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End of a little hero

Updated on April 9, 2016

Little Guy

End of a little hero

I have born from unknown but known by many
With a single spiky hair that stands up high
No hands to wave and no legs to walk around
To hear and to breathe, I have no ear also a nose,
I am an unique wonder born with no head either
Night or day couldn’t find, when I was born
But I do know, born from a flying coal flakes

Do have little time to live, since the birth
Couldn’t watch the exquisite world I would end, at first
Did see that fatal adventurous world, at last
Now I did found it is day, when I was born
Cannot able to elucidate, simply beyond imagination
Masked deep under the loom of mind’s eye
Over the giant landscape front of my eye

Sudden pass over my head, brought a shiver
Turned my eyes to see the passer near by
Found a colossal angel with sharp beak and tail
Astonished with apprehension, of its size and speed
Continued to travel to my End with time
I am pulled deep down a force of conclusion
Fast like a swift with no strings to pull

Saw a freaky creature with orb head and long extension
Smiled within myself about the adventure a head
View turned clear and big than I anticipated
High green trees waiting to launch them-self to space
Numerous of my brothers falls in between them
Unknown architecture here and nearby, standing erect
Strong and straight as strongest defenses

My cousins strived to break those defenses
With all their strength, but only found their end
I do escaped from those ultimate defenders
I am one among the proudest heirs to my family
Traveled with all my weight without worry
In a flash, saw an enormous black doom
Just in a notch of time I could have caught by it

Turned my eyes only to see its bright face
Another freak in my adventurous life of end
With black hair, red lips, sharp nose and flapping ears
Rugged themselves under a new skin and not nature
Just in time I smoothly dropped on a green hand
Welcomed with open arm, with his friends
I slide through hand to see my end with joy

Jumped of from tip of his hand to find my End
Into the End, I submerged my self into him
No, I just synchronized with him as one
To start a new beginning of life from inside
Maybe, I could re-live within someone in a way
Or could live with in him forever till whatever next
No one knows where I will finally find my reach

The End


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