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Empty Throne (poem)

Updated on August 11, 2013

Tortured breath of a soul that is rotting

Couldn’t forget what I wasn’t regretting

Pale is your face, stomach is knotting

My darkness to you seems so upsetting

Your love past me by, was I forgetting?

Nothing compares to the excitement of sinning

Found it that way right from the beginning

Your delusions of a savior that I was refusing

Don’t be so sad can't you see that I'm grinning

Couldn’t believe that I found it so amusing?

If you knew the truth you would be running

As your world falls apart, your reality spinning

Every Sunday you waste, you look so stunning

Your congregation grows relentlessly shunning

To my type of knowledge, daring, and cunning

To reject all the lies that you have been preaching

Into a bag full of fiction is where you’ve been reaching

Off every last soul your words have been leeching

As they follow like slaves to your mindless teaching

They listen intently to the story you're retching

Deep in their minds your deceptions keep etching

Eternal life you lie out for the meek to be fetching

An image of perfection your deceptions are sketching

Your falseness is maddening, your deceptions are deafening

Life’s past me by what was I forgetting?

Couldn’t remember what I wasn’t regretting

Damnation to find is what I am betting

Your fictional heaven is vacant, no one is taking

Notes of your goodness your lives that you’re faking

An empty throne you will see on the day of your waking


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    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 4 years ago from Australia

      a powerful pointed poem, stirring and holding back no punches...

      very very well written