years ago

      Really full of emotions. :(